Operation Comescu

Chapter 11

"Dracul?" Gregori's voice came over the other end of the line. "Have you found him?"

"Uncle…I…I did…but…he's been shot…I…" Dracul stammered, he'd been searching every G. Callen in America and really thought this time he'd found the right man.

He'd been following Callen for weeks, he worked in some kind of warehouse, and no one in the vicinity knew what the people in the building did. It was secretive enough for him to think this could be his cousin. He had spent the whole day waiting outside the building he thought Callen was staying in and had hoped to talk to him that evening.

To see his cousin slip away from his captors and then get shot and lie in the arms of the American people who had taken him galled him, but he couldn't get to him first.

"How bad?" Gregori's voice cracked as his vision started to blur.

"Bad…four maybe five shots to the chest." Dracul said sadly.

Gregori held the phone in his hand as all the blood drained from his face and his chest felt tight, he let out a sob and dropped the phone and slid slowly down the wall.

"Papa?!" Alexa cried as she and Ami walked in from the market.

"He's….He's…Gregori…he's …." He sobbed and turned grey and fainted.

Ami pulled out her cell phone and called an ambulance while Alexa caught up with what was happening.

"Dracul, stay close find out, I will go with papa to the hospital, I think he's had a heart attack."

"I will see what I can do, how is Ami?" he asked.

Alexa looked over at her niece, who was sobbing and cradling her grandfather's head, "We will be ok, keep an eye on my brother and keep me informed," she snapped. She placed the phone back on the receiver and turned to her father.

Ami looked up with tears in her bright blue eyes, "They are coming, he's breathing, but Aunt Alexa…I…I think he's dying…" she burst into tears as her brother ran in the door.

"Ami?" Gregori yelled "Ami?"

"Over here…I'm fine, it's grandfather." She called he took a step towards them and the turned as the ambulance turned up.

Gregori held his sister tightly, "He will be ok…I know he will, where's mother?"

"She's still at the market." Ami told him, Anya had seen a new fabric shop she wanted to check out and Alexa and Ami had come home early on the bus and left her with the car in town.

Gregori looked at the two women, "Aunt Alexa, you go with Grandfather and we will wait for mother and let her know about him."

Alexa turned to Gregori, "I will, also you should know…your father…Dracul thinks he found him, but he was shot. Call your cousin and let him know about your grandfather he will let you know about your father, you understand this is a delicate situation?"

23 year old Gregori looked his aunt in the eyes, "You go with Grandfather, I will look after everything." He smiled.

Alexa smiled back, he was the spitting image of his father and from what they had learned he was just as strong.

She grabbed her bag hugged the twins and left in the ambulance with her father.

Callen recovered slowly, he was concerned that occasionally during his recovery he'd catch a glimpse of the same blond haired business man who would sit and just watch the road on a bench across from the rooming house he was staying in to recuperate and made a mental note to move as soon as his doctor cleared him for full duty, he didn't seem like a threat, but then again neither had the blonde girl on the bike, and since his shooting he hadn't seen her, so he was sure she was involved.

Gregori Comescu Senior had a stroke.

He lived but was in a bad way, eventually he was stable enough to be released from the hospital. Anya took over his full time care at the house and Alexa took over the family business with Greg and Ami as her seconds. The twins were fair but firm, the family came first and no one crossed that line. Under the three of them the Comescu family business prospered.

Callen went back to work, now working directly under Hetty she was pleased to find he was where she could keep an eye on him. She had over the years managed to make him trust her. Giving him no idea about what she knew of his background.

She had kept tabs on the twins; the family had announced the death of Gregori Comescu and the ascension of Alexa as the head of the Comescu family.

She'd known of his urge to search for Anya Petrovitch, needing to curb that she had taken his savings under the guise of buying him a house and tying him into a mortgage, truth was she had already paid for the house and he was paying her three times what it was worth, to deplete his savings, but he did like the house so there was no question of him selling it and moving on, she knew it was the only other place he had felt loved and his ties to the house would be strong.

