Operation Comescu

Chapter 16

Callen woke up in a soft bed with his arms around a woman…He opened his eyes and smiled, "Anya…" he said softly, it hadn't been a dream, he really had found his family, and his one true love he'd been searching for, for years and he had children.

She hummed as she turned and snuggled into his chest, softly kissing him in her sleep, "Gregori…" she sighed happy.

He smiled and looked down at her as she finally woke and looked up at him. Last night's lovemaking came rushing back and his smile got wider. "I'm not dreaming am I?" he asked. She lifted the sheet and smiled and kissed his chest, "No my love you are not dreaming."

He pulled her closer and gave her a passionate kiss. Anya giggled as he pulled the duvet over his head and for the first time in his life he didn't get up at the crack of dawn.

Sam and Deeks looked at each other and Deeks blushed as they stopped at the room Callen was sleeping in an hour later and they heard the sounds from within.

Sam stopped in mid knock and turned to Deeks, "Maybe we should wait till he comes down."

Anya moaned passionately from behind the door, and Deeks grinned, "That might be a while." He said.

Sam rolled his eyes and pushed Deeks towards the stairs.

Ami and Kensi were already in the kitchen.

"Morning." Kensi grinned, "You two sleep well?" she asked.

"Yep." Deeks replied "You?" he asked.

Kensi grinned and Ami burst into laughter, "We had a late night telling Ami stories about her father." She admitted, "Did you knock for Callen?" she asked.

Deeks looked out the window as Sam mumbled something… "Sorry?" Kensi asked.

"I said he's busy…." Sam repeated.

"I'll go!" Ami offered.

"NO!" Deeks and Sam shouted at the same time… "Err…I mean maybe you should wait till he come downstairs." Sam finished.

The girls shrugged and got breakfast ready as Alexa joined them.

"Good Morning," Alexa said, "I hope you slept well." She smiled.

The others nodded, they all liked Alexa now, and she was nothing like the picture Hetty had painted of the family. As they ate they chatted and about an hour later arm in arm, Callen and Anya came down the stairs, both looking to their respective families, more happier than they had in the whole time they had known them.

"Morning, Gregori…Anya?" Alexa smiled.

Callen walked over to find coffee and Ami handed him a mug, "Coffee papa? Kensi said you like it like this."

Callen took a large gulp of his coffee and smiled, "It's perfect," he told his daughter…his daughter, he smiled more; he still loved the sound of that.

G sat at the table next to his sister and Anya as Ami gave them breakfast, "I have to go and give Grandfather his breakfast, I will see you soon." Ami said kissing her parents as she put their plates down. "I will look after him today mama, you need to be here."

"Thank you Amilena," Anya said.

Alexa got up and made some breakfast and put it on a tray, "I shall go feed our other Guest." She said she had put the same care into the breakfast that she made Hetty as she had into her brother's breakfast after all she was a Comescu and they were known for their hospitality.

"Where is Greg?" Callen asked Alexa.

"He has gone to pick up the fake Ilena from the hotel with Dracul…Also I had a call from your Nell Jones…Director Vance is on his way and should be here by 12 noon. Ms Jones said to tell you he is bringing a surprise." Alexa said as she left the room.

Callen looked at the others on his team, "You guys know anything about this?" he asked.

The others shook their heads.

Callen shrugged and took his plate to the sink, Anya followed him with hers and nudged him out of the way, she stood in front of the sink as he wrapped his arms around her as she washed up, Kensi nodded to the others and they went outside to look at the ocean and give them some privacy.

They walked along the beach, Kensi, Sam and Deeks all looking at the place where Callen had grown up.

"What do you think he is going to do?" Deeks asked.

The other two stopped and looked at him.

"What?!" Deeks said back stepping, "It's not like you haven't wondered, I mean he has a family, a woman he loves and apparently has loved for years, two children, a father and a sister…he's never had that before, do you think he'll come back with us or stay with them?"

Kensi looked back towards the house where Callen was swatting Anya with a towel and laughing.

"He's like a teenager, and he's so happy, Can we ask him to leave this, this is all he's ever wanted, how can we ask him to leave it behind and come back with us…Hell, we don't even know if there will be a team after this, I mean we don't know what Vance is going to do to Hetty, maybe there won't be an OSP for us to go back to and he'll be better off here." She said.

"Whatever G decides to do, we will support him, that's what family does." Sam said resolutely he was hurting at the thought of losing a teammate and a friend, but he had been through so much with Callen and had talked at length about his hunt for his family that he was at heart happy for his friend and would back him up whatever he decided to do.

He smiled as Callen lifted Anya up and kissed her.

"Did he ever tell you about her?" Kensi asked.

Sam shook his head, "No… he did say he was saving for something, I thought it was a house, but now I'm wondering if he was searching for her?"

Sam thought for a second and shook his head, "You guys need to go and get Vance, I'll go and check on Hetty." He said with a sigh as he turned to walk back to the house, unwilling to break up Callen's happy mood.

