Operation Comescu

Chapter 15

Grace Stevens had been on her current assignment for 5 months and she hated every moment of it. She had allowed herself to be taken by a gang of human traffickers and was being used by various Russian Mafia gangs as a high priced call girl who was to be used and abused according to the will of the highest bidder; she had however gained some valuable information which she was once a month feeding back to Hetty as ordered.

Grace sat on the bed, her last client had left an hour ago and she had a bag of ice on her face and ribs hoping to dispel some of the bruising that she was sure would appear, Sergei Petrovitch had been her latest client, he was a sadistic S.O.B. who according to rumor had gotten that way since the death of his daughter. But he had contacts and usually talked in his sleep when Grace got most of her pertinent information, although to this day she had never figured out who Dmitri Lenkov was but she worried for him and Sergei often strangled her while trying to kill this Dmitri guy in his sleep.

She slowly got up and stretched gingerly, she looked at herself in the mirror trying not to be disgusted by the person staring back at her. "This is all for the mission, the mission is important you are not." She said aloud to herself, repeating the mantra she had been taught in the factory as a child.

Her thoughts flicked back to that time, to the kid she had met there who had made her feel safe and complete, G. Callen…she remembered him because he didn't have a first name. She remembered the hours they would spend talking about everything and nothing, how they would just sit reveling in being near each other and how without thinking they would find themselves holding hands. It had been nice, even though they were teenagers it hadn't been sexual or romantic, it had just been two lost souls who had seemed to have found each other and for a while felt whole.

She looked at her small bag of belongings, she had heard she was going to be sent to a Russian arms dealer known as Sidarov, he was particularly vicious and none of the regular CIA operatives would go undercover with him, which had prompted the CIA to contact the factory for one of their expendable operatives. She was, although she would admit to no one, scared about this op, but there was only one other CIA operative that could do it, but she was unavailable right now. Grace carefully pulled her ripped top up. She sighed and took it off throwing it in her bag with her other clothes, she pulled out some clean clothes and put them on the side as she climbed into the shower hoping to wash the feeling of Sergei Petrovitch off her.

An hour later after she had finished screaming and crying and getting all the emotions out that she needed too, she stepped out of the shower and pulled her clean clothes on, opening a small compartment that was hidden at the bottom of her bag, she took out her issued phone to check for messages.

She was surprised to see one, not from the factory with her new assignment but from the Director of NCIS…'Hetty's boss?' she thought worried about her aunt.

She immediately dialed his number, "Director Vance? Grace Stevens." She said as she sat on the bed

"Agent Stevens, I hope this isn't an inconvenient time?" Vance said.

"No, I'm good Sir; did you need me for an assignment?" She asked.

"Er…No…well, not exactly. I need to talk to you…what do you know about your birth parents?" he asked.

Grace was grateful she was sitting down, "My….what?!"

"I have been informed that you have been a part of a plot, which we uncovered recently, would you be available to accompany me to Romania, This is important Ms. Stevens, but this is not an order, you may decline." Vance said

Grace looked shocked, "No…I mean I'm not declining Sir, I want to come, I assume you have more details," she said

"I do, can you send me your address, I will have a car pick you up and send you to the nearest airport, where are you right now?" he asked.

"Actually…" she smiled in spite of herself, "I'm four blocks away from the OSP office. I assume you are in D.C?"

Vance gave a small laugh, "Actually I'm sitting at Hetty Lange's desk."

"I can be there in 20 minutes." Grace said with a nervous laugh, she put the phone down grabbed her light blue canvas bag and a light blue bed roll, all that she owned and then she left.

Arriving at OSP she was met at the door by Director Vance who looked at her bag and bed roll and gave a small smile, "You really are…aren't you." He said cryptically.

"Sorry?" she said having no idea what he was talking about.

"Never mind," he shook his head and walked inside with her, "We need to talk about what is currently going on." He said.

Grace walked over to Hetty's office and put her bags down, "Where's Hetty?" she asked.

"That's what we need to talk about." Vance said gravely and he sat down. Grace taking her cue sat opposite him an uneasy feeling building in her gut.

"Where's Hetty?" she asked again worried for her aunt.

"She's in Romania, she's being held by a family called the Comescu's."

"You need me to go and extract her?" Grace said mentally preparing herself.

"Not exactly." Vance said.

At that Grace stopped. "Sorry, Hetty's being held by a crime family and you don't want me to go in and get her out?"

"There are things you need to know first." Vance said.

"So tell me so I can leave and rescue my aunt, if you won't." she snapped.

"She's not your aunt…" Vance started; Grace looked at him as if he was crazy.

"I know my family Director." She said.

"You know your Grandfather." Vance said, "Simon Stevens is your biological Grandfather."

"No…He's my father…my mother died when I was born." Grace told him.

Vance looked at her, he handed her a folder, pictures that Callen had sent of him and Ilena when they were babies and pictures of his mother Amy Stevens.

"Why is my mother holding 2 babies? Who are they?" Grace asked.

"That is Lord Simon Steven's daughter Amy…she married Gregori Comescu in 1968 in 1970, she had you and your brother."

"I don't have a brother?" she looked shocked, Nell came down and passed her a cup of tea. "Thank you." Grace said in shock.

"That's ok, your brother drinks tea as well, especially when he's uneasy about something." Nell smiled.

"You know him?" she asked. She knew the Director wouldn't lie to her, but she had trusted Hetty and her father…no Grandfather.

"Miss Jones, if you can fill Ms Steven's in on what we have so far." Vance said and sat back.

"Operation Comescu started in the 1970's just after you Ilena and your brother Gregori were born. CIA Agents Callen and Reznikov planned to raise you both separately and they were training your brother to kill your father Gregori Comescu senior. You were to be trained to kill your brother if he failed to carry out the task."

