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Operation Comescu

By Gina Mae Callen

Drama / Thriller

Chapter 1


Hetty had panicked when she saw the missive from Director Vance.

It wasn't like the diminutive operations manager to panic, but she'd been working on this for years ever since she'd had the call in 1975 from her agent in Romania. It was time for her to leave.

She quietly made a call, sent a message to the head office in D.C, downloaded some information and left.

1975 - CIA field office, Paris.

Hetty sat in her office in Paris, watching the people on the street walking happily by, when her day was turned around by a call.

"Lange." She said quickly.

"Hetty, its Clara…" the voice was hushed as cars rushed by in the background.

"Clara, you and Agent Resnikov are due to call in tomorrow, is there an issue?" she asked.

"We sent you our plans, are they still viable?" Clara Callen asked Hetty.

Hetty looked over the plans, "I took them to Director Colby, and he has approved them if you feel it can be done."

"Nikolai has been told he is to watch the children this week; Alexa is going out on a birthday shopping trip with her father. The youngest two, the twins, Ilena and Gregori are to take a trip to the beach, just outside their home, it is the perfect time for this."

"Very well we will arrange for an extraction." Hetty told her.

"Nicolai will go with Ilena and I will take Gregori. Are our covers still intact?" she asked.

Hetty assured her that they were and went over the rest of the plan.

5 year old Gregori woke up holding a small blue bunny he climbed out of bed and walked unsteadily down the corridor,

"Where are you off too?" Alexa asked looking at her little brother, it was her 12th birthday today and she was looking forward to a father daughter shopping trip.

"I want papa." Gregori said his bottom lip wiggling.

Alexa held open her arms and held her little brother, "Did you have a nightmare?" she asked.

Gregori nodded his blond hair tickling his sister's nose.

Alexa laughed, "Ok, let's go and see papa together."

Gregori Comescu Senior sat up in bed reading the paper, he looked over at the photo of his English born wife Amy who had died in childbirth five years ago, and his first wife who had 'disappeared' after a tragic affair eight years ago.

Gregori loved his children and although he was known in the criminal underworld as a tough man, to his children he was simply Papa, and he loved them fiercely.

He looked up as a small knock sounded on his bedroom door; he folded up his paper and laid it on his nightstand.

"Come in…" he called,

The door opened and a small hand attached to a rabbit came around the corner, he smiled and then bit it back as the hand was followed by his first born son in his new blue bunny suit his covered feet padding against the carpet.

"G?" Gregori said to his son, who was still having trouble pronouncing his name; G was all he could say. "It is early son, why are you up?"

"I had a bad dream papa." Gregori said his blue eyes filling with tears.

The elder man patted the bed and his son walked over and climbed in. He counted to twenty and waited for the second hand to come around the door, "Ilena?" he said as his 5 year old daughter poked her blonde curls around the corner.

"I had a bad dream papa…" she said as well, he patted the other side.

Both twins snuggled up against him and he reveled in the softness of both children.

Alexa listened outside the door, nodding that both children were now being comforted and headed downstairs to eat breakfast.

Gregori looked at his youngest two children. "Ok tell me about your bad dream." He said.

G sat on his knees and looked up at his father, "There was a bad man…he took me away from you and laney" G said grabbing his sisters hand. "I couldn't play with her anymore and I was all alone."

Ilena shook her head in agreement and it was another time when his twins amazed him having the same dream.

"Ilena, Gregori, You are my special gifts, I love you both immensely now I know I am going out with Alexa today but you will be staying here with your cousin Vasile and my bodyguard Nikolai will be looking after you, I trust him a lot, if you are good would you three like to go and play on the beach today?"

The twins nodded.

Gregori Senior wiped the tears from the eyes of his two youngest, "Then go find your aunt Helena and get dressed and some breakfast,"

G hugged his father and slipped off the bed chatting to his sister in English as they went.

Gregori smiled, he didn't know English very well, Amy had been teaching him, but he was glad that his sister, and Amy's best friend, Helena knew it and had taught the twins from birth.

Gregori walked into the kitchen some ten minutes later to find all three of his children eating.

"Happy birthday Alexa." He said placing a kiss on his eldest daughters' head.

He nodded to Nikolai who stood by the door guarding the children.

"And where is my favorite Nephew... Vasilie?"

A three year old boy came in holding a package, "Alexa…from me and Mama…Happy birthday," he said.

He carefully placed the package on the table and ran over to his cousin, "G! Look I have a new car!" he said taking the blue toy car out of his pocket, "It is a British Vauxhall Victor." Vasilie said showing off his pride and joy.

Little Gregori shifted in his seat desperate to go and play with his cousin.

He looked up at his father, "Papa…Can I go and play with Vasilie…please." He grinned.

Gregori nodded, "Stay in the house for now." He told the two boys.

They nodded and ran off to the living room.

Gregori motioned to Nikolai and he followed him into the office.

"I am taking Alexa to the city today; I want you to take the twins and their cousin to the beach. The youngest two both had a bad night; something nice will cheer them up. This evening I have a meeting with the Salanitra Family about expanding our interests into America, so I will need the children settled before he come back, I will have Helena deal with them."

Nikolai noted all he was told and nodded.

Gregori took his wallet from his desk and checked his bank book. "I think I have enough to cope, little girls are such a drain on the accounts sometimes," he smiled, "One day Gregori will take over the family, and right now I need to lay the groundwork for all the things he will accomplish when he grows, do you know he is already fluent in three languages, Romani, English and Russian, he is so bright I am so looking forward to all he will accomplish."

Nikolai's blood ran cold but his face remained impassive. "I'm sure he will be." He said.

Gregori Senior nodded and stood up, "Enjoy your day on the beach my friend." He said, he walked past Nikolai and over to the dining room, "Alexa are you ready?" he asked.

