Operation Comescu

Chapter 13

Sam sat at the table looking at the scene before him, Callen was sitting flanked by 2 young adults, both touching him, the girl with her arm in his arm and the boy with his hand on Callen's arm. Kensi and Deeks sat next to him as a man passed them all a drink.

Callen for his part was lost in his head, his hand moving up and down the table from side to side.

Anya smiled.

She reached over to a shelf and took an old toy car off it and placed it in his hand.

"My car." He said absently in Romanian.

Sam looked over at him, "G…are you ok?"

"Huh?" Callen suddenly realized where they were, "I think I'm home Sam…"

He blinked back tears that threatened to overwhelm him as Anya handed him a cup of tea.

"Drink my love," Anya said, someone wants to meet you.

Alexa stepped back into the room, "G?" she said.

Callen stood up and looked at his older sister, he remembered her…vaguely, and she would hold him and tell him stories with Laney…that name again… "Who is Laney?" Callen asked out of the blue. "Are you Laney?" he asked Alexa.

She shook her head, "No…I am…"

"Lexi?" he asked.

She nodded and he hugged her, "Lexi…I…I didn't know I am so sorry." He said.

"It is of no matter, you are home now." She said tears in her eyes. She looked over at the others sitting at her table, "Are they your captors?" she asked.

"What! No? What?" Callen looked at them, "No I work with them at NCIS, this is Sam Hanna my partner, and Kensi Blye and…"

"Yes Yes, Martin Deeks LAPD, my people picked you up going through customs, but until Anya confirmed it I wasn't sure it was you."

"Is Hetty here?" Callen asked worried.

Alexa gave a curt nod, "She is here and she is safe."

"Why is she here?" Kensi asked.

"She came to give me proof of your death." Alexa said sadly.

"Why?" Callen asked, "Did she know, I was told the Comescu family, were trying to kill me?" he looked at his sister who shook her head.

"Since you and your sister were taken we have been looking for you." Alexa said honestly.

"Laney? Laney…she's my sister isn't she?" he asked he couldn't hold the excitement back, "Did you find her?"

Alexa nodded, "Ilena came back to us a few years ago, but she had no idea where you were, Dracul has gone to pick her up from the airport."

"Is she older than me?" Callen asked looking at his new family, "What's she like?"

"She is your twin, papa." Ami said, "She is very nice."

"I have a twin?" He smiled, "Was she there when mama was killed on the beach?" he asked Alexa remembering the dark haired woman who had been shot when he was on the beach.

Alexa pulled a big book out, Callen sat next to Sam at the table and Alexa opened the album, "That was not your mother, that was CIA Agent Clara Callen."

"This is your mother, Amy Stevens Comescu she was my stepmother, she died giving birth to you and Ilena." He pulled a picture of a blonde woman out of the album, "You never saw her, but she had a recording and she would read you a story every night before bed."

"Stevens?" he said his mind racing, He knew his mind went to her when he was stressed but could it be? He looked at the photo of his mother again… "Grace…Grace is my sister!"

"Grace?" Alexa asked.

"I met her, it was her name when we met at the factory." He looked ashamed he hadn't told his co-workers about this, "It was where the CIA trained us."

"As an Agent?" Deeks asked.

Callen shook his head, "Expendable assets, this is why I tried to stop you for coming, for me this was supposed to be a one way trip, my job was to give my life for Hetty's." he explained, he looked at Alexa, "It still is, if you are planning on killing her, then you will have to kill me first, I have to defend her with my life."

Alexa looked at her baby brother and shook her head slowly.

"You have been lied to Gregori, for a long long time I fear."

"Alexa, I need to see her, if she knew I need to know…" he said.

Alexa nodded, "Soon, there is someone who has waited a very long time to see you, he is very ill, but you must see him,"

Callen looked at her as understanding dawned within him, he wasn't an orphan…his mother was dead but his father… "Papa?" he asked in a small voice.

Alexa nodded.

"Sam…" Callen turned to his partner, "I…I can't…not alone, please?" he asked.

Sam nodded, "We didn't follow Hetty G, We came to back you up." He said.

Callen looked at them all, as they nodded in agreement.

Anya took him by the hand, "Your father, his name is Gregori Comescu, he had a stroke a few years ago, and we had nearly found you when you were shot."

Alexa turned to Sam, "You were there, I believe, thank you for saving my brother's life."

Sam looked at her, "He's like a brother to me, and he's my partner."

She smiled, "Dracul called my father when you were shot, and the shock…he had a stroke, Anya got a nursing degree and she takes care of him."

"Will, will he know me?" Callen asked.

Ami smiled at her father, "Come on Papa, he gets you confused with Greg all the time, we'll come with you, you are not alone anymore." She said.

He wrapped his arm around his daughter, "Thank you."

Anya led the way, she opened the door to a bright sunlight room, a memory ran through Callen's mind, the doors were taller in his mind and he had a small animal of some sort in his hand, a bunny maybe. He turned to Alexa, "I remember…" He said to her.

"Your last morning," she nodded, "You and Ilena had a nightmare." She reminded him, "You both had the same dreams often and I would find you creeping into father's room." She put a hand on his shoulder as he stopped.

