Operation Comescu

Chapter 10

Hetty paled as she read the latest Intel from the Comescu compound.

Anya Petrovitch had gone to live with the Comescu's. Months passed and she was given information that jolted her to the core. Anya Petrovitch was, so the rumor went, carrying the children of Dmitri Lenkov…that didn't bother her, it was this latest Intel that had made her shudder, Anya Petrovitch had given birth to a boy and a girl.

The grandchildren of Gregori Comescu.

Little Gregori Comescu III and little Amilena Gigi Comescu, an amalgamation of Amy and Ilena this meant that Anya knew and if she knew, then it was a sure bet that Gregori Senior knew that G. Callen was Gregori Comescu II. Both children were healthy and fit and were accompanied everywhere by bodyguards, the Comescu's it seemed were under no illusions when it came to these children's safety.

Years had passed, Callen being moved from assignment to assignment, finally Hetty thought it was time for Callen to be brought closer to her, she arranged for him to join NCIS.

Working with a small team of agents, Sam Hanna, Mike Renko and a new Agent Kensi Blye; it was a small team based out of Los Angeles. Special Agent Lara Macy was in charge of the unit, she was a tough but fair woman, and Callen seemed, by all reports to be happy. Hetty's only concern was the fact that Callen was still living out of motel rooms.

Hetty looked up as Grace lay back on her couch reading a book, she noticed with a smile it was the same book that Callen had been reading in the latest photo's she's had of him. It seemed that in some way the twins were still linked, so she had an idea.

"Grace?" she called looking up from her desk.

"Yes Aunt Hetty." Grace replied putting a bookmark in her book and looking up.

"Have you thought any more about buying a house?" Hetty prodded.

Grace smiled, "I have, I really want to buy myself... not a house, but maybe an apartment, or at least a one floor home, I'm just not sure where…maybe near the sea," she looked thoughtful, "A home base between missions would be nice…Not that I don't appreciate you letting me stay here." She added quickly.

Hetty smiled, "I understand dear, maybe we can go house hunting, maybe something by the beach in Malibu." She suggested.

Grace grinned and grabbed her bag, "Ok…but only if we can go in your car," she said looking at the Shelby Cobra sitting across from the window in the garage."

Hetty smiled at her 'niece' "Oh Grace my dear, only for you am I such a pushover."

Sam looked up as Callen walked into the main computer room.

"You're late," he smiled as he walked past Eric and another computer Tech who was working on a set of computers.

Callen jogged down the stairs to join them.

"Couldn't sleep, noisy neighbors." Callen shrugged.

"You need to get an apartment." Sam sighed knowing he'd had this conversation before.

Callen shook his head, "Saving for something…" Callen said, then realized what he had let slip, "Need enough for a decent deposit on an apartment," he said quickly, "I don't wanna have to be limited by size or location because I don't have enough."

Sam nodded, "Smart move, when you get enough let me know I'll help you look, after all you don't wanna be pouring money down these rat hole motels when you can get your own house." He reasoned.

"Yeah," Callen said absently looking at the case notes on his desk.

Only one other person in the world knew what he was saving for, and where his spare money was going. He was and had been for the past 20 years looking for Anya. He had never gotten close to another woman, never fallen in love as he had never fallen out of love with her. He knew realistically she would probably be married now and have children of her own and maybe didn't even remember his cover name. But he loved her, only her, and he needed to know he needed to see her just once to find out, if she missed him as much as he missed her.

He went through the day; dealing with each case as it came in…he had gotten really good at compartmentalizing as Anya only occupied his thoughts at night. He spent his spare time practicing his Russian,if he felt really lonely he took a toaster apart to remind himself of the first time he spent with Gibbs, but his Russian was important, if nothing else he wanted to be able to tell Anya exactly how he felt and why he'd had to leave and if she was single he wanted to be able to beg to get her back and he didn't want a silly thing like language to come between them.

He went on like that for years, women would come and go, Sam would try and set him up on dates, he'd go, smile and be polite but make sure they all knew he was going home alone. He didn't mind he'd tell Sam that they'd balked when they found out he had nowhere to live. Sometimes it was true, sometimes it wasn't.

He looked at the case currently in front of him, Operation Blackbird.

He walked into Macy's office throwing a file in front of her. "So…Who's the wise guy trying to find out about our operation?" he asked with a grimace.

"Us?" She sighed.

"Us?" he asked.

"NCIS Washington, it looks like our cases overlapped, they have Chandler."

"Is he talking?" Callen asked.

"He's dead," Macy told him, "Look Callen, we are continuing as planned, you will meet in the café with Talia and Renko will follow him, this doesn't change that."

"So we got suits from D.C. coming?" he asked.

She nodded, and looked away, "Two special agents, Gibbs and McGee."

Callen was thankful of his training at the fact he didn't react to the name.

"Ok…I'll be there, when are the suits getting in?" he asked.

"Later today," Macy said as Callen turned to go, "Be there Callen." She warned.

"Mace…when am I ever not there." He grinned looking totally innocent.

He walked out of her office and grabbed his cell phone from the cubby holes outside the Tech room.

Closing the cages to the elevator he lent against the wall, "Shit!" he swore, Gibbs was coming here. He hadn't seen him in a year, not since his last enforced leave. But he knew he needed to talk to him away from NCIS as there were questions that Gibbs would ask and then others would ask. He didn't need that.