She would look from her desk at Callen, she had grown to care for him greatly, he had a way about him that had snuck under her defenses, however she was not prepared to tell him the truth, and he was still needed.

The Comescu Empire was still huge and the need for the head to be cut off the snake was still needed. Grace was herself still a great agent, but the plan had all along been for Callen to take out his elder sister, if a Comescu killed a Comescu; it was a family matter not a CIA problem, the fall out would be lessened. She shook her head as she thought to herself; Clara had had the right idea, then out of the two of them Clara had always been the smarter one. Hetty would have let it drop if it had been any other agent, but Clara Callen had been her cousin. The closest thing Hetty herself had had to family. There was indeed a Callen - Comescu feud, George Callen, Hetty's uncle had killed Gregori Comescu's father Vladimir. However, Hetty herself she knew as tough as she was, if she'd gone up against the Comescu's she'd be dead. But if the son of Gregori Comescu took out the head of the family, they couldn't tie it to her.

Hetty watched as Callen laughed with Sam, Kensi and her new find, Detective Deeks. It seemed to be a good team, things were gelling well, and she'd even picked out her own replacement, a young Tech Analyst named Nell Jones. She looked to be promising but she wasn't ready to be let in on all Hetty's secrets yet.

Recently there had been a lot of chatter concerning the Comescu's in Romania, Hetty had kept an eye on it but when she heard that the Comescu twins and a cousin were due to fly into Los Angeles she knew she had to act. The first thing she did was download the Comescu file, well two, a fake one for Vance and a real one for herself.

She knew she had to fill Director Vance in on the situation so she cleared Eric and Nell out of Ops for a secure transmission with The Director.

Vance sat back in his office in secure mode and looked at his operations manager. "So Hetty, what is Operation Comescu?" he asked.

"It was a program started in the 1970's, The CIA were trying to wipe out a crime empire in Romania, they sold weapons and people to America's enemies an agent Clara Callen was sent in to stop them." Hetty said and waited as Vance connected the dots.

"Clara Callen…as in Agent Callen?" Vance asked.

Right there Hetty considered telling him the truth…but changed it slightly. "Yes, she is his mother, his father is Gregori Comescu." She told him.

"She…slept with her target?" Vance asked surprised.

"Not willingly." Hetty snapped implying that Gregori Comescu had raped her.

Vance looked shocked, "Does he know?"

Hetty shook her head, "We have kept him protected from the facts of his birth, and it would not be in his favor to learn that."

Vance nodded in shocked agreement.

"Why are we discussing this now?" He asked.

"They have discovered Mr. Callen's existence despite our attempts to keep him safe,"

"Has he been burned?" Vance asked worriedly.

"Not yet I can deal with this Leon, but you have to let me deal with it in my own way."

"I can give you 48 hours Hetty, but I do not want any of my agents compromised."

Hetty nodded her assent, "Very well, but you are not to inform Agent Callen of this."

She ended the call and went to her desk, "William, Henrietta, I need Grace for a mission."

Callen walked in, he had been trying to get hold of Hetty since 5am and was antsy that he couldn't find her Sam came in with his bag only to see Callen glaring at a tall dark haired woman sitting at Hetty's desk.

He looked up at Sam, "Did you try to call her?" He asked they had talked long into the night, about Hetty's uncharacteristic behavior.

"Three times. I got a voicemail twice, third time the line was busy." Sam said sitting down and looking over at the strange woman.

"That's probably me, leaving a message...six times." Callen told him.

"There's got to be more to this." Sam sighed; this was not like Hetty as just like Callen, Sam's gut was pinging off the reservation.

"Yeah. And she knows." Callen snapped glaring at the new woman.

Kensi and Deeks walked in and joined them, "Did you talk to Hetty?" Kensi asked as Nell and Eric joined them.

"She's not answering." Sam replied.

"You think she was pushed?" Deeks asked thinking maybe someone had fired her.

