Operation Comescu

Chapter 18

The twins moved towards the door as Callen backed out with his gun drawn, "Sam…Stop them!" Callen begged, Hetty tugged on his arm and he walked backwards up the path casting a glance up at his father's room, he saw his father looking from his vantage point in his bed and Anya tears streaming down her face looking from the other window.

'I'm sorry.' He mouthed, 'I love you.' He couldn't stop his tears from falling as he walked up to the car; Davis leant down and kissed Hetty as Callen shuddered.

"Get in Callen." Hetty ordered and took the gun off him.

Realizing he had no choice he climbed in the back seat and slumped in defeat, and relief. His family was safe, and as the car drove further and further away from his father's home the urge to complete his mission wore off.

"Just so you know Callen, if you go back there at any time, now you've been activated you will have to fulfill your programming the only way you'll keep them safe is to never go home again."

Callen's heart tore in two as they drove away and it was all he could do not to howl in pain. Instead he stared out the window sightlessly and allowed silent tears to flow.

Sam held Ami as she screamed after her father as the car drove off, Greg held her as well as they both sobbed.

"Can you not stop her?" Alexa asked Director Vance.

"No…but I can…" Lauren Hunters voice came from the floor.

They looked over surprised, Callen had shot her in the chest, and they had seen the bullets go in and watched her go down.

Sam moved over as she was still tied to a chair and helped her into a sitting position.

Lauren shook her head out of her eyes, "Ow," she said as her head hurt where she had collided with the floor.

"How are you not dead?" Kensi asked.

Hunter shot her a look, "Bullet proof vest, Callen put it on me before I went in with Hetty." She told them.

"So he knew you weren't going to die?" Grace said walking up to her and looking her over.

Lauren nodded, "I knew Hetty might try something like this, despite what you all think of me I owe Callen,"

"But he didn't know who you were?" Sam said, it was true when they had met up Callen didn't know who she was and he had been as confused by her as they had.

"He remembered, it was between me and him, all I will tell you is I owe him, now, Untie me." Hunter said.

"No way!" Deeks replied.

"Stevens?" Hunter said, "This is Callen's plan…kind of?"

Grace got a knife out of her belt and cut her bonds; Hunter pulled her arms in front of her and rubbed her wrists.

"Look Callen wasn't sure he wasn't triggered to kill me so he made me put on a vest, he wants me to give testimony against Hetty and the factory, he didn't want me dead, but now Hetty thinks I am, it will be easier for me as she won't be trying to kill me every five minutes." Hunter snapped.

"Why did you pretend to be me?" Grace asked.

"The laptop." Lauren said.

"You can't have it." Alexa snapped.

"What Laptop?" Vance asked.

"It has all the details of everything I have gathered about my brother and sisters' abduction, all we learned about the factory and the people behind it. Names. Dates…places, that sort of thing." Alexa said as she walked across the room to the twins and gathered them up in her arms.

"Lexi…Papa's gone, he promised he wouldn't leave." Ami cried.

Greg stood there much like his father, his face stoic but his eyes stormy, he wanted to take a car and go looking for him, but he knew that wasn't possible.

"So you have the evidence I need?" Vance asked Alexa.

She nodded, "However this does not get my brother back from that mad woman, and you will not get the laptop until you do and he is safe." She said, it was her only bargaining chip and she was going to use it.

"I need a laptop…Any laptop." Hunter said as she stood up. She stopped as four guns were pointed at her. "It's to find Callen." She said.

Greg went over to a cupboard and got his laptop out, "Use this…find my father." He growled placing the laptop in front of her.

"There are four factory kids left," Hunter said as she started up the laptop. "To keep tabs on us the factory implanted us with tracker chips. That way we couldn't run away or in Callen and Grace's case get too near home." She said.

She pulled up a hidden webpage and three dots appeared on a Google map layover, one dot was further away and moving. "These three are myself, Grace and Deeks. The one moving is Callen." She said.

