Operation Comescu

Chapter 21

Discharged and with his daughter clinging tightly to his arm, Callen sat in the back of Sam's car, with Sam and the wheel, Ilena sitting beside him and Anya and Ami sitting in the back both holding G's hand. Callen himself was staring out of the window looking straight ahead and not saying a word, his grip on Anya tightened the closer he came to his house.

He had spent a week in the hospital, never alone at any moment; everyone had taken their turn sitting with him and talking to him trying to help him heal. His wound was securely wrapped he had a ton of antibiotics to take and frankly moving hurt like being punched in the gut with a sledgehammer. But right now he wasn't registering any of it.

Vance had pulled strings to get him out of the hospital as quickly as possible, he knew that to separate Callen from his family now would be damn near impossible and he had been calmed when Anya told him of her medical training and her contact nearby who was a doctor and would look in on Callen until he had healed.

As the small convoy of cars pulled up outside the Comescu compound Alexa walked outside to see her brothers' arrival.

Grace got out first, looking over as Hunter got out of the other car and walked towards them.

"Are you sure he's going to be ok?" Grace asked.

Hunter looked over at him, "He will be, he just needs convincing…I mean do you feel the need to kill him anymore?" Hunter asked.

Grace looked shocked, "I…I never said, how did you know?" she asked.

Hunter smiled, "I found a file, my job was to kill my father if he continued to look into a drug cartel that killed my mother, but he took another path and backed off, I have seen him from afar a few times and felt the urge to kill him, I've felt it when I've thought about him, but not since Hetty died, I think her being alive was the catalyst, now she's dead those deaths aren't important to her." She said.

Grace looked at her and could see the worry and sadness in Hunter's blue eyes. "Will you ever go home?" she asked.

Hunter shook her head, "It's too late for me, I've been gone too long, but we need to get Callen back to his family,"

"You said you owed him…What did he do?"

"You saw the film…the one when he was a kid," Hunter said quietly.

Grace nodded, "We all did, I thought he was dead and that was why he didn't come back." She admitted.

"The film was made at the factory, I don't think he knew that Davis was part of that I don't even know if he knew it had been filmed but I know they wiped his memory of it. All he knew was that I had been called for punishment and he thought I shouldn't be hurt so fought with the instructor and took my place, that should have been me on that film." She said, "And I will owe him for that until the day I die."

She turned as Anya got out of the car holding G's hand.

"It's ok." She said coaxing him out of the car.

Callen got out and looked over at Hunter and Grace, both of them had seen that look before on the tape.

"Hey…G, its ok…it is going to be fine, you can go inside, we will all be with you." Grace said holding on to her brothers' shoulder.

"But…" Callen said looking fearfully towards the house and Alexa; "What if it's not gone…what if…" he stopped as images of his family lying all dead in front of him assailed his senses.

"Papa?" Ami said climbing out of her side of the car.

He gave her a small smile, "I'm fine baby." He replied, the smile not reaching his eyes.

Callen shot Grace a look, which she caught and she and Hunter moved closer, "We're here for you G. I promise," Grace said

Callen looked around and realized he wasn't alone, Ami and Anya had hold of his hands, supporting him as he limped slowly from the car his stomach wound still aching, his team were dotted around him his son behind him and Vance bringing up the rear, with Alexa still in front smiling as he walked up the path.

"Kels." He said shooting a look at Hunter.

She smiled and walked over to him, "G. I promise, one false move and I'll put a bullet in you myself." She said. Sam and Kensi who were within earshot shot her a look and looked confused and angry, but Callen relaxed.

"Thank you." He replied watching as Hunter took a grip on her gun.

He walked towards the door and Alexa wrapped him in her arms, "Welcome back little brother, I missed you so much." She said in his ear.

"I'm so sorry Lexi." G said, he let a few tears out but tried to keep his emotions in check.

"You kept us safe from that mad woman, I am so proud of you." She replied, kissing his forehead and moving to let him into the house, he walked as far as the door and stopped.

"I…I can't…" he said softly, letting the others go past him into the house.

They all went inside knowing that this was a big hurdle for him, he tried to move his feet but he couldn't. Anya nodded at Ami to go inside and then she pulled Callen over to the bench outside the front door and sat with him.

