Operation Comescu

Chapter 20

They stood around the whole group of them overtaking the waiting room.

Anya, Greg, Ami and Grace stood together, Kensi, Sam and Vance nearby and Deeks stood alone looking out of the window, Hunter walked in with drinks for them all.

"Have you heard anything yet?" she asked.

Vance shook his head, "He's in surgery," he told her.

Hunter looked at Deeks standing alone, Kensi and Sam had tried to talk to him, and even Anya had tried to get him to open up and told him she didn't blame him. He stared over the crowded back streets behind the hospital in Constanta his arms wrapped around his waist; His mind going over and over again that moment when he shot his friend.

He watched as he had looked down and Callen's hand had closed over his on the gun, he had tried his hardest to push Callen's hand off the trigger, but he had felt his finger close and the gun go off.

Worse, much more worse than any of that, was what Callen had whispered in his ear. "Thank you." He had said, no one else had heard it, and he was sure that Callen wouldn't want to wake up, he wouldn't fight and when he died the team would blame him.

Hunter brought him a coffee, "Here…Drink it." She said with a slight smile.

Deeks shook his head, he couldn't think of drinking anything right now, not till he knew either way.

"Thanks, I'm fine," Deeks said his hands balled up inside his hoodie.

"No you're not, at least sit down Marty," Hunter said.

Deeks looked at her, "Since when did you become on our side?" he asked with a weak smile.

Hunter smiled back, "Not on your side Deeks, I'm on Callen's side, always have been, but you're kinda like the youngest of us, listen, I know you didn't want to be dragged into this, but while we are waiting, do you want the implant removed?"

"By you?" he asked worried.

Lauren smiled again, "I have done it before and we are in a hospital."

"Err…maybe when I get back." He said, "Besides I need to be here for when Callen wakes up." He wasn't going to leave and come back to find his team leader was dead.

A nurse came running through and ran back with four orderlies following her as they looked up.

"I hope that is not for papa?" Greg said watching them go.

"I'm sure if it is he will be fine." Grace told her nephew.

Ami moved to comfort her brother and mother; Anya looked over at Deeks who looked away guiltily. "I need to talk to him; he needs to know we do not blame him."

Callen woke up and he couldn't move.

He pulled at his bonds frantically trying to get away, he thought he had killed Davis and Hetty, but what if he was wrong, he remembered dying, but it seemed fate had played a cruel joke, and he was still tied up on a bed. It had to have been a drug fuelled dream, they were still alive.

"Nooooooo!" he moaned his voice no more than a croak.

"It's alright Mr. Callen, you are in hospital," A voice came floating towards him, he moved away from the voice, He couldn't be alive…he just couldn't.

He flinched as he felt a hand on his face, "Mr. Callen, come back to us?" a voice said

He pulled away, here it was dark and safe, maybe he wasn't dead, but it was less painful than what being awake would bring him.

Suddenly he heard a man's voice "Is the boy here?"

He went from drugged and half asleep to wide awake, in a corner holding a pair of scissors as a weapon, "Stay away from me!" he shouted "No more!" he moved as far into the corner as he could and watched worried as a nurse ran out.

A few moments later she was back with four orderlies, "Please Mr. Callen, we aren't here to hurt you, we want to help."

Callen held the scissors out, "Stay away from me…get me my clothes and let me go." He said ignoring the blinding pain in his stomach.

"You cannot leave, you are not well enough."

"You don't know me…" He gave a sour laugh, "I don't know me…let me go!" he ordered.

The orderlies moved in and Callen fought them like a man possessed, within moments a needle was plunged into his upper arm and he felt woozy again, "No….no more…let me die!" he begged, he couldn't go through Davis hurting him anymore, he had to leave, he tried pulling away and took three steps before collapsing. "Don't let them near me…keep them away, please…"he said as he went down.

The man who had spoken looked at the nurse, "Restrain him to the bed." He decided and signed a form and went off to look for the boy with appendicitis that he had come in to see.

The orderlies tied him to the bed and moved him to a private room.

The nurse went out to the group sitting in the waiting room.

Anya stood up as she saw the nurse and moved towards her. She stood by and waited for the doctor before she talked to the family.

"Family of Callen?" They all turned and looked at Vance who had booked him in.

"I'm sorry," Vance said, "It was a habit, I forgot."

"That's us!" Greg said as he pushed his way forward. "His real name is Gregori Comescu," he told the doctor.

"Ah, a Comescu, a proud family," the doctor said. "I know Gregori Comescu, that man is not him." The doctor looked at them, what was this group of people playing at?