"So we can track him?" Sam asked.

Hunter nodded, "Yeah, it's rudimentary; it hasn't been updated much since its inception in the 80's Hetty wrote the program for the tracking chips. Callen had the first one, I think she had Davis inject it into him in '82, he kept trying to run away and Hetty couldn't allow that." She said.

"I've got one of those inside me?" Deeks asked looking pale.

Even though Hunter could see the spot on the screen she picked up a mirror that lay on the side and handed it to Deeks, "Small scar behind the right ear." She said.

He picked up the mirror and walked to the mirror on the wall to see the scar, sure enough it was there.

"Get it out!" Deeks said scared.

Kensi walked over to him and put her hands on his shoulders, "Don't worry, we will as soon as we get Callen back." She assured him.

Deeks nodded worried and walked back over to the table.

Vance handed Sam his gun, "I think you might need this." He said.

Sam smiled, "Finally a decent weapon." He grinned.

"They've stopped." Hunter said as she noticed the car not moving anymore.

"Where are they?"

"Cobadin, District number 3" she said,

"I know that, it's not too far from here." Greg said. "I'll get my car." He said.

"You're not going anywhere." Anya's voice came from the doorway, "Your father told me Hetty might plan something, and he made me promise that you both would stay here, safe." She said.

"But mama?!" Greg argued, "I can shoot, I can drive, he's my father I want to help."

Anya put her hand on her son's shoulder, "I know Greg, and believe me I know. But you have to have patience."

Greg sighed and stormed off upstairs, "Ami…watch him." Anya said. She turned to the others, "I'm sorry; when he gets upset he tends to go off on his own."

The others nodded in understanding. "G's the same way," Sam told her,

"Ok," Vance said, "We need to get there, arrest Hetty and Davis and bring Callen home."

Lauren nodded and pulled up the Google map of the Area, "The tracker chip is coming from in here." She said pointing to an old looking house down the road from a small local garage.

"But if we can track them, can't Hetty track us?" Deeks asked.

"I don't think she has access to a laptop." Hunter said. "But we don't have time to take the trackers out, we need to find Callen."

They nodded, checked their collective ammunition, which had gone down a lot since Poland. Alexa brought a box from the back of the house and put it on the table, "All in working order and all untraceable." She said with a slight smirk.

Sam smiled; the longer he was here the more he could see where G's mannerisms came from.

"Thank you," he said as he took an extra gun and ammunition and moved for the others to do so as well.

They were surprised when Vance reached in and grabbed a weapon too.

"You're coming Director?" Kensi asked.

Vance gave a wry smile, "I was a field agent before I was the Director Agent Blye, maybe you'll learn a few things," he grinned.

Davis pulled up outside the house and turned his gun on Callen, "Out boy." He said.

Callen moved out of the car and stood as Davis waited for Hetty to catch up with him.

"Is he safe now?" Davis asked.

Hetty, nodded, "He won't be activated from here." She reassured her husband.

"Good." He replied. "Inside boy." He said waving his gun in the direction of the house, "Remember you try anything and those pretty little kids of yours will be mine." He snarled.

Callen was still in shock over the fact that not only was Davis alive, but he was married to Hetty, which means she arranged for him to stay with Davis in the first place, He was running on autopilot right now.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked Hetty.

She smiled a cold cruel smile that made him shudder, "I love my husband, but he has needs I cannot fulfill, you however needed to be taught to behave and fit his bill perfectly. It's not like I really cared about you, you are a Comescu after all." She snapped.

"I haven't forgotten you." Davis said walking behind him and stroking his face, Callen flinched away in terror. Part of him was screaming, 'You're an NCIS agent, you were trained for this, you can kill him!'

But another part, a stronger part was reciting the Factory mantra that he'd had drummed into him, 'Your job as an Agent is to do things other Agents would not be able to do, you are worthless, no one cares about you, your job is to die to save another agent, your body and mind belong to the agency to use as they wish, be it another agent or a suspect, if we deem it right to abuse your body you will not fight it. You are to do as you are ordered, you belong to us.'

