Operation Comescu

Chapter 22

Callen came downstairs and walked up behind Anya and hugged her ignoring the pain in his stomach.

"Gregori!" she squealed and turned and kissed him, Ami made a face and took some plates to the kitchen.

"Hello. Father is asleep, and I smelled food, I'm hungry." He said grinning at her.

"Alexa was making dinner, it's nearly ready, sit my love." Anya said helping Callen to the table.

Vance sat next to him. "G…" he said still uncomfortable calling him by his first name.

"Director." Callen said not taking his eyes off of Anya as she stroked his face and walked back into the kitchen.

"Can we talk?" Vance said.

Callen reluctantly pulled his eyes away from her and looked at his old boss. "Sure." He said non committally.

"What are your plans for after you heal?" Vance asked.

Callen shrugged, "I don't know…I mean I don't have a job right now, I don't want to leave my family, especially not my children or Anya…I don't have a Romanian passport so I have to get my birth certificate and reapply I suppose, so I don't get kicked out of the country."

"As far as I am concerned you have a job…I may even have an offer for you."

Callen looked at him.

"How can I have a job I quit, I killed my boss, I assume if I go back to the US I'd be arrested." Callen said frankly.

"As far as I am concerned you mistakenly left your badge on my desk and went on a mission." Vance said.

"Really?" Callen asked surprised.

"Of course I am assuming by your reaction, to your old name, you will need new credentials." Vance said.

G. Nodded. "I am Gregori Comescu, so that would be on my creds….but I can't…My children and Anya, I would have to get them visas to be allowed to come to the country. I can't and I won't be parted from them again."

"I have pull." Vance said with a small smile.

Callen listened; he had loved his job, but now? Now he had a family to care for, he couldn't just go being expendable again. "I don't think I can come back, I mean I know Sam has a family and can go out into the field, but I can't be expendable again, I love my children and I need to be around for them." He said honestly.

"There is a vacancy you might be interested in?" Vance said still trying to keep him.

"What?" Callen asked, apart from his job he couldn't think about any other vacancies, but it was a big agency.

"Los Angeles needs a new Operations Manager." Vance said. "And I'm fairly sure unlike Hunter, the team would follow you."

"Are you sure Leon?" G asked.

Vance smiled, "Pretty sure, seeing as it was there idea…Don't get me wrong Mr. Comescu, I also think your experience would make you perfect for the job, and let's face it you'd be perfect if you ever had to liaise with Gibbs' team." He pushed.

"I would have to talk to Anya and the kids…and my sisters…what about my father…" Callen looked stunned; he suddenly had so many people to consider.

Vance watched as a slow smile crept across his face, "Though it would be nice." Callen admitted.

"Talk to your girl, tonight…" Vance suggested.

"I will," Callen agreed.

He looked up as Alexa and Hunter walked inside, "Sit Lauren, our meal is soon." She said with a smile.

"Thank you." Hunter replied.

Callen looked over at her, "You gonna do it?" he asked.

She nodded, "I think so, I will need to talk to you Leon…I have a story you need to hear." She said.

"After dinner." Callen said, "I need to talk to the team at the same time, so it might be a good time for you both to talk and trust me Leon, you are going to want to hear this."

Leon nodded. He looked around the home, it was a very welcoming place not at all like he had read in the files, and this was the first chance he'd had to sit and watched the family themselves.

Greg came in and grabbed a coffee and an extra and sat down next to his father.

"Did he talk to you?" he said in Romani, nodding towards Vance.

"Greg...English…please." G told his son.

"Sorry," Greg smirked at Vance, "So Papa…did he…are you?" he asked with a grin, "Do we get to go to America?" he asked.

"What about your job?" Callen asked his son.

Greg laughed, "Papa…I work for the Comescu Company, I can do that on the internet and can be anywhere, Ami was studying to be a police officer, and maybe she could do that in the US as well? Please Papa, we want to go to America, see your home and stay with you."

Callen sighed, "I will talk to the team and your mother and then let you know." He said honestly, "But wouldn't you miss your grandfather and your Aunt?" he asked.

"We can fly back, it's just a few hours." He argued, it was obvious that they had been talking about it.

Callen laughed, "I will talk to your mother." He said as Greg nodded and left the table.

Vance laughed, "Fatherhood, Gregori, get used to it…there'll be a lot of that."

"And I love every moment of it." He admitted.

Alexa walked in with a big pot of stew and placed it on the table and whistled. "I hear it works well for your people Gregori?" she said as Vance and G looked at her.

The team all walked into the kitchen as if they were heading to Ops. "What's up?" Kensi asked.

Callen smiled, "Dinner, I think or my sister has a case?" he grinned as Alexa rolled her eyes and went to get the bread. "Amilena?" Alexa called. "Will you call the others for dinner please?"

"Yes Aunt Alexa." Ami said and went off to get the rest of the family.

