Operation Comescu

Chapter 17

Grace grabbed her bag and bed roll off of the carousel and waited as Vance picked up his.

They walked towards the exit and Vance smiled as he saw Kensi and Deeks.

"Agent Blye, Detective Deeks it's nice of you to come and meet us." Vance said

Grace looked behind them, a little bit disappointed that Callen…G…her brother wasn't here to meet her, but said nothing.

"Callen sent us to get you; Hunter should have arrived at the house by now. We need to get there as you need to talk to Hunter and Hetty." Kensi said.

"Yes I do, I have some files and more evidence," Vance said as they walked to the car, there was another car behind them and Deeks nodded to the driver. "Who's that?" Vance asked.

"Bodyguards, Vasilie and Daniel Comescu, Callen's cousins." Deeks said.

Vance nodded warily and climbed into the back seat with Grace.

Within 20 minutes they pulled up outside the beach house, a young man stood at the gate a concealed gun in a holster, Vance got out of the car and Grace stopped in her tracks…"My God he looks just like G?" she said stunned.

Vance looked at the young man and had to agree the look was uncanny. "Maybe a cousin?" Vance said to her as they followed Kensi and Deeks into the house.

Greg walked in behind them, and they all stopped as Sam stood at the door, "Director Vance, did you bring the real Comescu file with you?" he asked.

Vance nodded, "I did Agent Hanna, but it's been a long flight, I was hoping to rest first." He admitted.

"We have a problem with Callen," Sam said he looked worried and tired and Kensi and Deeks looked at each other, this was not a look they had seen on Sam before.

"He's been activated hasn't he?" Grace said.

"Who are you?" Sam asked concerned.

Grace shrugged, "Two days ago I would have told you I was Grace Stevens', today I'm not so sure."

"LANEY!" Callen's voice screamed behind them and Grace pushed through, past Sam and ran up to Callen.

It didn't matter that they were meeting again since they were teenagers, having seen this house for Grace all of that, the hurt the training, the fear, all disappeared. This house was familiar and Grace having heard her old name…it came flooding back and she wrapped her arms around her twin brother, "Shhh…G, it's alright I'm here."

Callen tucked his head in his sisters embrace, "I didn't know Grace I swear, I didn't know, we would have run away, we could have made it back here….before….before…" he struggled again against his bonds, "Kill me Laney, don't let me kill him….please…" he begged.

Alexa ran over and wrapped the twins in her arms, "Ilena, Gregori, it will be alright, just trust in Sam, hang on a bit longer please."

Vance put the case down on the table and pulled the whole file, "There is something in here about activating Operation Comescu, but not what it was."

Callen struggled to breathe and calmed himself down, "You were right, It is about me…I am Operation Comescu, I was ….trained…to kill my …fa…father, I am to kill him and my…self…" he struggled against his bonds and himself as he told them.

"Why?" Grace asked.

"He killed my mother…Shot her on the beach in cold blood." Callen spat.

"No he didn't?" Alexa said, "Your mother died in childbirth." She said.

"C…Clara…Clara Callen…was shot…by …my…by…?" Callen looked around, "I need to fulfill my mission, I need…" Grace reached into her bag, and stuck a needle in Callen's neck and swayed slightly as he passed out.

"It's ok, it's a sedative, he needs to rest or he will fight himself to death," Grace said, "It's a requirement to carry one, all Factory Agents have one, you check G's bag he'll have on to use on me or Hunter, She'll have one too, has she been searched?" she asked.

Sam shook his head, "We tied her up and put her in with Hetty, we think it was something Hunter said to G, which set him off."

Alexa walked over to her little sister, "Ilena…do you remember me?"

Grace nodded, "I think so…I have been told so many things but this house, you…I think I remember, I think I remembered something when I first met G, which was why I was so drawn to him." She said.

Alexa held out her arms, "I am sorry little sister," she said as she pulled Grace into a hug, "I am sorry we could not find you and G." She cried as she held her, finally her family was together again, something she hadn't seen since her 13th birthday.

They sat for an hour and talked as Alexa filled her little sister in about her father and G's family and how much the twins had been missed.

Vance looked down at his files, "I think, I need to see Hetty," Vance said looking at the files.Callen stirred as he fought through the sedative, "Laney…?" he croaked, he wasn't fighting the restraints but his hand was reaching out, without thinking Grace squatted down beside him and held his hand.

"I'm here G…" she said.

He sighed, "Bad dream Laney…" he said in Romani. Grace smiled as did Alexa.

"What did he say?" Deeks asked as the others smiled and Grace moved to hug him.