"He is the Second Comescu, the son…" Greg said

The Doctors eyes widened, "The missing son?" he asked, in this region the disappearance of the twins had been front page news for over a year, "That explains a lot, we have him sedated, he tried to kill himself and a nurse when he came round from his operation." The doctor told him.

"He's alive!" Deeks said with undisguised hope in his voice.

The doctor nodded, "The gunshot missed his vital organs, he is obviously traumatized I am going to arrange a psychiatrist to come and see him."

"That's not a good idea Doc," Sam said, "G, doesn't talk to them, we do have our own psychologist that he sees a lot, we can call him to come in, can't we?" Sam said directing the last question at Vance who nodded.

"I will arrange it now." Vance said pulling out his phone and walking away from the group.

It didn't take him long after he woke up again, three minutes, a small part of him was pleased as he undid the restraints and climbed carefully off the bed. He looked around the room, it was empty apart from the bed, and there was nothing he could use as a weapon to aid his escape or to injure himself with. He tried the door and couldn't open it. He moved into the corner, keeping the door in his eye line and let the pain wash over him as he sank to the floor.

His head was blurry and he wondered if Davis had taken him somewhere else.

It wouldn't be beyond Hetty's skills to set him up in a room that looked like a hospital to mess with his head, he went over and over what he remembered, he had flashes from the factory, flashes of the man he needed to kill, flashes of Davis and the obscenities he had enacted on Callen through the years, not just from recently but from the weekend he was first placed with him and his first Operation with the FBI, trying and now he knew failing to take Davis down…Had Hetty orchestrated it all? He had flashes of the times she had sat with him and listened when he had poured his heart out about his mother…no…not his mother…Clara…was she his mother?

Hetty had seemed like his mother, she had cared…he thought she had cared, she had found him a house, his house…the one place he had felt at home in a family during his whole life…but she had done that for him…hadn't she?

Where was she?

Why wasn't she here?

He had a flashback of her dying, he looked at his hands, they were clean, but for some reason he could see blood on them, he killed her, he killed the one woman he had thought cared about him.


Slowly it came back to him, He had found his family, she had kept him from his family, she was married to…to…Davis?

He bent over and vomited in the corner as he leant back the flashbacks kept hitting him hit after hit after hit…Alexa, Anya…his children…his sister….his father…his need to kill his father…the fact they were all dead…

He curled up and rocked back and forth trying to comfort the pain in his soul.

Anya his Anya was dead, his children, his beautiful children were dead.

He was alone again, even when he had been shot, there had been someone in the room with him, Sam, Hetty, Kensi, Mike…This time nothing, maybe they hated him, maybe they had been there to rescue Hetty and he had killed her…He didn't know.

The one thing he did know…He didn't want to be alive anymore; he wanted to be with his family. He had spent so much time looking for Anya, to lose her now was unbearable.

Maybe Sam would come, maybe this was all a nightmare, maybe…

He stood up and walked to the window, how high was he?

He managed to open it a crack, it looked like a good ten floors, he'd have time to think on his way down, he pulled at the bars, but they wouldn't give.

He thumped the wall in frustration. He couldn't do this, not while stuck in here.

He pulled the bedding off the bed, tore the sheets into strips, maybe this was his way out, he looked at the ceiling, nothing, not even a light bulb fixing to tie it too…then he had an idea and tipped the bed on its side, reaching up he hooked the strip of cloth over the high head end of the bed and wrapped the other end around his throat.

'Soon…Anya…I'll be with you soon.' He thought, for a second he thought about Sam, but even though he hated the idea of hurting his friend like this he couldn't be alone again.

Sam had waited and eventually got out of the doctor which room Callen was in, he didn't wait, he knew he should have let Anya and G's family go first, but something was needling his gut, he pushed past the others and ran down the corridor.

He stopped outside the room and looked through the window.

"G!" Sam yelled the others ran after him as Sam not waiting kicked the door in just as Callen let go and started to swing.

"G…No…Stop!" Sam got under him and supported his body.

"No Sam, Stop…" Callen tried to pull away, but Sam held on tighter.

"I'm not going to let you die!" Sam grunted with the effort of holding up his partner.

Callen thrashed underneath him, "Let me die! I can't be alone again." He tried so hard to get away but Sam was so much stronger.

"You're not alone." Sam said, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his penknife and cut the makeshift rope from behind his head, they both fell to the floor panting heavily.

"Can't Sam…they're dead…all my fault."

"They deserved to die," Sam said thinking he was talking about Hetty and Davis.