Sitting round the table Callen realized this was the first time he could truly appreciate his family, he ate quietly watching them talk to his team.

He was amazed at his children; they had been front row…witnesses...Victims? Of Hetty's vendetta and yet they were well adjusted and happy. His team looked relaxed and calm, and he didn't feel any after effects now… maybe Nate was right maybe it was like hypnotism, "Huh? What?" He said as he realized Anya had been talking to him.

"I said my love; I am taking the Ami to the market with Alexa this afternoon so you can talk to your team," Anya said pulling the spoon that had been held at Callen's mouth for five minutes and placing it down. "You are alright are you not?" she asked.

He nodded, "Yeah…I was just thinking." He admitted.

He suddenly stood up and grabbed her hand. "I'll be right back." He said and went upstairs pulling her along behind him ignoring the laughs at the table.

"Gregori?" she said as he took her to their room and shut the door, "Are you…" she stopped as he kissed her hungrily.

"Um…" he sighed, "I needed to do that."

Anya smiled, "Me too." She said and kissed him back and laughed as they landed with a thump on the bed, knowing that it would be heard downstairs.

Twenty minutes later Callen looked at her with a sheepish grin, "Well that wasn't what I meant to do." He laughed.

She kissed him, "You are complaining?" she asked.

"No! No…not at all. I actually wanted to ask you a question, well two actually." He admitted.

"Well my love, if that's how you ask me a question, then I suggest you do all your asking in private." She giggled.

He turned on his elbow and looked at her, "Well this wasn't how I planned it, but….Anya? How would you feel about moving to America with me, you and the children although I already know how they feel about it?" He admitted. "I mean would someone be able to come here and look after Father?" he asked.

"I can arrange that, I already have people who come in when I need a break and my nursing qualifications should be alright in America, maybe I would need some more training, but I do not ever want to be apart from you again." She told him.

"So the answer to my second question would be a yes then?" Callen smirked.

He asked her and her squeal could be heard downstairs. "YES, YES, YES!" she screamed jumping on him and kissing him again.

Downstairs Deeks put his hands over Kensi's ears.

"Get off!" she laughed.

"I can't have my little sister hearing that." He grinned, making fun of when she had told him she was going to pose as his sister not his girlfriend.

Another ten minutes past, the people in the dining room chatting as they waited for Callen and Anya to come back. Sheepishly they walked back into the kitchen holding hands and smiling.

"So it's a yes then?" Sam asked with a smirk.

Callen laughed, "Yes it's a yes, and she's going to marry me." He announced.

They stood up and congratulated the couple, Ami and Greg hugging their parents both happy with the news.

"I have to go." Anya said as she kissed him, "You need to talk to the others."

He nodded and watched the female members of his family leave.

"I'm going upstairs to sit with Grandfather." Greg said and jogged up the stairs.

Callen sat at the table as his team congratulated him again.

"I have a question to ask you?" he said.

"I'm not marrying you." Deeks quipped and they all laughed.

"I've been talking to Director Vance," he said as Vance, Hunter and Nate walked out of the room.

"Are you in trouble?" Sam asked immediately vowing to have his partners back.

"Not Exactly, I'm resigning as a field agent." He said and waited as the table erupted.



"You can't!"

"I can't be a field agent anymore, I don't have the edge, and it was something that was imprinted into me by the factory." He explained, "And I have a family now."

"I have a family and I do the work." Sam argued, "You can too, can't you?"

Callen shook his head, "Me…The real me has no interest in getting shot, killing people or any of that. I liked the paperwork." He admitted.

"So…you can still do the paperwork," Sam argued not wanting to lose his partner.

"Sam…I can't go out in the field, but Leon had another option, but it depends on you…All of you." He said looking at his team.

"Leon? Are you and the Director on first name terms now?" Sam asked.

"Kinda," Callen replied.

They looked at him inquisitively, "I have been offered the job of Operations Manager, but seeing how I was kinda responsible for the vacancy I thought you might have objections." He said not looking at them waiting for the recriminations.

"No…You'll be great as our boss…but I ain't calling you boss, G." Sam said with a smirk.

"But you'd be ok with it; I mean you'd have to have another partner…" Callen said, he was wondering how Sam would cope with Nell as a partner, however if Kensi and Deeks ever got their 'thing' off the ground maybe he could shake that up and partner Nell with Kensi and Deeks with Sam.

"Well…?" He looked over at Kensi and Deek who hadn't said anything.

"Well. I think it's great, you're coming back to LA then?" Deeks asked.

Callen nodded, "Bringing the…Family," he said and his smile grew, "I talked to my father about going back, he's ok with it, I can keep in touch with him and if I take this job, I can go visit a lot."

"I'm pleased for you." Kensi said and went and hugged him.

"So I guess I'm coming back then." Callen said.

They looked up as a shell shocked Vance walked in.

"I'm taking you up on your offer." Callen told him.

Vance nodded.