"He said he had a bad dream…Hopefully soon the nightmare will be over." Grace said.

Callen blinked and leaned towards Grace not thinking, he looked up at her and jumped away… "Laney...you need to leave, it's not safe here, I'm not safe." He said.

"I gave you the failsafe, you'll be ok for a few hours," Grace said cutting at his bonds.

"No…Not mine…mine's fake…swapped it!" Callen warned her.

Grace shook her head, "No, G. mine…but that's good to know little brother." She smiled, "And I'm sure Hunter still has hers."

"Hunter is a factory kid?" Callen asked something slipped into place and he opened his mouth in surprise. "Kel...?"

Grace nodded, "Yeah…Deeks here, too?"

"Me?!" Deeks asked, "I'm a what?"

"Deeks?" Callen looked at him, "He's too young."

"Hetty's special last intake kids," Grace said as Deeks sat in the chair next to Callen.

"What is a factory kid?" Deeks asked.

Callen shook his head; he had been tortured the most and couldn't even talk about it.

Grace pulled a chair up and looked at Deeks, "You shot your father when you were eleven, right?" she asked.

Deeks looked down and nodded, "Yeah, my old man was abusive and a drunk, he beat me and my mom, I was trying to stop him from killing her, my mom was a drug addict."

"No they weren't, not originally were they?" Grace asked as Kensi moved to stand behind him.

Deeks shook his head, "Until I was six they were great, I remember doing a test in school and getting the highest grades in the school." We went out for a celebration…they disappeared for an hour, I remember being scared and a woman coming and talking to me, she gave me puzzles to do until they got back, but they started fighting afterwards, that was the first night Brandel hit me." His voice had dropped to a whisper.

"They sent me off to a camp, for kids like me to learn to use weapons responsibly." Deeks said.

"I'm sorry," Grace said, "You were recruited, we did those tests at six…Do you remember G?"

Callen shook his head, "I never did any tests." He said.

"That was because the program was built around you." Hunter said as she and a gagged Hetty were brought into the room. "You were in the program whether you passed the test or not, Deeks was the last one recruited, he passed his test he shot his father….why is yours still alive?" Hunter snapped.

Alexa pushed her unceremoniously into a chair as Vance moved into view.

"Director Vance?" Hunter said, "You have to save me, they have kidnapped me and Hetty, they are Comescu's…I…."

"Save it Hunter." Vance said and turned to Alexa. "Why is Hetty gagged?" he asked.

"My orders." Callen said, "If Hunter can trigger me with a phrase, I don't know what it was she said, maybe Hetty could have done the same to Hunter, my orders are to kill my father and then myself, if hers is to kill herself we won't have her testimony."

Vance nodded, "Henrietta, do you have a phrase that will make agent hunter kill herself?" Vance asked.

Hetty shook her head, she looked smaller than normal, she mumbled as if to say no.

Vance looked at Callen who nodded and he untied the gag, Alexa untied Hetty and handed her a drink of water, "You say anything to harm my brother or sister and I will kill you." She warned.

Grace smiled at her big sister and moved to stand near Callen, "Aunt Hetty." She said flatly.

"Grace?" Hetty said shocked.

"Ilena, I think…" Grace looked at G who nodded.

"You two were never meant to meet again." She said he voice quivering, "This wasn't supposed to happen."

Callen stood up shakily and walked towards Hetty pushing past Vance, "No…what was supposed to happen was that I was supposed to grow up with my twin sister, I was supposed to have a name, go to school, learn the business, have my family, watch my children grow up…not…not what you arranged for me…not the horror and torture you and Clara decided should be my life, what gives you the right to rip two children from their family and destroy their lives."

"Ilena wasn't totally taken from her family, I gave her to her grandfather, he didn't want you Gregori, no one wanted you, you were born for one purpose only to take down the Comescu family, Amy knew her job, it was her job to sleep with your father and create you to take the family down." Hetty snapped.

Callen took a step back and was held by Alexa and Grace. "You're lying." he snarled.

Vance took his spot, "I have been reading up on the full file, the unredacted version, that you and Clara Callen came up with."

"It needed to end Leon; it was a necessity at the time." Hetty said her voice full of regret.

"Why go ahead with kidnapping and child endangerment?"

"She was my cousin, my uncle, her grandfather was killed by a Comescu, they were trafficking people and George Callen tried to stop it, it was for the greater good."

"They were smuggling people out of Poland in world war two, Jews and Gypsies, they were not trafficking people." Alexa said.

"I know what happened!" Hetty snapped "I was there."

