Operation Comescu

Chapter 14

"Eric Here." Eric said as he answered the phone.

"It's Callen." Callen said sitting at the dining room table with the others.

"I'll pass you to Director Vance." Eric said handing the phone over to the Director.

Vance took the phone.

"You are a long way from home, Agent Callen." He said.

Callen gave a sour laugh, "A week ago I would have agreed with you, Now? Not so much." He replied.

"Is your team alright?" Vance asked.

"Not my team. I quit remember?" he said

"The team then and Hetty?" Vance asked.

"They are fine, Hetty's here and she's ok….for now." He said flatly.

"So you found her?" Vance asked concerned.

"Yeah, I found her and a few things more." Callen said.

"Fill me in…" Vance said.

" No." Callen said, "You need to be here."

"Where?" Vance asked.

"The Comescu compound." Callen said.

"You've taken it already?" Vance asked surprised.

Callen shook his head, "No Sir, Can't take what's already mine."

"Callen?" Vance was confused.

"Hetty is staying with us for now and she's safe for now, but I want to know Director how much of this do you know?" he asked his voice becoming hard.

"I know what I told you Agent Callen." Vance said worriedly.

"Check Hetty's other file; I know she had more than one. She stole me from my family as a child, her and Clara Callen,"

"Your mother?" Vance asked.

"No…Not my mother, My Mother was a woman called Amy Stevens she died in childbirth, my sister…my sister was Grace Stevens, she's an Agent can you find her?" he asked Vance.

Eric, Nell and Vance looked at each other in shock.

"I will try my best," Vance said, "I will come out to sort this out, I will have Eric and Nell find the other Comescu file and we will head over there on the next flight. These are very serious charges Agent Callen, trust I will be taking this seriously."

"Thank you." Callen said honestly. "I will have Kensi and Deeks meet you at the airport when you send me your flight details."

Kensi and Deeks nodded in agreement.

Callen cut the call and looked at the others around the table, "If you guys want to leave, I won't hold it against you."

"We are here for you G." Sam said honestly.

"I don't understand…?" Deeks said, "So all this time, Hetty knew who you were?"

Callen nodded, "She's always known…I think…." Callen stood up, "Lexi?" he called.

Alexa walked into the kitchen, "Gregori?" she asked him.

"I need to see Hetty." He said. "Alone."

Alexa walked up to her little brother and put a hand on his shoulder, "Are you sure that is wise Gregori?" she asked.

"I need to know Lexi!" he said shaking.

"But Alone…G, please…She needs to pay for her crimes, but you cannot…she is too close to you." Alexa said worried for her little brother.

"I'll go with him." Sam said.

Alexa smiled, "Thank you Sam. But I feel it will be best if I talk to her first, I am sorry baby brother, but this is my final word. I will have my talk with her then you may come and speak to her."

Callen nodded. Something in him told him he would probably never win an argument with this woman.

Hetty was looking at the pickled preserves on a rustic wooden shelf as Alexa walked into the room.

"So ... You're family. A Romanian. A gypsy?" Alexa asked as she motioned for Hetty to sit down and poured her a cup of tea.

"I was born after the war in a refugee camp in Bucharest." She said

"And your parents?" Alexa asked

"Two years ... in a concentration camp. My father died two months before my birth. My mother ... two days later. A family brought me to the camp. They were also Roma." She said

"What was the name of this family?" Alexa asked.

"Pavlenco." Hetty said

Alexa stopped and stared at Hetty, she knew that Hetty had no idea that her brother was here, yet she kept the facade up anyway.

"You lie." Alexa said coldly.

"I certainly do not lie, Alexa." Hetty said her had clenching slightly.

Alexa took the pictures of her brother and his team out of her pocket placing them one by one in front of the woman.

"Taken yesterday at the airport in Prague." Alexa said truthfully.

Hetty stared at the photo of Callen.

"You lie, Henrietta." She said

She placed a photo of Sam in front of Hetty.