"It'd take a brave man to push Hetty." Sam remarked.

"Or an ambitious woman." Kensi said nodding a head towards the woman in the office.

Sam turned to Eric who was leaning against a pillar, "What do we know about her, Eric?"

Eric looked uncomfortable, "You seriously think that I'd misuse the entire resources of the Pentagon, Homeland Security and half a dozen other classified databases just to gather information on Senior Agent Hunter?" he said. Callen walked over to him and gave him an all knowing look.

"So she is an agent then?" Deeks asked.

"I didn't say that." Eric replied quickly and looked around, "Okay, I did say that, but it was a calculated guess."

"Mm-hmm. Is there anything else you'd care to take a guess at?" Callen smirked, knowing Eric would fold.

"I'd guess that she's been on a classified assignment, maybe to some place like, I don't know...oh, say Murmansk. And then maybe, like, Warsaw."

"Keep guessing." Sam prompted

"I'd also guess that she's been off the grid for two years." Eric said.

"Three…" Nell interjected and coughed, "That's also just a guess."

"So who told her to take over for Hetty?" Sam asked.

"That would have had to have come from the top: Director Vance. But that really is a guess; not that everything else I just said wasn't a guess." Eric said quickly.

Callen turned and walked towards the new woman sitting at the desk.

"Where's he going?" Nell asked.

"I guess he's going to ask her." Sam grinned.

The all shifted position so that they could see what was about to happen.

Lauren Hunter was on the phone to William Simmons, she had been trying to get him to release Grace Stevens for the operation, but Hetty hadn't finished clearing the papers. She saw Callen walk over and finished up her conversation, "Yes, I have the authority."

Callen sighed angrily at her and she looked at him, "Fine, you do that and get back to me." She said and slammed the phone down.

"So who are you?" He asked all his defenses on alert.

"I'm Miss Lange's replacement. She..."

"...did not retire. Not voluntarily." He insisted cutting her off.

"You were very close with her. I can understand your... confusion." She said trying to placate him, she had learned at a young age it was never good to anger a Comescu, and no matter what name he used, he was obviously a Comescu.

"Ah. Warsaw." He said looking at her key ring.

"You've been to Poland recently?" he asked in Polish.

"Warsaw, eight months. And before that…Murmansk." She replied in the same language

"Murmansk?" He asked in Russian, "Russia. I worked there. It's very very cold."

"Your Russian accent is very good." She replied in Russian

"And your German?" She continued switching to German.

"Germans usually mistake me for Austrian" Callen grinned then he switched to Italian, "…and in Rome, they think I'm from the North."

"Milan, of course." Lauren replied in Italian and then switched to French testing him out and hopefully relaxing his guard before she could give him the last test, "and what about in Paris?" She asked.

Callen smiled, "In Paris, no matter how good your accent is, they ignore you."

Lauren laughed, his guard was down, now she tried it, "Is it true…that you don't know what the "G" stands for?" She asked in Romani.

He looked confused, "Okay, you got me?" he asked.

She wasn't convinced he didn't speak Romani after all there had been reports of him occasionally slipping into his father's tongue.

"Hetty's gone, Agent Callen. She told me herself she's not coming back." She said moving into Agent mode.

"Well, she hasn't told me, and since she's not answering her phone..."

"Then she mustn't want to talk with you." Lauren surmised.

"You don't know Hetty." He said with conviction.

"On the contrary." Lauren countered and looked at the files on her desk dismissing him.

Callen turned to go, but then turned back, "Serbian?" he asked.

"Not Serbian." She told him and he walked away, he was still worried and he wasn't going to waste any more time with her.

"Agent Callen?" She called but he kept walking. "Agent Callen!" She called again, the others watched the interchange and she turned to Sam, "A word with you, Agent Hanna." She ordered.

Sam shot her a look and turned to follow his partner. Kensi smiles, the others nod approvingly

Lauren rolled her eyes, "Oh, crap!" she exclaimed and walked back into her office.