Walking up to the house Sam turned with a small smile of satisfaction as Greg, Dracul and Hunter got out of the car, Hunter still with an air of arrogance as she strode up towards the house, she stopped for a second in shock as she saw Sam but then pretended to ignore him and walked towards the door.

Sam stepped into line behind her as she walked in.

"Alexa!" she called happily.

Callen stepped out from around the corner.

"Sorry Hunter my sister is busy guarding Hetty, please come in and take a seat."

"C…Callen?" Lauren looked shocked.

Callen smiled as his daughter came down with her grandfather's breakfast tray. He smile stopped as she saw Hunter. "Curvă!" She spat and dropped the tray in the kitchen.

Callen wrapped his arms around his daughter and watched with satisfaction as Hunter paled even more.

"You are better than that my Ami, you go back upstairs I will let you know when it is alright to come down, Keep yourself and my father safe." He said

Ami nodded with tears of anger in her eyes she hugged him back and ran upstairs as Hunter turned to call to her.

Callen stepping in the way his eyes dark and cold, "You will not EVER speak to my children again Agent Hunter." He said

"Callen…you…do you know what you have done?!" she was angry she had been on this operation for years, "You were there you know the rules…they'll kill me for this." She hissed.

Callen took another step towards her but directed his next message to the person behind her, "Dracul…" he smiled, "I will meet you later, I am Gregori." He said as Hunter shook with fear. "Greg…" he said to his son.

"Yes papa?" Greg replied.

"Go stay with your sister, take your mother and protect them all." He said. He wasn't sure what Hunter had planned, but he wasn't about to lose them.

Hunter felt a hand on her shoulder, "Agent Hanna?"

"Not an Agent I quit remember," he snarled.

"Sam…" Callen said, "You need to leave."

"No…G, you need me here." Sam said, he didn't know what he was planning but he didn't like what was going down with him and Hunter.

She smiled viciously at him, "They always said you were weak Callen, maybe you need another session with Davis."

Not thinking he hit her and she laughed. "I was trained in the factory too Callen…Do you think I am weaker than you?"

He stood face to face with her his hands balled at his sides as Sam put a hand on his shoulder, "Not now G, Let Vance deal with this."

"NO!" Hunter screamed, "I fought for this for years, I need to get….I need to finish my assignment, you need to finish yours Callen for Clara, your mother."

Callen blinked as some clarity, something, came back to him. "Put her in with Hetty tie her up."

"I thought that room was escape proof?" Sam said confused.

"She was trained at the Factory, if she thinks she can't finish her mission and she now knows she can't, she will kill herself, and failure is not an option." Callen said

"Would you…if you were given a mission…G if you failed would you kill yourself?" Sam asked.

He watched Callen like a hawk and noticed as his hand flinched, going towards where Sam knew Callen kept a concealed knife.

Callen nodded once, but said nothing stepping back so Dracul and Sam could take Hunter and put her in with Hetty.

"Dracul, can you watch them make sure Hetty does not talk to Hunter, it is important, Hetty must not be permitted to talk to her at all," Callen ordered.

Dracul looked at his cousin and nodded.

Callen sat heavily in the chair his hand finally pulling out that knife; he turned it in his hands as he fought the urge to complete his own mission. Hunter had said a set of words, he hadn't understood as she said it, but as she had left his mission came back to him and now he did.

He remembered being sat in a chair for days on end being tortured as the face of a man was flashed in front of him, being told this man killed his mother and one day he would have to kill him, it was his mission, the mission he had to fulfill. He angrily stabbed the knife into the table as he placed his hands either side and tears slid down his face as he fought the need to act on his compulsion.

"SAM!" He yelled and within seconds Sam was in there looking at the anguish on his friends face, "Sam…I…I need you to tie me up…stop me…please…" he begged.

Callen's hand grabbed the knife and Sam pulled it off him, and grabbed a Zip tie and tied him to the chair as Callen thrashed against his bonds. Callen kicked out with his legs and Sam tied them to the chair while Callen cursed, in between thanking Sam.

Finally Callen couldn't move and Sam out of breath sat on a nearby chair.

"G? What's going on?" Sam asked.

"Hunter…She activated my final mission…I didn't know Sam," Callen let the tears fall freely, "God Sam If I had had any idea, any idea at all I would never have come here, I would have gone as far away as I could."

"What's your final mission?" Sam asked concerned as Alexa walked into the room.

Callen let his tears fall, he was fighting his compunction as much as he could and it was literally killing him. "My final mission…is to kill my father and then myself." He sobbed.

Alexa and Sam looked at each other worried, If Callen completed his mission, he would have to hurt the man he'd been looking for all his life, and then kill himself which would destroy his kids and Anya, and if he didn't kill his father, he was still compelled to kill himself to keep the secret of the factory.

No matter what, Callen felt he was doomed, his head dropped as his arms still fought their bonds.

"Sam if I get free I need your promise, you must shoot me, I can't complete this mission, I can't kill my father." he said as his tears of sorrow, anger and frustration fell freely.

Sam and Alexa looked at him in total shock and Sam hoped that Vance would be here soon and would know how to break Callen of this compulsion.

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