"This was my room?" he asked, he noticed a scuff mark on the floor where he used to play cars and chase Laney with them and bang the cars into the doorframe.

She nodded, "Yours and Ilena's."

Anya stuck her head outside the door, "He's ready." She said holding her hand out to Callen.

Shaking he grasped her hand tightly. "Stay with me?" he asked.

She nodded and stood behind him as he walked in the door.

He was in bed, his white hair brushed neat, and his silken black sheets making him appear commanding. He was propped up in bed and stared at the door as Callen instinctively stopped, as his hands hit the edge of the door the same as they had done when he last walked in the room when he was five.

Gregori Senior gave a half smile, his stroke making him unable to complete it, "Gregori?" he asked.

Callen stuck his head around the door and took in the sight of the man. His eyes and facial shape were the same as his and he held out a thin very old hand.

Callen walked in looking at the man, "Hello sir." He said stiffly, he ran his hands down his shirt, brushing off the excess sand. Wishing he looked a lot better than the wreck he felt he looked like.

"Come…" Gregori said in croaky English. "Let me see you." He said.

Callen moved closer until he reached the edge of the bed, Gregori's hand grasped his son.

"I am so sorry," Gregori said as he looked at his son's hand in his, the last time they had touched he had been 18 years old.

"I didn't mean too…I mean…If I had known…I would never have." Callen stood there as tears started to fall, "I didn't know." He whispered.

"It had been so long, I was angry at you because I thought you looked so much like my son, and yet there you were with parents and a different name and then to find out they gave you her name…but only left you with an initial. It was when that man called you G, it clicked, it wasn't that you looked like my son, you were my son…only I had just lost you again." Gregori started coughing and Callen gave him a sip of water from the glass, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Do you know why they took me Papa?" Callen asked.

Gregori shook his head a small movement not completed but the gist was there. "I do not…I think it was the feud, the Callen's had with the Comescu's. A man a long time ago, George Callen was working as a double agent in the war against Germany. Your grandfather, my father was smuggling Jews and gypsies out of Poland to England and America, he trusted George Callen to help him but George turned him in and he was killed. A man…a Russian a friend of the family killed George Callen and escaped to Romania and married my aunt, his family swore revenge on our family, put out the rumor we were people trafficking and arms smuggling. This is not true, we did smuggle people, but only until the war ended, we save thousands of lives. They wanted to end the Comescu line with you, but they wanted you to be the one to kill me."

"I…I…can't!" Callen sat back shocked but he felt a pull he didn't like and he clenched his fists.

Gregori patted his son's hand, "You do not have to. You are home now, although I want you to stay and your children will want you to stay, but if you have a life in America, and a family."

"No…I mean, I have a life, I love my job…although, I gave it up to come here, but I do not have a family, I have been searching for Anya for years, but I couldn't find an Anya Petrovitch anywhere." He explained.

"Her name is Anya Comescu, we let her into the family and she wanted her children to have your real name."

"Thank you for looking after her." He said.

Anya walked in behind him, "We are family, you are family." She kissed his head, "Your father needs to rest now." She said and led him out.

As soon as the door shut Callen pulled Anya into his arms, He kissed her deeply as tears fell down his face, "Is this real?" he asked her his voice tentative.

She smiled, "This is real, what happens now is up to you, I will not put any pressure on you, if you need to go back to America, then you can go I will still love you." She said with earnest.

He wiped the back of his hands over his eyes and turned back to go downstairs, "I need to talk to Hetty, then…then I will decide what to do."

He went down the stairs and stood watching his children interrogate his team about him. He smiled as he spotted the techniques he used when trying to get information out of Sam, working with his son.

"So…tell me does Papa have a car?"

Ami's eyes lit up, "Yes a big red American Mustang?" she asked. "And you say you all live in California, do you surf, and see the President?" she asked.

Kensi laughed, "Deeks surfs, I think your father does, although I've never seen him, no he doesn't have a car."

"Yes I do," Callen smiled as he walked into the room, "Not a mustang though, I have an Aston Martin."

"Like James Bond?" Greg asked with a smile.

Callen nodded and placed a hand on his son's shoulder, "Yes son, just like James Bond but without the gadgets."

"Although Eric and Nell could help with that." Deeks suggested.

Both twins looked at their father with bright eyes, "They can?" they said together.

"No….just no." Callen laughed, "Go up and see your grandfather, I need to talk to my team." He said.

The twins stopped and looked at him, "You will be here when we come down, won't you Papa?" Ami asked, Greg nodding in agreement.

"I am not leaving…for now, I will be here when you come downstairs." He promised them, Ami kissed his cheek and went off upstairs; Greg nodded and followed his sister.

"So..." Sam said. "What now?"

"Now I call Vance and then we see Hetty and figure out why she came here." I know I am not NCIS anymore, but I at least owe the Director, He needs to know what's going on." Callen said.

He sat at the table and picked up his phone and dialed Eric.

"Is this true then, is this your family?" Kensi asked.

Callen nodded, "My name is Gregori Comescu II, and this is the home I was born in." he said as he waited for Eric to answer.

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