Gregori, Ami and Mikhail Comescu came into land at LAX.

"I hope we get to save him," Ami smiled as she grabbed her bag from the Carousel.

Greg looked at his sister, "You will go to the hotel and freshen up first, if we do get to meet our father, you don't want to go looking like that." He waved his arm up and down at her.

"Like what?!" Ami looked shocked.

"I have a man to meet little sister, you go with Mikhail to the room and I will be along later." Gregori said

Ami kissed her brother's cheek, "I will be good big brother, I will see you soon, good luck." She said and climbed into a taxi with her bodyguard as Greg climbed into another taxi.

Having looked for Hetty and come up empty, Callen stormed into the office and walked right up to Hunter, "You know what this is all about, now would be a really good time to tell us."

"You're asking the wrong person." Lauren said flatly.

"Oh, then who should I be asking?" He asked sarcastically.

"Me." Director Vance replied from the balcony, "Ops. Now. All of you."

The others moved up to Ops but the Director stopped Callen, "Agent Callen, tell me what you know."

Callen glared at him. "Well, I know that Hetty has disappeared, we just shot three guys searching her house, and I'm hoping to hell that you know more than that."

"I'm as shocked as you are that Hetty resigned. I flew out here to try to talk her into staying. I arrived to find that she'd already left."

"And her replacement?"

"That's Hetty's suggestion. Take my word for it; Agent Hunter is more than up to the task."

"What'd she say?" Callen asked.

"That she was tired. She'd had enough." Vance replied.

"You don't believe that." Callen scoffed.

"No. Neither do you, Agent Callen. What the hell has she gotten herself mixed up in?" Vance asked.

"I don't know. But whatever it is, I don't think she believes she can get out of it alive." Callen said worriedly.

They walked into Ops as the others stood ready.

"Latest please, Eric." Vance said.

"Running fingerprints and facial recognition, but still no positive I.D. on any of the shooters. That's all I got." Eric replied running on empty.

Vance turned to Eric and Nell, "Did Hetty ask either of you to do any off-the-book Intel gathering?" he asked.

"No, not lately." Nell replied confused

"No, nothing urgent." Eric told him.

"Any pending cases? Maybe she was out front on something." Sam suggested.

"We're not privy to any pending operations. We don't have access until Hetty gives it to us." Eric told them.

Vance walked over behind Eric and gave him a code, "Zulu-November-Tango…one-one-seven-nine.

The screen opened with a whole plethora of files.

"Check the sign-in log. Open the file Hetty accessed the most the last two weeks." Callen said.

Eric stops as it asks for a password,

"Open it." Vance ordered.

Eric's password didn't work so Vance typed his in and Eric swore, "Crap. We got a virus!" He exclaimed.

"Tell me that didn't just wipe out our entire database, Eric." Vance said sourly.

"No. We're good. It was localized to that file. It's probably a one-time virus that's, uh, activated to erase the next time you open the file." Eric sighed with relief.

"And the last name to access that file?" Vance asked.

"Hetty." Eric replied.

"Eric, what's the code name to the file?" Lauren asked.

"Operation Comescu." Eric said.

Lauren looked at Vance concerned.

"What's Comescu?" Callen asked.

Neither Vance nor Hunter answered him and walked out.

Callen and the others looked puzzled.

Lauren stormed into her office, "Did you know?" she told Vance.

"I found out recently." Vance replied, "And Callen doesn't know?"

"No…it's best that way, we need to keep this from him." Lauren said, "He says he doesn't know Romani so I don't know what he remembers, but I worry that he will remember, because Leon it may turn into a bloodbath."

"Yes the Feud." Vance said worried that Callen would go off to avenge his mother.

Lauren nodded; worried Callen would kill Hetty and go off at the CIA.

Vance walked off to find Sam, Kensi and Deeks surrounding Nell who was typing at the computer.