As if Davis could see into his mind he snarled, "If we deem it right to abuse your body you will not fight it, you are to do as you are ordered, you belong to us."

Hetty smiled and put the kettle on for a cup of tea as Callen's stomach lurched.

"I'll make something to eat dear, you…" she waved her hand in the direction of a room at the back, "Enjoy…" she smiled.

Without a thought she turned to the kitchen and started pulling out things to make a meal with, she loved this little house, it had always been close enough that she could see Anya and Ami in the market, see the sadness in the young woman's eyes as she struggled with bringing up her children without their father, and she had watched them grow putting everything she could in Callen's path to stop him finding her, even to the point that she had brought him a house and then charged him twice the price she paid so he couldn't afford to go and look for her.

She had enjoyed every moment when he had been injured and had practically leapt with glee when she had been offered the post of operations manager after his shooting.

Callen entered the room and before he knew what had happened he was hit over the back of the head with a large piece of wood. He groaned and fell to his knees; he felt sick and dizzy, concussion. He thought.

Davis laughed, "You thought you'd be able to fight me didn't you boy, I'm too fast for you and my wife is kind enough to supply me with all I need, and she knows because I've been telling her for years how much I needed to see you again." He grinned walking over to a nightstand and pulling out a small black box, he opened it and Callen saw a needle and despite his pain tried to move away.

"No…!" he groaned, images of the sunken graves in the bottom of the basement of Davis' house flew through his mind, he couldn't hold back the tears as he recalled the images from the file he had been given, since 1982 every boy Davis had killed had had blond hair and blue eyes.

He tried to punch Davis as he crawled away and Davis laughed as he caught him by the scruff of the neck and injected him.

"What?" Callen tried to ask as he started to lose his equilibrium.

Davis leaned so he was right by his ear, "Rohypnol. You're mine boy remember…what do you say?" he asked.

"No…" Callen tried shaking his head.

Davis smacked his head against the bedpost, "WHAT DO YOU SAY!" he yelled at him.

"Yours master…" Callen replied feeling bereft and defeated. He couldn't go home or see his family again what did he have to live for.

"Remember that." Davis snapped and smiled as Callen passed out face down on the bed.

Hetty walked in the room and looked at Callen on the bed, a small smile of satisfaction at his injuries. "Are busy my love, I have made a meal, however if you wish to continue…" she left it open for him.

Davis shook his head, "I'm free right now, he's unconscious, I prefer it when he's awake enough to scream." He smiled and kissed her again, "So shall we eat?" he followed her out without a backward glance at the man on the bed.

Greg had given Sam the key to his car, he, Grace, Kensi and Vance were in the car, and Deeks was following on Ami's motorbike with a helmet on and a loud whoop of happiness as he followed the others.

They headed towards district three as fast as they could without breaking traffic laws; Kensi in the back was holding the laptop and could see that Callen's blip hadn't moved for the past hour.

"He still hasn't moved do you think he's been tied up?" she asked.

"I dunno Kens." Sam said, "I hope she hasn't killed him."

"Or worse…" Grace said shaking a little, she had heard rumors about Davis, she knew what Callen had done to put Hunter in his debt, and she was proud of him, but Davis was the boogieman, in the factory, there had been a tape of Callen's first visit to Davis and his tear stained face and screams would haunt her forever, but she would never tell of the existence of the tape, for his sake, worse for her had been the nightmares she'd had of his experiences, things he would never tell but as his twin she knew anyway.

"I'm sure G can overpower Hetty." Sam said trying to give them some hope. "Davis is old and Callen is a trained Agent, what can he do….Really?" he asked.

Grace burst into tears, "Don't ask…just don't ask…there was….it was awful." She wiped her eyes and pulled herself together, "Just drive Sam." She growled and checked her gun.