"No…no they didn't they were so young, my babies…" Callen sobbed into Sam's shoulder.

He looked up as Anya stood in the doorway, her blonde hair illuminated by the sun behind her.

"I'm sorry Anya…I love you so much, you didn't deserve to die because of me." He collapsed back and jumped as she came towards him, he thought she was going to get angry and blame him for her death; instead she knelt beside him and kissed him.

"Anya?" he said he could feel her, taste her and smell her, it was overpowering and he cried.

"Gregori, we are not dead, whoever told you that was lying." She said kissing him her arms tightly around him.

He blinked a few times and pulled away, "Not dead?" He asked, his face fell and he looked scared, "Davis? Hetty?"

"They're dead." Sam said, "Good thing too." He added.

"Come home," Anya said, "We will look after you, your family. You can heal and get well."

Callen pulled back from her "I can't go home…" he said his face terrified, "I'm not safe, I'll kill my father!" he moved back into the corner.

The others walked in, Hunter and Grace instantly understanding what was going on moved the others back.

Hunter moved to squat near Callen, "It's over…trust me Cal, it's over, I don't feel it anymore, do you?" she asked a tear escaping, she hadn't felt the compulsion to kill her father since Hetty had died.

Callen searched his memory, all the memories he had of his father were the nice ones…he didn't feel any hatred towards Gregori Senior anymore. "No… it's not there…yours too?" he asked surprised.

Hunter got up and walked to the same window Callen had looked out earlier.

"It's gone…Cal…it's finally over, it must have been attached to Hetty somehow…" she trailed off and stared out of the window, "At least you can go home." She said sadly.

"Kells?" Callen said softly, turning but not letting go of Anya, "You can go home." He said.

Hunter turned around tears in her eyes, Kensi, Deeks, Sam and Vance looked at her surprised.

"No I'm dead, I've been dead to him for so long, it wouldn't be fair."

"He never stopped loving you." Callen said.

Hunter shook her head, "You have your family Cal, they can heal you, you go home to them, belong to your family, they need you." She turned on her heel and walked out.

Callen pushed past the others and chased her.

"KELLY!" he yelled.

Hunter stopped, "That is not my name, not anymore." She said sadly.

"Please…" Callen said, "You owe me." He reminded her.

Hunter smiled, "Yeah…yeah I do… Always and forever G." she said.

"Then stay…Help me?" he asked.

The others looked on in surprise as Hunter opened her arms and Callen walked to her and held her close, "I'm sorry Kells," he said, "I'm sorry I didn't remember you…I don't know why?"

"You were programmed, you were programmed not to know me when we met again, not to remember what you did for me, what they made you do…I will always owe you for this, Now, Gregori Comescu are you ready to go home."

"I'm scared." He admitted.

Hunter smiled, "I know how you feel, but I will be with you, your sister will be with you, the team, your family, we all need you to come home, we need to get that laptop off of Lexi so that the remaining members of the Factory are put behind bars."

Callen nodded.

Vance walked over to him, "Mr.…Call…G?" he wasn't sure what to call him.

"G's fine sir." Callen said with a smile.

"I have asked Nate to come to Romania to talk to you, we need to sort out your state of mind and I thought you'd appreciate talking to someone you know." Vance said.

Callen nodded "Thanks…I need to get out of here, I need to go home…to see if…if I can." He said he didn't add that he needed to see if his family was alive with his own eyes.

"I will see what I can do." Vance said and headed on down the hall.

Callen turned to go back to the others still expecting them not to be there when he turned around, but as he did so, he saw the two faces he didn't think he'd see again.

Ami and Greg were standing behind the others, slightly afraid at the amount of torment their father was going through.

"Ami? Greg?" Callen was stunned, he couldn't believe it, they were there and they were alive.

Ami broke first, "DADDY!" she screamed and ran past the others to run into his arms, "We thought you were dead, Ilena said you weren't but I thought you were dead, we only just got you, and I can't lose you again."

Greg jogged up and pulled his father into a hug as well. "We can't lose you again." He added, "We love you."

This was the first time any of his children had told him they loved him. He broke and fell to his knees still holding his children, "I love you both too, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for any of this to happen in your lives."

"You're ok Papa. We love you and as long as you are here and alive, things will be ok." Ami said her tears softly wiped away by Callen's sleeve.

"Shhh. Shhh little one, Papa's got you." Despite the residual worries in his head, right now his little girl was crying and needed him. This was more important.

He didn't care that he was sitting on the floor in a corridor of a strange hospital holding his daughter and for the first time since he woke up, he didn't want to kill himself anymore. He had found his center.

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