Operation Comescu

Chapter 19

He hated being alone, he could hear them talking in the other room, and he pulled at his bonds.

His head was still swimming like an overactive hangover, which he realized that this had to be the Rohypnol working through his system, either that or Davis had hit him harder than he thought around his head.

He looked at the broken plaster on the ceiling, this was definitely not like any of the other homes that Hetty had, and he didn't understand why she had a house so close to where his family lived.

His family…his heart ached at the thought of never seeing them again, it had been only a few days since he'd found out who he really was and he had met his children, he tried desperately to see their faces in his mind, he didn't want to lose that image, his sisters, his father and most importantly Anya…sweet, sweet Anya who had endured so much and still had waited in hope that he would come back to them, and now he never could. He hurt in every bone in his body, he was tired and because of the damn conditioning he'd been given at the factory, if he saw his father he would try and kill him, and then himself, there was no hope that he could see and he knew it. He stopped struggling with his bonds and his injures and lay lax on the floor, there was no hope and he knew it so why fight, let Davis and Hetty do what they wanted he had no reason to fight anymore.

He shuddered as another wave of pain went over him and he let the tears flow out he didn't think the others would try and find him, as he wasn't worth fighting for, he was a Comescu, they were the enemy, Hetty had been their leader for so long, they hadn't gone to Poland to follow him, they didn't follow him to Romania, they were there for Hetty. She was their irreplaceable leader, he was replaceable, expendable.

His head swam as he lay there; he had no job, no family, no hope…

Sam gripped the steering wheel in frustration, it was getting dark and the local authorities hadn't shown up, "We need to go get them." Sam snapped. "We can't leave him there much longer."

Vance nodded; the local police had had more than enough time to send a car.

He looked at Grace who was looking sleepy, "Ms Steven's are you alright?" he asked

Grace shook her head, "Yeah…I'm fine…I think, I dunno I just feel…lost and I can't clear my head."

Sam handed her a bottle of water, "Drink this…it might help." He offered.

Grace took it and had a sip, "Thanks." She smiled.

"Agent Hanna, we should head to the nearest police station, maybe we can find out what's going on."

"I saw one about a mile down the road." Deeks said.

Sam nodded, he remembered seeing it too, and he turned on the engine and looked out the window at Deeks and Kensi, "Keep an eye on the house, make sure they don't leave." He said and they both nodded and moved back as the car with Sam, Grace and Vance in peeled out of its parking spot and headed to the police station.

Draga Martinescu sat at his desk his fingers sitting in the request that had come through hours earlier.

Someone wanted to raid the house of Hetty Pavlenko. She was well known to the authorities in Romania, she was ruthless and cunning and a very scary woman. She was also very rich and paid a lot of money to keep his department running, it was lucrative for him to turn a blind eye every once in a while when she came to town. He knew she worked for the CIA and maybe a few other agencies in America she was it was said a very, very dangerous woman, and all his contacts had agreed that it was best to accommodate her wishes.

Draga sighed he had always thought maybe that she was behind the abduction of the Comescu twins, it had been his first case as a rookie officer, she had scared the life out of him when she had informed him that he would be better working on a different case and leaving this one alone. He had wanted to go to Gregori Comescu and tell him about her, but every time he thought of it he would get a message, a bunch of flowers, a letter, a broken window on his car, things that told him, and he didn't know how, but she was watching and she seemed to know every time his resolve broke.

He looked up as he heard foreign voices in the main room of the police station, the voices seemed angry and loud, so he holstered his gun and went to the front desk.

"I need to see who is in charge!" Vance said to the poor man standing behind the desk.

"It's ok Micah, I will see to these men," Draga said.

Micah looked relieved and moved over to complete his paperwork. For once glad he had a pile of it.

"I am Draga Martinecsu, chief in this sector, can I help you?" he asked in English.

"Director Leon Vance, NCIS. I sent a request in for assistance to rescue a kidnapped Agent, We have been waiting and you haven't sent anyone."

"I am sorry Director Vance, but your NCIS does not have jurisdiction in this district, our chief of police gave orders not to help you."

"And who is he?" Vance asked hoping to talk to him.

"It is a woman, Henrietta Pavlenko. She works for your American government we know you must be making a mistake; she supplies a great deal of money to keep this district running."

"She is the woman, who has taken my agent and his currently holding him hostage." Vance snapped.

Draga took out his note book.

"And your agent's name?" he asked.

"Agent G. Callen…" Vance said.

"No!" Grace moved to stand with them, "His name is Gregori Comescu." She had no idea why she needed to reveal that information but she did.

"And you are?" He looked at her suspiciously.