"You lie." Alexa said again standing up. She placed a photo of Kensi in front of the smaller woman, "You lie."

She placed a photo of Deeks on the table, "You lie."

Hetty stared at the pictures in shock.

Alexa pointed at the pictures with her knife.

"You killed two of our men in Prague. Them and five more. One of them was a nephew." She said.

"And you made soup." Hetty said matter of factly looking at the few unchopped vegetables on the counter.

Alexa took her knife and started to chop the carrots.

"These agents ... they come for me?" She asked hoping Hetty would talk to her.

"No for me." Hetty said

"To kill you?" Alexa asked

Hetty shook her head, "No, to save me."

Alexa nearly laughed at the audacity of the woman, "You are trying to save this one bringing me proof of his death." She said pointing to the picture of her brother.

"Call it a last attempt to stop the bloodshed between his family and yours." Hetty said

"You knew it was going to fail that is why I wonder, Henrietta Lange, why… exactly, are you here?" Alexa asked, "Did you not think I would recognize my own brother?" she asked.

Hetty went pale. "You….you know?" she asked.

The door opened and Callen stepped in with Sam by his side.

Alexa nodded to him and walked out, placing a supportive hand on his arm as he walked in the door.

"More importantly I know," G said, "I want to know how much you know, how long have you been involved in my life?"

Hetty sat back in the chair her face a blank.

"Tell me!" Callen sat in the chair opposite the woman he had thought of as a friend and mentor.

"Since you were brought to America." She said softly.

"Did you know?" He asked, "Did you know who I was?"

Hetty sighed and looked up surprised as Callen poured her another tea.

He smiled sadly as he handed her the cup, "It would be remiss of me not to offer you refreshments in my own home." He sighed as he poured himself a drink, "You taught me that."

Hetty looked down she did care more for him than she cared to admit, this idea of Clara's had gone so wrong, she needed to remember who and what he was.

"This wasn't how it was supposed to be." She whispered.

"Did you know about my placements?" Callen asked. "As a child did you have any say in who I was placed with?" he asked again.

She knew exactly what he was on about and nodded, "I placed you with Davis originally."

Sam looked confused as Callen paled and moved away from her.

"Did you know about him?" Callen asked his voice low and dangerous.

Hetty nodded, "You were too willful, you needed to be brought back into line."

"And you thought that HE was the way to bring me into line." He asked his hands clenched.

"You were being uncooperative…" she started arguing.

"I WAS A CHILD!" He yelled, making Sam jump. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID TO ME?!"

Hetty nodded unable to stop herself even as she lied, "I had no idea…I promise you Mr. Callen…"

"No!" Callen snapped. "My name is Gregori, use it!"

"Gregori, I didn't know I was told he was good at discipline, I was sickened when I found out how…"

"I was 12, you left me alone with him for a weekend, long enough to kill the child inside me. You could have checked, you could have stopped him, you knew he wasn't allowed to have children, you should have checked why…but you didn't care did you, you allowed Agent Clara Callen to steal two five-year-olds from their father and sister, all they knew split them up, raised them both as Agents who thought they were expendable, who would die to save the life of other Agents who were worth more…my question Hetty is simple, if you allowed all this to happen to me, what did you do to Grace…Does she even know she is my sister Ilena?"

Hetty went pale. "You…you know about Grace?"

Callen nodded, "I saw a picture of my mother, my real mother Amy, and I remembered Grace looks just like her."

"So my last question, before I leave you to think about how you destroyed the life of two children, is who exactly have you got that has infiltrated my family and is masquerading as my sister, because I'm pretty sure that Grace Stevens doesn't know she's really Ilena Comescu…so Who?" he insisted.

"Lauren Hunter." Hetty said.

Sam looked at her in surprise and got up to leave, Callen followed, "Why did you do this to me Hetty? Why did you allow Clara Callen to do this?"