"Car was in the garage; maybe she got a rental." Deeks said about what Sam and Callen had found at Hetty's house.

"No, at least not in her name." Nell said looking at the monitor.

"Passport?" Sam asked.

"Mm. Nothing. If Hetty's outside of the country, she's traveling under an alias." Nell said and looked up as Vance stopped beside them

"Comescu operates out of Europe. If that's the case she's tracking, that's where she's gone." Vance said.

"Then to track her, I'll need to find out which alias she's traveling under."

"Miss Jones...for your eyes only." Vance said and the others walked off. "Access is limited to Hetty's documented aliases. No downloading, no printing, no copying. You report only to me. Understood?"

Nell nodded, "Got it."

"I back up critical files to my Sky Drive." Vance said

"Hmm. Smart. I.D. and password?" She asked.

Vance leaned over to type and then looked at Nell, "You don't have keystroke recognition software installed in this computer, do you, Miss Jones?" he asked

She pressed a key and switched it off, "Hmm. No, sir."

"I'm pleased to hear it." He typed his password in and a restricted Lange H. file came up, "Where's Hunter?" He asked

"Uh...I don't know. Bathroom?"

Callen stood outside the shooting range, looking at Hunter, he didn't need this now, he would have left NCIS already to find Anya if Hetty hadn't spent all his money on a damn house he'd have had enough to find her, instead he was looking for Hetty and having to deal with this…this…woman. Something about her was familiar though and for the life of him he couldn't figure out what.

He watched as she shot the target badly and as she finished her set he went in.

"Don't get a lot of field work?" Callen asked.

"Not really known for my marksmanship." Lauren laughed; it would be good for him to think she couldn't shoot if he came after her it would give her an advantage.

"Well, you're not really known for much at all. In fact, no one that works here has ever heard of you." Callen said.

"Oh. Well...that's all right, 'cause I've never really heard of any of them. Except you." She poked again awaiting a response wondering if he did remember her.

"And Hetty." Callen added.

"Yeah." Lauren sighed, "You don't like me."

"I don't know you." Callen replied.

"Whatever happened to first impressions?" Lauren asked hopefully.

"Usually unreliable. Except maybe in your case. Who's Comescu?" Callen asked again.

"That's a question for the Director." Lauren replied.

"Well, I'm asking you." Callen said.

Lauren loaded her gun and turned to him, "Hetty trusts me. She would not have recommended me to take over if she didn't. Doesn't that count for something?"

"It should count enough for you to tell me the truth. Who is Comescu?" Every time he said that name it felt familiar and it was annoying the hell out of him.

"I'm sorry, Callen." Lauren said and turned back to her target, "But I can't answer that."

Callen stormed out slamming the door and Lauren took aim again, all the bullets hit every target dead center.

Callen stormed over to Vance who was sitting at Hetty's desk.

"Who's Comescu?" Callen asked,

"That's classified, Agent Callen. You haven't been read in."

"Then read me in." Callen urged.

"I can't do that. Hetty trashed the file, remember?"

"You're telling me that was the only copy?" Callen asked incredulously.

"As far as I know, yes." Vance sat down and looked at him, "Now, its possible Hetty may have a backup, but you're gonna have to ask her that, once we track her down."

"Agent Hunter's read in?" Callen asked.

"She is." Vance confirmed.

"Great. I'll have her brief me." He said his voice suddenly full of hope.

"It's a thin file, Agent Callen. Its light on facts, it's heavy on speculation." Vance told him.

"Okay, then why exactly was Agent Hunter read in?" Callen pushed.

"Because she's specialized in linguistics. The decision was Hetty's, Agent Callen. She's highly regarded, and not just by this agency. You're gonna have to trust her. And you're gonna have to learn to work with her, fast, because if we don't find Hetty, what is now a temporary position, will become permanent."

Eric walked up to the pair of them. "Director, I've found him…It can wait." He said backtracking.

"No, it can't, Eric." Vance snapped.

"You found who?" Callen asked.