"Ilena Comescu, Gregori's twin sister." She said proudly.

Draga took a step back, "You…you were my first case?" he said shocked, "You found your way back?" he asked.

Grace nodded, "Please, I know you did your best to help us when we were first taken, please, the same person who took us has my brother now, and she is hurting him, please help us." She teared up and Draga was visibly moved.

"Who…who took you?" Draga asked needing closure on his original case.

"Hetty Lange, also known as Henrietta Pavlenko." Grace prayed silently that this worked.

Draga looked angry; he realized Pavlenko had played him.

"I will give you what you need, Henrietta Pavlenko will be taken down and I will finish my first case." He said determinedly, he started shouting orders and within ten minutes he had all three officers and were heading back towards the house.

Kensi had made her way back through the hole in the fence and had squatted down behind the slightly open window; she didn't want to call in to Callen in case she was spotted. She moved a few times as the shadows lengthened and the sun went down, but she sat and heard his sobs, wishing that he knew that the team wouldn't leave him behind.

Davis got up from the sofa and kissed his wife, "You will need to pack, we will not take the boy he will slow us down, I can get all I need done tonight, Tonight he will learn that he would never have won."

Hetty smiled, "Have fun, I will pack and sort out some food for the journey," she got up and headed to the kitchen, packing up her beloved teapot to make sure it made the trip.

Davis opened the door to the room where Callen was curled up on the floor.

"BOY!" he yelled.

Not even thinking Callen moved to his knees, head down his ribs burning with the movement.

Davis smiled, "Good…Good, you remember. I thought you'd like to know, I gave you a gift."

Callen looked at him lifting his head slightly but not talking, talking got you punished, which was not a good plan.

"I know you are worried about your family, I didn't want you to worry, so Hetty and I took care of it."

He looked concerned but said nothing.

"We blew up the house, they are all dead. Your girl, your sisters, your father and your children…like little charcoal briquettes." he laughed. "I watched as your father screamed as he tried to move from his sick bed and couldn't." he grinned.

Callen slumped face forwards his urge to vomit and scream overwhelming him.

"Let me hear it." Davis said smirking.

Callen screamed from the bottom of his soul all the anguish and pain making itself audible.

Outside Kensi and Deeks looked at each other horrified, they had no idea what was going on inside the room, but that was a sound they never wanted to hear again.

Callen slumped back on his knees, he was an empty shell now, and there was nothing left to fight for.

"We will be leaving soon, but I give you one last gift, I will leave you this." He put a gun on the bed, "You may have one bullet, you cannot take both myself or my wife with it, but you can use it to join your family." He left it on the bed and Callen looked up at him, wanting so desperately to move and reach it.

"Please…" he whispered.

Davis smiled, "Soon boy, soon…I want you to scream some more." He smiled and leaned over to close the window.

In the kitchen Hetty finished packing the bags and put the kettle on for one last cup of tea before they left, hearing Callens sobs she smiled, Davis must have delivered his 'good' news. There was more noise from the room, groaning, screaming, pleading and the sounds of what she assumed was Callen being beaten.

She may not have been able to get her revenge on the Comescu's but finding his son and then losing him again hopefully would send the Elder Comescu over the edge and into hell.

She sipped her tea as Callen's screams permeated the house, "Hear that Clara…Sweet revenge for you my cousin."

Deeks tapped Kensi on the shoulder as Sam's car came into view, it wasn't until she turned he could see she'd been crying, and it wasn't until she turned she could see he had too. He pulled her into a brief hug, "It's going to be ok." Deeks said although after the screams they had heard he wasn't sure how.

They ran towards Sam, hoping that the other unmarked cars pulling up were the police and not another thing to worry about.

"Sam…we have to get in there now…he was screaming…and…" Kensi broke down as the others got out of the car.

"Ok Kensi tell me what you know." Sam said.

"Hetty is in the front of the house, I'm not sure doing what, I thought if she saw us she'd be gone by now but Callen…Callen has been in one of the back bedrooms with Davis…He was screaming… it was awful." She shuddered as she gave her report.

Grace loaded up her gun, "We're going in now…yes?!" she looked at Vance as if to dare him to stop her from getting her brother.

"Yes we are going in….or not?" Vance said as the front door of the house opened and Hetty and Davis carrying 2 bags walked out of the house.

"Hetty Lange…Davis…you are under arrest!" Vance said pulling his gun on them followed quickly by the others.

"Where is Callen?" Deeks asked.

Hetty smiled, "You're too late," she said as Deeks put cuffs on her.

Sam and Grace followed by Vance ran into the building as the backup officers took Hetty and Davis and processed them.