So he went to the beach and waited, he needed to get his thoughts clear and he knew that the ocean and the sounds of the waves always seemed to calm him.

He lost track of time and before he knew it Gibbs was there.

He sat next to him on the bench not saying a word as usual just waiting.

"Still building that boat in your basement?" Callen said not turning towards him.

"Yeah." Gibbs replied

"The same one?" Callen asked.

Gibbs smiled, "No, no. A different one."

"Two boats. Three wives." Callen counted.

" ... Four wives." Gibbs told him.

Callen shrugged, "Did you see Mace?" he asked.

"Yeah, I saw her." Gibbs sighed.

"You have a long memory." Callen told him, reminding him about the secret they shared.

Gibbs finally turned to face him.

"So, how are you, Callen?" he asked visually checking him for any signs of injury.

"Not bad. Even bordering on good some days." Callen admitted.

"You still looking, huh?" Gibbs asked knowing about Callen's hunt for Anya Petrovitch.

"I'm still looking." He confirmed, "Is there a reason we're not meeting in a bar right now?" he asked trying to change the subject.

"Well, yeah, it's 10:00 in the morning." Gibbs grinned.

Callen got up and wiped his hands on his pants, "I don't know what's worse, getting older or getting wiser?" he admitted feeling his age.

Gibbs chuckled and followed him, Callen suddenly turned as he spotted a blonde girl on a bike and switched to Russian.

"I do not want excuses. You tell him he has until the end of the week."

Almost seamlessly as if they had been working together for years Gibbs replied, "What happens at the end of the week?"

"If he does not pay what he owes ..." He turned as if seeing the girl for the first time, he noted the pained expression on her face and switched to English with a Russian accent.

"It was a good goal; the striker should never have been red-carded.

The girl shook her head sadly and rode off.

Gibbs turned and glared at him, "Might-have MENTIONED You Were undercover." He snapped.

"Well, I'm not." He admitted with a shrug, "Just for her. She lives across the street from me. Just got here from St. Petersburg. Lonely. Figure if she thinks I'm Russian Mafia, she won't want to make friends."

He looked down as his phone rang and Macy's name popped up.

He turned to Gibbs with a smirk, "Sometimes you get weeks to plan 'em, sometimes a day. Meeting an arms dealer named Talia. Doesn't trust anyone. I don't like our chances. Kind of like that first Op in Serbia. You saved my ass on that one." He said remembering Gibbs pulling him into the plane.

"That was Moscow." Gibbs countered.

"No, no. My ass didn't need saving in Moscow. That was Petrov. Petrov's ass always needed saving." He said smiling at the memory of the small red headed Russian.

"Worked with some good people." Gibbs said.

"Yup. Made some good friends." He agreed remembering the night in the little café in red square in Leningrad with Petrov.

"Lost a few." Gibbs added and Callen nodded, Petrov was dead now, he was a great guy.

They stopped, shook hands and hugged briefly.

"Next time, we park in a bar. No more BOLO in the park." Callen said with a smirk.

"Next time…unless you've bought a house?" Gibbs said.

Callen shook his head, "Na still saving, I'm gonna find her Gibbs, I need to find her."

Gibbs nodded.

The op over, Callen got Sam to drop him at the corner

"Are you gonna get out?" Sam smirked at him.

Callen looked out of the windshield and shrugged, "I think it's time to move."

"Again? That's 3 times in the last 18 months." Sam said.

"It's 4." Callen admitted to his partner, "I don't know, I...I just feel like someone's watching me." He said, he had been worried a few times he had thought he was being followed.

"It's probably that Russian girl you told me about...You ever gonna settle down, G?" Sam asked.

Callen couldn't answer a sudden lump had come into his throat; he climbed out of the car and set off towards the room he was renting.

"One day." Sam laughed and G turned and waved then walked on.

Sam smiled at two girls in a red convertible as Callen stopped to assess the situation.

He looked to his left and saw the Russian girl; maybe Sam was right it was just her…but somehow. He shrugged and turned to go as he heard Sam's car rev up to go.

Sam swore as a van screeched past in front of him, "Crazy son of a..." Sam stopped as he noticed the van door was open and there was a man in there with an automatic weapon. Sam's blood ran cold and he jumped out of the car and started running towards his partner, "G!" he yelled.

Time seemed to stand still as the man fired and Callen's body jerked with all five impacts he landed on the fruit of a vendor behind him and slid slowly to the ground; the Russian girl looking horrified rode away.

Sam ran up firing at the van, he turned and was stunned to find he was alive, "Come on, G. Come on, G. Stay with me." Sam held him and Callen opened his eyes but the pain is too much and he reaches his hand out for something and closes his eyes again fainting with the blood loss.

"Stay with me, G. Don't do this to me, come on!" Sam called to his partner and pulled his phone out, "Yeah, I need an ambulance. Ocean Front Road, Venice." He dropped the phone and turned to Callen, "Stay with me. Stay with me. Come on, buddy."

As the sun sets on the ocean and G doesn't move a man in a black car takes out a phone, "Alexa…I need to talk to Gregori, it's urgent." He said in a thick Romani accent.

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