"And that justifies all you did to me…taking me from my family…the homes, the abuse…DAVIS!" Callen snapped back at her.

"It was needed, but yes Mr. Callen…I regret it." Hetty lied.

"My name is Gregori Comescu…NOT CALLEN!" He shouted at her, "That was the name of your whipping boy, I am not him!"

Even Vance jumped at the venom in his tone.

Grace walked up to her and looked at her sadly, "I trusted you, I thought you were family, I thought you cared about me, you let me stay with you, you spent time with me, you comforted my nightmares, you helped me buy my first house…Why?"

"You two were intrinsically linked. When Gregori was hurt you would feel it, when he was scared you would feel afraid, when you wanted something, sometimes I would find him looking for what you had told me you wanted." Hetty explained, "When I saw you looking through magazines because you had a longing to go to Russia, a country you had never visited I knew it was Gregori's longing, I looked back through his cases and found out about Anya Petrovitch, I traced her and found out about the twins and realized Callen was looking into his past, if he had come here…well, this would happen."

Grace had slumped in a chair, "P...Petrovitch…as in Sergei Petrovitch?"

Hetty nodded.

"His daughter is dead." Grace said with a shocked look on her face, "All he wants it to kill Dmitri Lenkov."

"Me, why?" Callen asked, all eyes turned to him.

"You were Dmitri Lenkov?" Grace asked.

Callen nodded, "Yeah… I went undercover in the 80's met Anya…fell in love and well, she's the mother of my twin children."

"You have children?" Vance said stunned.

Callen nodded as Alexa called up the stairs and Ami and Greg came down.

"Papa?" Ami asked looking at all the strangers, "What's going on?"

"I want you to meet my boss, Director Vance; this is Amilena and Gregori Comescu III. My children." Callen said with a smile ignoring the look of horror on Hetty's face.

Vance smiled at them. "And Anya?" Vance asked.

"She's upstairs nursing my father; he had a stroke when I was shot on Venice Beach. We had it wrong; Ethan Stanhope was actually not behind it, was he Hetty." Callen said turning to her again.

Hetty shook her head, how could this all be coming down around her ears again, "Who ordered the hit on me Hetty?" Callen asked walking towards her, his hand flexing as he tried to keep his cool.

"WHO ordered the hit on me?" He asked again.

Hetty looked down, "It was…Davis." She said and Callen staggered back.

"No! He's dead you're lying…!" He fell into a chair, he couldn't believe it.

"Davis has always worked for the Company, we tried twice to pull you into line, Stanhope worked for the Factory and Davis was his team leader."

Callen was shaking as Hetty let this information out, Davis was dead, he had to be dead…he was told he was dead?

"No…please…" Callen fell to his knees as his tears fell.

"Agent Callen is this a trigger word?" Vance asked worried as Grace and Sam helped him up.

Grace looked at Vance, "I don't know?" she answered truthfully.

Hetty smiled she had nothing left to lose, "My husband is not dead, and I can promise you Mr. Callen if you don't continue your mission and let me walk out of here, I know he will find you and finish what he started."

Callen grabbed Sam's gun and pointed it at the diminutive woman's head, "I should kill you!" Callen growled. All trace of the man Callen was, was gone, what was left was scared and angry.

"Your choice." Hetty said her voice flat.

Callen turned and pointed the gun at the others, "She leaves." He said his voice shaking.

Vance took a step towards him and Callen shot a hole in the floor by his feet, "Please Director, She has to go."

Callen turned to Hetty, "Does…does he kn...know you are here?" Callen asked. His voice quivering.

Hetty smiled, "Of course dear, he's my husband so he knows everything I do. Look to your left." She said.

Callen shot a look out of the window and he shook with terror, Davis was standing there, alive and as bold as brass, holding the door open of his rental car smiling at him.

"Will you fulfill your mission?" Hetty said.

Callen shook his head, "I can't…please…don't make me…"

The others drew their guns and pointed them at Hetty.

"Callen, I will leave here and you will come with us, or I will call him inside, I'm sure there are secrets you do not want your family or your team to know about."

Vance was shocked this was not the Hetty Lange he had signed off as operations manager, this was someone completely different.

Callen looked at Laney, and Alexa, and as he turned he saw the scared faces of his children on the stairs. He stopped unable to move and Hetty moved closer and whispered in his ear.

All the color drained out of his face and he nodded in submission.

"Go…" he said, he turned, shot Hunter twice in the chest and ran out after Hetty leaving the team, his family and Director Vance stunned in his wake.

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