Alexa grinned, "Yes Papa." She handed her plate to Helena and turned kissing Ilena on the cheek as she walked past, "Bye bye Laney." She said using her brothers nick name for his twin.

G heard the door slam and ran headlong to the window, "Papa! PAPA!" He cried tears rolling down his face.

Nikolai picked the boy up, "Hey G…it's ok, your Papa will be back later." He said he looked around for his twin, she was sitting at the table crying as he walked in, "Why are you crying Ilena?"

She shrugged, "G sad." She said by way of explanation.

"Get cleaned up you three, and we can go out to the beach." He said.

He looked at Helena and smiled as all three children whooped and ran to get ready.

As the housekeeper turned to help the children Nikolai slipped into Gregori's office.

He picked up the phone and dialed a local number, "It's on today, I will be on the beach outside the house, tell them just the two blond haired twins, not the younger child." he said quietly.

He put the phone down and called to Helena, "Are they ready?"

G and Ilena came down in shorts and a T-shirt a bucket hung between them. Vasilie came behind them.

Helena gave all three children a kiss, "Now you be good for Nikolai, I will see you all later."

She waved them off and returned to her kitchen.

Dobrashin Garasovic ran into the kitchen three hours later and looked around, he saw his wife at the sink, "Helena…where are the children?" he asked worried.

"They are with Nikolai on the beach, what is wrong my husband?" she asked.

"Nikolai?!" he fled out the door and down the small path.

Helena following quickly behind.

Vasilie was running to the house crying as his father ran past him. Helena picked him up, "Are you hurt baby?" she asked.

"Nikolai told me I couldn't play anymore and sent me home." He sobbed. She hugged her son and kissed him thanking God he was safe.

Dobrashin looked over and saw Gregori playing with a sandcastle and breathed a sigh of relief that he was safe, he walked over not wanting to alarm the boy, "Here you go G…" he handed him the soldier he had painted for him that weekend. "Pack up your things, we will have to go back soon" he said.

Gregori nodded and but worked on finishing his castle first, it was in direct line of sight of his Papa's office and he wanted him to see it when he got back.

Garasovic looked at the woman with dark hair that was sitting nearby and realized with a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach that he couldn't see Ilena.

"I know who you are," he said walking up to her and pointing a gun at the woman, keeping his body between what he was about to do and young Gregori. "Where is Ilena?"

"You're too late, Nikolai has her, both children will be trained and they will destroy the family." Clara said with a laugh. "Nikolai is CIA, as am I," she reached for her gun and fell back sharply as Dobrashin shot her.

He turned back to Gregori…but he was gone.

"Gregori?!" he looked around there was no sign of him, "Gregori!" he called, "G!"

1982 - California

"G!" the voice came again and Callen shot up in his seat.

"Yes Sir!" Callen said as his teacher called upon him again.

"The capital of Romania Mr. Callen?" his teacher repeated the question.

Callen shrugged, "Dunno. Ain't never been!" he replied looking around as some of his classmates laughed.

"Well if you hadn't been asleep…" the teacher said.

"' Wasn't asleep, it was strategic napping." Callen quipped and looked bored out of the window.

The teacher rolled his eyes at his newest student. He looked at the transcript, it was the boys first day, one semester 5 schools…"Keep this up Mr. Callen and you'll be thrown out of this school too." He snapped.

All eyes turned to the new kid, who grabbed his bag and stood up. He walked deliberately to the front of the class and dropped his bag on the teacher's desk keeping his hand on it.

"I have never been expelled from a school in my life…I quit!" he said he grabbed his bag and walked out of the classroom as the chairs moved and the students moved to watch him out the window.

The smirk on his face got wider the closer he got to the main door of the school and walked out towards an old Lincoln town car that sat out the front.

He opened the door and got in. "Time to move again?" he said to the woman in the front seat.

She nodded, "I was just coming to get you Callen." She said.

Callen looked at the social worker and grinned, "I know, I saw you pull up."

She sighed and looked at the kids crowding the window while the teacher tried to pull them back, "What did you do?" she asked,

"I quit school" he smiled. "On to the next?" he asked.

She smiled and nodded driving away from that one.

Stopping at an 'in and out' burger on the way to his next placement she picked up her new cellular phone while he went to the bathroom.

"Ms Lange…it's Agent Johnson, I picked up the child…you were right he is a handful, No…they hadn't found him yet, is it true they found the sister? Sorry Ma'am, yes I know I shouldn't have asked. No he still doesn't remember anything, still thinks his name is Callen the cover is intact." She looked as Callen walked out of the bathroom and over to a vending machine and ordered a soda.

"Yes I'm taking him to the next home on the list, I checked this guy out are you sure we should put him there, I mean the kid's only 12…Yes ma'am, I'll call you when he's placed." She said and hung up.

"Cool!" Callen said as he climbed back in the car, "Is that one of those Cellular phones…Can I see?" He asked. "Please Ms Johnson...?" he asked,

Alice Johnson smiled, sometimes she hated her job, "sure kid, just don't press any of the buttons." She said Callen sat in the back of the car pretending to be a big businessman as his lady chauffeur drove him around.

For a second, Alice Johnson shivered, seeing the man Callen could have been if the CIA hadn't removed him from his family. She shook her head and kept driving.

"What?" Callen asked seeing the head shake.

She smiled, "There's no end to you G, you never cease to amaze me, you act so grown up, but every once in a while I see the kid."

Callen dropped the phone on the seat beside her, "No you don't." he crossed his arms and sulked looking out of the window. "I'm not a kid." He snapped.

"No…" she sighed realizing he was right, he was not a kid, he was a CIA asset, he just didn't know it, "No I guess you're not."

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