"Uh, the pro-team's booking agent. His name is Bernie Fischer. Photo and his current GPS location have just been uploaded."

"Sounds like we're done here, Agent Callen. Bring him in." Vance ordered.

At the boathouse Fischer was questioned by Callen and Sam, Sam sitting in the chair while Callen paced the room like a tiger making Fischer more and more nervous, finally Callen lay a set of photographs in front of the sweaty little man, of the men they had killed earlier in Hetty's house.

"Oh, my God! Why do they all look dead?" Fischer asked looking sick.

"Because we killed them." Sam said flatly.

"What do you wanna know? I'll tell you everything." Fischer cried pushing away the photos and shaking in fear.

"What were they looking for?" Callen asked.

"A file. Probably on computer or one of them thumb drives." He replied shaking.

"What file?" Callen asked again.

"I only got a name. I got no idea what's on it, okay?" Fischer begged.

"What was the name of the file, Bernie?" Callen growled leaning towards him.

"Operation Comescu." Fischer said, as white as a sheet.

"What were the arrangements?" Callen asked.

"50 grand up front. I was supposed to call them when we got the file. Another 50 on delivery."

"Who called you?" Callen asked.

"The guy himself." Fischer said.

"What guy?" Callen asked again fighting the urge to paste the slime ball up against the wall.

"Gregori Comescu." Fischer said, "Only he didn't call. We met. Over coffee."

"Comescu is here in Los Angeles?" He asked.

"Yeah. Honest to God, I am not lying." Fischer promised.

Callen gathered up the file and walked out.

Standing in OSP they looked at the small amount that was available on the Comescu file.

"Hetty must have found out Comescu was looking for this file." Sam said

"Explains why she planted the virus in it." Kensi reasoned.

"Trying to stay one step ahead." Sam agreed.

"We've got Comescu's number. He's expecting a call. Simple plan: we offer him what he wants." Callen said.

"The file." Deeks clarified.

"I'll pose as a member of the pro-team; tell him we're cutting Bernie out of the deal." Callen said.

"He makes the meet, we grab him."

"Any chance Bernie Fischer is lying?"




"Nah." They replied all at the same time.

Vance smiled at the reaction, "Well, glad to see you all share the same view. Don't mess it up."

The others left the room and Callen whirled on Vance and Hunter.

"The only Intel we have on Gregori Comescu are some blurry surveillance photos from Interpol and a Police Nationale file from Paris, linking him to people smuggling in Poland. Hetty must have known more. Why else would she be tracking this?" he asked.

"I'm acutely aware of that fact, Agent Callen." Vance snapped.

"So brief me on Operation Comescu." Callen tried again.

Vance turned cold and looked at Lauren, "Agent Hunter, does Agent Callen have the information he needs to proceed?"

"Yes, Director." She said looking at him coldly.

"Then that's all the information you need to know, Agent Callen."

Callen stares at them annoyed, but realizing they aren't going to say anything he turns to walk off.

"And Agent Callen...I'll be the one interviewing Comescu when you bring him in." He called after him as Callen stormed down the stairs.

Vance turned to Lauren, "Any chance that Hetty's analysis is wrong?" he asked worried.

"No, Hetty didn't get it wrong." Lauren said.

Hetty had found out that Comescu senior was alive; there was no way she was wrong she just needed to get in there to find out.

Callen stood on Broadway Street, waiting with a coffee in one hand flicking through a newspaper looking at what was going on more than what he was reading.

"In position, Sam." Callen said.

"Deeks, heads up. He's out there somewhere." Sam warned.

"Roger that, Sam." Deeks said from his position at reading a magazine while Kensi was listening to music.

"Eric, picture up?" Sam asked.

In Ops Lauren, Eric and Vance were watching through 4 cameras.

"Picture's up, Sam." Eric told him.

Callen started as a kid with a skateboard came up to him and handed him a piece of paper.

"Hey, um, some guy, he gave me ten bucks to give you this." The kid said.