Grace looked shocked but nodded wanting to know more.

"Agent Clara Callen died on the beach and Agent Reznikov decided he couldn't raise you both alone so Hetty Lange changed the plan."

"Hetty knew about this?"

"Since Clara Callen died on the beach she has been in charge of the plan keeping you both as close as possible, She arranged with your grandfather to raise you, he didn't want your brother, so she kept him under an alias in a variety of foster homes, moving him every few months or weeks so he wouldn't feel settled."

"Oh my God…That must have been awful…" Grace breathed, "I had a friend for a while, who was brought up like that, he was so lost…It must have been terrible for my brother. Where is he now?" she asked looking around hoping whoever this brother was he was nearby, her thought strayed to G. Callen, the boy she had met in the factory.

"He's at the Comescu compound, he's one of the Agents we sent after Hetty, and he got his memory back when he arrived at your family home."

"I wonder…?" Grace said to herself, unfortunately she said it aloud.

"Sorry?" Nell asked.

"When we find my brother, I had a friend at the factory…the place we were trained as agents, as kids…" Grace shook her head, "I had a friend, like a soul mate…we were teenagers, I just felt safe with him…he grew up in the system, I know he's an agent somewhere, maybe you could find him, he went through horrible things as a child…when we find my brother, maybe he would talk to him, I mean I don't know what my brother does, but maybe…he could talk to him and let him know it'll be ok." Grace knew she was stumbling as she talked but she knew if they could find Agent Callen…Callen?

"Is that Agent Callen…was she related to G. Callen?" Grace asked.

"Not exactly, but he was named after her…do you know G. Callen?" Vance asked, this was beginning to seem even more complicated than it had in the first place.

"G. Callen was my friend at the factory, if he's not dead, he might talk to my brother…or maybe not if it was his mother…but he was kind to me as a teenager, he had been through so much as a kid, and what they did to train us at the factory. Maybe he could just talk to him a bit, make him see there is life after all this."

Vance looked at her carefully, she really didn't know…he was concerned about the hints she was dropping.

"Before we go on would you tell us about this factory…on the record?"

Grace shrugged, "I don't see why not, there are only about three or four of us left now. The rest are dead." She said flatly.

Vance nodded to Nell who set up a recording device from one of the closets in Hetty's office.

"The factory was started in 1988, for a group of Elite kids, who had no families or ties, to become expendable agents." Grace said.

"Define Expendable?" Vance asked.

Grace spoke as if by rote. "Your job as an Agent is to do things other Agents would not be able to do, you are worthless, no one cares about you, your job is to die to save another agent, your body and mind belong to the agency to use as they wish, be it another agent or a suspect, if we deem it right to abuse your body you will not fight it. You are to do as you are ordered, you belong to us." She sat up with defiance in her eyes, "That is what I mean by expendable." She said.

"Do you know the names of the other agents in your group?" Vance asked.

Grace nodded, "There was Mike Sullivan…he died a few years ago…shoot out to save another agent jumped in front of a bullet, Sally Carter, gang raped to death while getting information for a CIA sting…she got enough information to take the gang down, Dan…Daniel Morello…Danny…" Grace choked and wiped her eyes angrily… "Stood up for me with an instructor who tried to rape me after Callen left, he was beaten to death as an example." She took a sip from a glass of water that Nell had passed to her and gave her a small smile, "There are I think only 3 of us left now, Lauren Hunter, G. Callen and myself." She finished. "Although I heard that Hetty was keeping her eye on a few more kids, well one especially he was younger than us, shot his father when he was 11, a Martin A. Brandel, not sure what happened to him."

"And this was sanctioned?" Vance said horrified at what he had just heard.

"A Director Simmons ran it working under someone who created the factory…."

Nell coughed, "Erm…it was Clara Callen and Hetty Lange they conceived the idea, the original plan…" she turned to the plasma screen and pulled up files, "The idea was to find children with no families, children who were no one and use them in ways that seasoned agents wouldn't allow themselves to be used, the original idea was to take the two Comescu children and use them as a way to stop the feud between the Callen's and the Comescu's. Other children came under their radar, some older some younger, drop outs….runaways and children from abused families started although the factory was closed as soon as Grace finished, sorry," Nell turned to Grace apologetically.

Grace sighed in relief, "It's good to know that no other kids went through that training, they broke us…well, most of us, they couldn't break Callen…they sent him out to a man called Davis…I overheard some of the instructors talking, Davis was one of his ex foster parents, a nasty piece of work apparently he was Callen's Achilles heel and a quicker way to break him…I never saw him after that…I thought he was dead until I heard from the instructor that Callen had been well and truly broken and had been sent straight out into the field. But the factory isn't closed Hetty runs it and gives us our orders to go where needed.

Vance realized that Grace didn't know so he told her straight, "Grace, G. Callen is your twin brother." He said making sure this time she heard him.

"My…Brother…my twin…I need to see him, where is he?"

Vance smiled, finally, "Romania," he told her again, "We are going and we are going to confront Hetty with the charges that you have helped me to file."

Grace stood up and pace the small room, "I don't get it, I thought she was my aunt…I thought she loved me…It was all a lie?"

Vance nodded, "I think so, we will know more when we arrive in Romania, now my dear, we have a flight to catch, I believe Ms. Jones you made all the arrangements."

Nell nodded, "In the envelope on Hetty's…on the desk." She said.

Grace picked up her bag and bedroll, "Fine I'm ready, let's go." She said Vance smiled; she looked as determined as Callen would have if the situation had been reversed. Somehow he could see why people would be worried; he was slightly worried as to what the twins would do when they were reunited.

Vance nodded, shut off the desk lamp and they headed out the door.

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