"Clara was my cousin; I just wanted this feud to end." Hetty said tiredly.

"You'll get your wish." Callen said coldly as he closed and then locked the door behind him.

Callen leaned against the wall as Sam looked at him, "G? Who's Davis?" he asked.

Callen paled and ran for the bathroom losing his lunch in the process.

Anya came down the stairs as Callen emerged from the bathroom. "My love, are you alright?" she asked.

Callen smiled and held her, "Soon, I will be, I promise…How is my father?" he asked her.

She smiled, "For the first time since I've known him, he's sleeping peacefully, and not calling for you in his sleep."

They walked into the kitchen and sat at the table as Alexa dished them up food, "Your sister will be here soon."

"She isn't my sister." Callen told her, "She is a CIA plant, her name is Lauren Hunter, have Dracul bring her here in the morning, we can put her with Hetty until Vance arrives."

"Are you sure, she knew so much, I was convinced she was Ilena." Alexa said as she handed Deeks a plate of food.

"Thank you." Deeks said.

"My sister is an agent as well, her name is Grace Stevens."


Callen looked up interested. "Yeah…why?"

"Your mother's maiden name was Stevens; her father was a Lord Simon Stevens who didn't like us because your mother married our father."

"Lord Stevens raised Grace," Callen sighed with relief, "She was raised by her grandfather…not in foster care." He smiled.

"Why didn't he raise you too?" Kensi asked.

Callen shrugged, "Good question."

Alexa finally sat down with them as the twins ran into join them.

They both stopped, "Sorry we are late Aunt Alexa, Sorry mama, sorry papa."They said and went to get some food.

"It's getting late," Callen said, he didn't want to leave his family so soon, but he wasn't about to impose.

The twins smiled, "That's why we were late, we have finished getting the rooms ready," Ami said, "Mr. Sam and Mr. Deeks, you have a room, Miss. Kensi, if it is agreeable, you can share with Ami and Papa, I put you in with Mama."

Callen looked embarrassed for a moment and looked at Anya who smiled, "Thank you children." She said, "Of course you will all stay here."

Callen smiled approvingly at his kids. He hadn't even known them for a whole day and he loved them unconditionally.

Alexa cleared up the dishes, "I have talked to Dracul, and he told Hunter that we have extra guests and have put them up in a hotel for the night, and she has no idea."

Callen nodded and went to help her.

"Gregori, you need to rest and more importantly you need to have some time with Anya. I am fine with this," she hugged him, "Welcome home little brother."

He hugged her back melting into her hug, not caring that his team, his future wife…if she'd have him and his children were watching. "I missed you Lexi." He whispered.

She hugged him some more and then pulled back, "Go rest my brother; we have a big day tomorrow."

Kensi wiped a tear from her eye and shot a look at Deeks who looked like he was blinking back a tear or two himself.

Callen looked at Anya and smiled as she took his hand, "Ok Sam, the kids will show you all where to go, I'll see you in the morning," he smirked as Anya pulled his arm towards the stairs.

The twins got up and ran over to their father, and hugged him, "Night Papa…we will see you in the morning yes?" Gregori asked.

Ami nodded in agreement.

Callen let go of Anya's hand and wrapped both arms around his children. "I will see you both in the morning, I love you two." He kissed them both on the forehead and then followed Anya up the stairs.

Deeks yawned, "I am tired…he admitted."

Gregori turned, "We took your bags out of the car and took them to your rooms." He smiled looking so much like his father Sam couldn't help but grin.

"Yeah, guys we should turn in, Vance is arriving tomorrow and you and Kensi are to pick him up at the airport." Sam said to Deeks.

Callen and Anya walked into her room.

"I remember this room?" Callen said looking around, "But it was bigger?"

Anya smiled, "No my love, you were smaller." She told him. "This was your room, it was as close to you as I could get."

Callen walked over to her and took her in his arms kissing her deeply.

"Finally," Anya said and closed the door.

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