"What guy?" Callen asked but the boy had already gone.

"Something's up. Hold your position." Sam said as Callen read the note.

"Meeting's changed, Sam. Rooftop across the street." Callen told him.

"G, this is not a good idea. We don't have rooftop cover." Sam called as Callen ran across the street, "G, are you reading me?"

"Why is he moving from the street to a rooftop?" Deeks asked.

"Secluded, no one else. He wants to make sure he's alone." Kensi replied.

"That cuts both ways, leaves Comescu exposed as well." Deeks said looking up,

"He'll have backup. At least one guy with him. Plus high cover." He looked up at the building on his left. "The high-rise behind you overlooks the rooftop. That's where I'd be. Kensi, Deeks, check it."

Vance and Lauren gave each other worried looks.

As Sam starts climbing the stairs, Callen has already reached the rooftop, Mikhail Comescu is already there as Gregori and Ami watch from a rooftop on the right close enough to see but not to be seen, they were both surprised to see their father turn up to the meet.

"I like rooftops. You can be alone. You can enjoy the view. You can smoke. You can throw people off. You like rooftops?" Mikhail asked.

"Not particularly. You got my money?" Callen asked.

"You have my file?" Mikhail asked, he knew the twins would want the information as soon as possible.

"Eric, you're going to have to be my eyes. First sign of trouble, you understand?" Sam said standing behind the door.

"You got it, Sam." Eric said.

"They tell us there might be a woman in the house. She wasn't there." He said adopting his Dmitri Lenkov persona.

"You were fortunate. I know others who were not. The file?" Mikhail asked.

"This woman- you say she's causing you problems?" Callen asked

"Not for much longer." Mikhail admitted, soon they would find Gregori and his children would take him home and the woman would not be a problem again.

"You want to tell us where she is, we could take care of her for you." Callen offered.

"Not necessary. We have her." Mikhail said and opened his case taking out a laptop he plugged in the thumb drive Callen handed him.

On the left roof a CIA sniper is watching the exchange ready to take Callen out.

Mikhail looked at the computer, "This file says it is empty?" he asked angrily, so close again.

"Federal agents!" Kensi yelled and shot the sniper.

Over to the left Greg couldn't hold it anymore he knew his father was in danger. "Gregori!" he yelled.

"Sam, second shooter. Go!" Eric yelled.

Comescu grabbed his gun as he suddenly realized who was there and he moved to look for the shooter. Sam came out of the doorway and shot Mikhail, as a woman's scream pierced the air.

Greg grabbed his sister and ran. "Another time, little sister, come on."

Callen and Sam looked down at the body on the rooftop.

"Kensi, Deeks, what's your status?" Sam asks

"We're good. One down." Kensi replied.

"Eric, tell Director Vance Comescu's dead." Callen said.

"He, um...knows." Eric said nervously as Hunter and Vance left OSP.

Half an hour later they arrived back at the mission.

Callen strode up to Vance's desk, "Comescu's people have Hetty." He said grimly.

"Yeah, I heard. We'll find her. I'm putting the team on it." Vance said.

"You have a team?" Callen argued.

"Not in Prague, I don't." Vance snapped.

"How long have you known she's been in Prague?" Callen asked annoyed.

"Miss Jones just told me." Vance said, Callen looked to Nell for confirmation and she nodded.

"I need a ticket on the next available flight." Callen said stubbornly.

"Not necessary. I'll send a team from the field office in Paris."

"Oh, that's great. They can pick me up when I land in Prague." Callen stubbornly pushed.

"You're not going to Prague." Vance ordered Callen looked confused.

"I speak Czech, I speak Romanian, I have contacts in Prague that can help us." He argued.

"You are no longer on this case, Agent Callen!" Vance yelled

"Then give me a reason! Tell me why! What is Operation Comescu about?"

"It's about you, Agent Callen. Operation Comescu is all about you." Vance snapped, as Callen stepped back amazed.

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