They went straight to the back room to find Callen covered in blood sitting with his knees drawn to his chest staring down the barrel of a gun.

"G?!" Sam stopped holding out his arm to stop the others lest they scared him into pulling the trigger.

"I have nothing Sam…it's all gone…I'm all gone…" Callen sobbed

"No…G…it's not gone…you still have a family, you can go back."

"Not dead?" Callen asked still focusing on his gun.

"No G, they miss you and they want you home."

Callen didn't believe him.

"I don't have a home Sam." Callen sighed tears still falling but his eyes not moving an inch off that gun. "I can't go back there…they are in danger."

"From who?" Grace asked behind Sam.

At her voice Callen looked up, his eyes were dead and Grace knelt at his feet. "From me Laney, from me…she said…she said…" Callen sobbed.

"She lied, let's get you home." She said.

"Is Kell's ok?" Callen asked.

Grace shrugged having no idea what he was talking about.

Sam reached out and took the gun from Callen's hands, "Let's make you more decent," Sam handed him his pants, and shoes. As Callen turned around, Sam had to keep from Gasping at the burn marks which matched up to his bullet holes.

Carefully Sam helped Callen out the door, he was concerned how quiet Callen was being, it wasn't like him and he was worried.

Hetty and Davis stood together as Callen exited. Davis gave out a large solid grin and the younger man hated that look.

As soon as they were close together Davis gave Callen a jaunty wave, "You can't go home kid and I'll find you again." He grinned as the policeman turned to cuff him and put him in the car.

Callen pulled away from Sam and grabbed his gun, without thinking he shot Davis, four times in the head, as he hit the ground he shot him twice more and kept clicking the gun even though it had run out of bullets. Sam walked up behind him and took the gun. "G? G…he's dead you can stop." Sam said softly.

"No…not sure he's dead…" Callen stood staring at him as he heard an anguished scream from beside him.

Hetty was banging on the window of the car she'd been locked inside.

"NO! Davis!" she screamed trying to get out of her cuffs and over to her husband. "I will kill you Callen, you'll never see your family again, you can't you know what will happen if you go near them…I gave you an option, you should have taken it you ungrateful brat!" she snapped.

Vance turned to Kensi and Deeks, "Go with her, do not let her get released under any circumstances." He ordered.

"You don't know who I am, you don't know what I know….LEON!" Hetty yelled, "You are making a grave mistake."

"I need a moment with her." Callen said to Vance, still not looking in his eyes.

Vance figured if anyone had earned a few moments alone with her, it was Callen. "Very well, but we will be here." He said.

Callen walked over to Hetty and opened the car door, looking down at her.

"I take it you are going to let me go." She said looking at him like a hawk.

Callen smiled.


"What?!" Hetty couldn't believe it. "You know what you need to do." She said again.

Callen smiled again, "Oh yeah…"

Hetty went white, this was wrong, something was so very very wrong.

"GET HIM AWAY FROM ME!" Hetty screamed as Callen crouched down as if to talk to her.

In actual fact he was getting the knife Davis had dropped in the room that Callen had tucked into his boot as he had gotten dressed, and swiftly and silently he slit her throat before anyone could get to him and then turned the knife and plunged it through her windpipe.

"You know the brain see's for thirty seconds after the head is cut off…in thirty seconds you will be dead and I will have won. I am not Callen…I am Gregori Comescu the second and Hetty Lange, you lost." he whispered so the others couldn't hear.

Her mouth moved as her vision became black the last thing she saw was Callen's smirk as she died.

Callen stood up and as he moved they suddenly realized Hetty was dead.

Callen dropped the knife and dropped to his knees his hands behind his head. He looked at Sam. "You can shoot me now." He said all emotion gone from his voice as Kensi grabbed Grace who was shaking in terror.

"Sam Don't!" she screamed.

Sam looked at Callen and Vance. "I'm not going to kill you G." he said.

"You have to…you owe me…please?" he asked.

Sam shook his head, "Callen…"

"NO, DON'T EVER CALL ME THAT!" Callen screamed.

"Gregori, G…please…you will be ok, no one here thinks you didn't deserve to kill them…you are not under arrest…" Vance said, "I would call it extenuating circumstances." He said.

"You can live your life now," Deeks said, "its over."

"I have no life…don't you get it, I want to die…I want to die now!" Callen yelled.

He grabbed the gun out of Deeks' hand and they struggled with it.

The policemen pulled their guns not sure what to do and Sam ran towards Callen as a loud gunshot cracked the air.



Callen lay back on the asphalt and smiled, "Finally." He sighed as Deeks scrambled away looking horrified as Callen closed his eyes.

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