They pulled up a little way down the road at the back of a small gas station.

Deeks got off the bike and jogged over to the car, "So where is it?" he asked.

Sam pointed to Davis' car that was parked outside a small rural house.

"According to this, Hetty owns the house and has been coming here for years," Kensi said.

Sam smiled he forgot how gifted Kensi was with computers sometimes.

"We take it carefully," Vance said, "We need to contact the local police, Agent Stevens' could you facilitate that for me?" he asked.

Grace nodded and pulled out her cell phone.

Sam looked at Kensi, "You and Deeks go scope out the house, make sure Hetty doesn't see you." He said,

Kensi smiled, "Sure, Come on Deeks."

They walked towards the house keeping out of sight of the windows.

Deeks pointed to a small hole in the fence, "There." He said, Kensi nodded in agreement and they went through the hole to the small yard out the back.

Hetty was putting the dishes away and smiled as she heard Callen scream from the backroom, she hated Comescu's with every breath in her body and his screams were like music to her ears. she carried on humming happily.

Davis had walked in while Callen was still unconscious and had tied him up to the bed, he stripped him down to his boxers and climbed on top of him, Callen started to stir, just as Davis lit up a cigar, the smoke acting like smelling salts and waking him.

He screamed as Davis found one of his bullet hole scars and pressed the lit cigar into it.

Davis smiled and licked him causing Callen to squirm out of the way, "No!" he groaned half heartedly the Rohypnol still in his system.

Davis laughed, "You still feel like you have a choice, maybe I should go back and steal that petty little girl of yours, make you watch as I show her what I did to her daddy when he was a boy."

Callen pulled at his bonds, "NO!" he yelled. "Leave them alone!" his emotions were all messed up and he was thrashing and crying with frustration.

"Or maybe that sister of yours, Laney isn't it…she's pretty just like you…oh and Deeks…Deeks is so so…much like you I wonder if he screams like you."

Callen slipped a hand free and smacked Davis in the face.

"You bastard you'll pay for that." Davis hit him back and Callen spat blood as Davis hit his ribs again and again until Callen could hardly breathe.

From the back window, Kensi put her hand over her mouth and turned away burying her face in Deeks' chest and pushing him out of the hole in the fence.

"We can't wait for the police." She said, "We need to go in now…he's….He's…." she turned and vomited on the grass beside the house, "God…Deeks…I…I can't…" she pulled her gun and Deeks pulled her back.

"Fine you say we need to go, I trust you partner, but we go get Vance and the others first, Callen's tough he'll hold on." Deeks said having faith in him.

Davis had had enough of playing with him, his face hurt and just hitting Callen wasn't making him feel better, he untied him and as Callen tried to move away he got the piece of wood he'd hit him with the first time and took a step towards him, "Batter up!" he grinned and took a swing at him, laughing as Callen fell as the wood connected with his back.

"Run away from this boy." Davis laughed as he hit him again and again, until Callen was a bloody mess, curled in a fetal position in the corner, moaning but unable to move.

"Pathetic," Davis spat, "You're no fun boy, I'm gonna get a drink…then I'm back to make your ass mine." He chuckled at his joke as he slammed the door shut.

Hetty looked up, "it still with us?" she asked with a sigh.

"Blubbering like a baby, I want him tonight, you will stay out here and not get in my way you hear woman." He snarled.

She looked at him like he was the most perfect man on earth, "Yes dear, as long as you are happy I am…Tea?" she offered.

He shot her a look and reached for a beer. "I don't drink that swill," he said he sat down and patted the seat beside him. She moved over and snuggled under his arm, ignoring the sobbing groans that she could hear from the other room.

She pulled out a travel plan, "We are moving tomorrow, is he coming with us?" she hoped not, but she knew better than to defy the only man to really love her.

"If he's alive there's no sense wasting him, he'll fit in the trunk fine." He said and laughed again. "If not we'll throw the trash out with the trash."

He took another sip of beer and relaxed.

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