"Talk to me my love," she said gently.

Callen looked at her, "I know they're ok…I can see they are ok, but I know I'm not…what if it isn't over, what if I can't help it, what if I kill him?"

"Your sister and …Hunter?" Anya stopped and looked at him for clarification, Callen nodded and she went on, "They are sure you will be ok, you've been through so much, home is just there…just the other side of the doorway, all you have to do is step through." She said coaxing him.

"I want this so bad, I want to spend time with my father…my children, you…but I'm dangerous, I don't deserve to have a family, I could…" he couldn't voice it and he looked down ashamed.

As shadow cast over him and Anya got up. "I think my love there is someone you need to talk to."

Callen flinched for a second thinking it was his father, as he looked up he saw someone he hadn't expected. "Nate?" he said surprised.

Nate smiled, "I hear you have a new name." he said as he took Anya's place next to Callen and handed him a cup of tea.

Callen looked at the tea and put it down.

Nate noticed but said nothing, "I have," Callen said, "My name is Gregori Comescu."

For the first time Callen's smile met his eyes, "I have kids Nate." He said.

Nate nodded, "I met them, your daughter is beautiful, and your son is a lot like you."

Callen laughed softly. "So he is." He agreed.

"And their mother, you met a long time ago?" Nate asked.

Callen nodded, "My first case, met my father then although I didn't realize." He stopped as he realized that for the first time he didn't feel that twinge of anger when mentioning his father.

"What?" Nate said picking up on it.

"It's not there…? I mean Kel…Hunter said it wasn't there, but I wasn't sure, but just now…it's not." He looked up surprised.

"What's not there?" Nate said waiting, he was he admitted surprised that Callen was opening up to him, but he let it go.

"Every time I saw him, heard his voice or mentioned him…I needed to kill him, I needed to do it and then kill me, it was like a compulsion, you know?" G looked over at Nate who looked thoughtful and then nodded.

"I think so, like being hypnotized?" Nate asked.

Callen snapped his head up. "That's it! That's exactly it!" he stood up and paced for a moment and then sat down as the pain got too much. Nate helped him sit and then looked at the tea.

"You didn't drink it." Nate said.

"I hate tea." Callen said honestly.

Nate was the one to be surprised this time, "You don't, you drank it all the time?"

"I never used to, then Het…then she came and I drank tea all the time, remember before with Mace? I drank coffee then, I like coffee…Nate? Do you think she could have used it as a trigger?"

"It's possible, it's been a week since she died how do you feel?" he asked.

"About killing her?" Callen asked.

Nate nodded.

Callen shrugged, "I don't know…"

"What about Davis?"

"He'd better stay dead." Callen growled, "I don't regret it, either of them…"

Nate nodded.

"Should I?" he asked.

Nate wondered about it, he had since he had been given the call a week ago, "No…I don't think you should, what they did to you should never happen to anybody."

Callen nodded, he lifted his cup and tipped the tea onto the shingle that surrounded the bedding plants. "Nate…would you. I mean would you mind…coming with me while I see my father?" he asked his hand shaking slightly.

Nate smiled, "I would be honored to meet your father." He said.

Nate stood up and held his arm, Callen bit back a smile as he noticed his family and friends suddenly engrossed in anything but watching him as they walked to the door.

"Don't think about it G, it's just another step." Nate said as Callen stepped over the threshold his grip tightening on Nate's arm.

"We are going upstairs," Nate said to Alexa who nodded.

"Anya is upstairs with father, Gregori you will be fine little brother, we will all be right here."

"Kel?" Callen looked over as Hunter walked around the corner with Grace.

"I'm right here G." she said she showed him the gun and he nodded allowing Nate to help him upstairs.

Callen led Nate to a room; he knocked on the door and an old voice replied, "Come in?" in Romani.

Callen smiled and opened the door. "Papa?" he called.

His hand clenched as he put his head around the door and Hunter tightened her grip on her gun.

Gregori Comescu Senior looked up at his son, tears in his eyes, "I hear it is over my son." He said in broken English.

Callen looked at him and sighed with relief it wasn't there, the inbuilt hatred the urge to kill was all gone.