Callen laughed, "I know it was a bit of a shock when I figured it out too."

"I don't know what to say…" Vance said.

"Is everything ok?" Kensi asked.

Vance nodded, "Agent Hunter has just revealed some….interesting information." He said. "Which will keep until we are in D.C." he added.

"So Agent Comescu, will you be returning with us?" Vance asked.

Callen nodded as the others looked shocked, "What? You thought I'd not use my real name?" he laughed, "I am proud of who I am and I don't want to be known by that other name." he admitted.

They all agreed with him.

A week later, Visa's rushed through by SecNav and goodbyes said all round, G, Anya, Ami and Greg stood at the airport with Ilena and Alexa, Ilena had decided to stay in Romania with her sister and father, electing to help her run the company and make sure everyone knew it was a legitimate company. G hugged them both tightly.

"I'm going to miss you too." He said honestly.

"We will miss you too little brother, but you will be out for Christmas will you not?" Alexa said, "And you promise to call at least once a week."

G nodded, "And I'll call when we get there I promise." He said.

He hugged them again as did his fiancée and children and then they ran to catch up with the others in the departure lounge.

"Hey G!" Sam grinned, "So when does our flight leave?"

G let out a smile; he had discussed this with his father but hadn't told the others yet, although of course his family knew.

A woman walked into the lounge, "Mr. Comescu the CF&Q jet is ready to take off would you and your passengers like to board and your luggage is already on board."

G nodded. "Thank you…I think we are going now Sam." He grinned.

"The CF&Q Jet?" Vance said.

"The one thing She didn't lie about, The Comescu family has a big…BIG company, my father is rich." He grinned. "So he lent us the plane for the ride home, more comfy that way." He grinned; what he had actually said was that the heir to the Comescu Empire was not EVER going to fly commercial, he left out that he had given orders for a new jet to be purchased and left at LAX for whenever G needed it. He was however going to tell Vance it would always be available for OSP use, there was no way he was going to be cramped in coach with Deeks again.

Climbing onto the jet he strapped in with his family and friends as they took off he took a last look back at his home.

It felt strange leaving the land he was born in and this time voluntarily, he held onto Anya's hand and as soon as the fasten seat belt sign was off he was joined in the back by Nate, Anya nodded and let go of G's hand as she went forward to get a drink.

"How are you holding up?" Nate asked.

"It feels strange," G admitted, "Last time I didn't remember anything about this, I don't remember leaving, just losing something and waking up in a hospital, being in trouble for talking in the wrong language. Basically I woke up in hell and lived there for the next 38 years." He gave a small nervous laugh.

"And now you know who you are?" Nate asked, "It's a huge change, you've been through a lot and now you're going back to Los Angeles with a family you didn't know you had into a job, you didn't expect to get."

"You're right Nate, this is a huge change, but a good one, I know who I am…I'm not a killer and I'm not worthless did you know that?" He said with a bright smile.

"I always knew that, it was getting you to believe it that was the problem," Nate admitted liking this new version of G.

"I was conditioned not to believe it, the more I thought I was worthless the more I was worth to…Her…" G said.

"You can say her name you know." Nate said keeping his voice low.

"No…no Nate I can't, I still remember all the good things she did, the way I looked on her like a mother figure, hell there were times in my life when I actually thought she might be my mother, and I trusted her, she was the only person I trusted, but that was she was the only person I was conditioned to trust, but she betrayed me in the worst way, she destroyed my life and I can never forgive her for that."

"Ok but if it hadn't happened." Nate said pointing at Anya and his children.

"I know, I feel like they were the only good things to come out of all this mess, but even then Het…she found a way to take it from me, she made me buy my home, it used all of the money I was saving to go find Anya. I mean I love my home, the Rostoffs' were wonderful people, but I wouldn't have paid as much as she did for it." He told Nate.

"I helped her with the purchase; it wasn't above the odds for that property." Nate said confused.

"You don't think a quarter of a million dollars for a house isn't too much?" G asked stunned, "For that house?"

"What do you mean, I helped witness the sale, and it was $140,000. Hetty got a great deal on it."

G sighed "When will it stop Nate, she's dead, when will she stop messing with my life?"

Nate looked at him, "We'll deal with the paperwork when we get back, and I'm going to want regular sessions with you for six months, Vance's orders."

G nodded, "Seems only fair."

Nate blinked, "The Callen," he stopped as G flinched at the name, "The person I knew as you, isn't the you that you are now is it?" he asked.

G shook his head, "No… I feel different, freer, more me."

Nate looked at him and smiled, he held out his hand and G took it.

"Hi I'm Nate Getz and I'll be your therapist for the next six months to the rest of your life."

G shook back, "Gregori Comescu II, my friends call me G, I'm gonna be your boss, for a while, maybe longer." He joked.

"I'll look forward to it." Nate said honestly as he moved forward in the plane to enjoy the rest of the flight.

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