Suddenly all the years melted away and Callen pulled away from Nate and rushed to his father's side, Gregori patted the side of the bed and Callen sat and held his father, both father and son crying in relief at being reunited.

"I thought I might have lost you again." Gregori said.

"Me too papa…I'm sorry, I fought so hard, I didn't want to hurt you." Callen cried.

Anya walked over and kissed Callen's head, "You two stay and talk, we will be right downstairs." She said.

"I…I…" Callen looked panicked. Hunter walked over to him.

"G, if you were going to do it, I would be dead by now and so would he, trust us, it's not going to happen."

Callen nodded, "Kels. Talk to Nate and Vance, Tell them your story, let them help…then we will be even." He said.

Hunter shook her head, "I…I can't…" she stopped, "I can can't I?" she said realizing all the compulsions that Callen had been under were hers too and they were gone.

The three of them left the room as Callen lay next to his father wrapped in his arms.

Nate turned to Hunter, "You need to talk to me?"

Hunter shrugged.

Nate waited until they were in the dining room with Deeks and Grace and he called them all together.

"Callen is spending some time with his father, the triggers that the factory implanted, are not there anymore, as for you three…" Nate pointed to Hunter, Deeks and Grace, "I am here to help you all, each of you for as long as you need."

Deeks stood up, "Well, seeing as I didn't even know I was under a trigger I suppose it doesn't apply to me."

"Detective Deeks, This applies to you as well, now we know what they did to you," Vance said.

"In fact, it might be a good idea if you go first." Nate suggested, shooting Kensi and Sam a pout that had them laughing Deeks followed Nate to the back kitchen to talk.

Anya sat at the table and looked at the others, "Thank you." She said as she took a drink from Alexa, "Thank you for saving him and bringing him home."

Alexa worked on the evening meal as Anya and Ami fixed the bread and table, Grace looked at them, she wanted to go over to help but she felt out of place.

"Ilena?" Ami called, Grace looked up, "Could you help me?" she asked, she handed the cutlery to Grace so she could set the table, Ami laughed, "It is usually the youngest Comescu's job, but seeing as you are the newest Comescu I thought you would like it.

Alexa wiped her hands, she had been quiet since they had all got back she nodded at Hunter and walked out the door the younger woman following.

"Alexa?" Hunter said as soon as they were outside and out of earshot.

"Why did you do it?" Alexa asked. "Why did you deceive me and pretend to be Ilena?" She asked.

"You have information I needed," Hunter said not looking her in the eye, "You have the information I still need, Yes Hetty was the head of the factory, but there were others, officials in high ranking positions in the US, They need to pay for what they did to us," she said her eyes burning with defiance and looking straight at Alexa, "I didn't know your Ilena was alive, all Intel was that she was dead, when I met your father I had my suspicions about your brother, but I didn't know for sure, not until Hetty took off for Poland and we discovered Operation Comescu, then I realized she had to be involved and Callen had to be Gregori, I wanted to make sure that you weren't what Hetty said you were. Had you actually been the head of a crime family I would have taken you out before Callen found out, it would have broken him."

Alexa smiled, "I understand, you care about my brother…You do know he loves Anya?" she said.

Hunter smiled, "I know, she is good for him, I care about Callen, but I don't love him…He was…he was there for me during a tough time in my life, and I owe him."

Alexa turned to her, "Do you have family?" she asked, she had she would admit liked Hunter when she thought she was Ilena.

Hunter shook her head, "Once, but not anymore…My mother is dead, she died when I was eight, my father thinks I am dead, I was taken by the factory then. I don't think he'd be able to handle me coming back from the dead," she said sadly.

Alexa looked at Hunter and wrapped her arms around the young woman. "Maybe you should give him a chance." She said.

They looked up and saw Callen sitting with his father looking out of the window at the beach, they were smiling and laughing, "My Gregori was five when he and Ilena were taken, it has been forty years, look at them, it is like they have never been apart, A father's love for his child does not disappear with years it only deepens. Especially if the child isn't there. Talk to your Nate and Director, trust Gregori's judgment, you say you owe him, do this for him."Alexa prodded.

Hunter looked up again as Gregori Senior wrapped his arm around his son and they hugged again, maybe it was plausible, maybe she too could go home.

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