Operation Comescu

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Landing at LAX it was night and as they got off the plane, G looked at his tired family, he smiled. They were home.

He suddenly had a thought, he didn't have any furniture. He couldn't take them to his home.

He stopped dead as the others walked out of the terminal.

"G?" Nate said noticing he had stopped.

"I can't go home." G said looking worried.

"Another trigger?" Nate asked worried.

"No…No furniture." He admitted embarrassed.

Nate laughed, "We have your back, you have basic of everything, all rooms have furniture and bedding, you can change it later but it should do you for a while."

"How?" G asked amazed.

"We had a week from your decision, also you should know…the office, it's been cleared of all her stuff, and it's been taken for the investigation."

"So Eric and Nell know then?" G asked.

"Yeah, they were shocked, but they don't blame you…they did ask if they could have a red bull machine in Ops and Oreos." He added.

G laughed, "I suppose I owe them," he said picking up his bag.

"I think you might." Nate said.

G walked over to the Director, "Do you have anywhere to stay?" he asked.

Leon shook his head, "I was going to find a room at a hotel, I assume Agent Hunter would be looking for a room also." He said.

"Hey Kels?" G called.

Hunter turned, "Still! G! You have to keep calling me that?" she sighed as she picked up her bag.

"Get used to it, you and Leon are staying with me tonight." He said.

Hunter nodded, without question and followed him.

Outside the airport the group said their goodbyes, "So we'll see you tomorrow G?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, It's the weekend, Office reopens on Monday." He said, "Go home Sam, spend time with your family,"

Sam grinned; he liked his new boss already.

"Come for lunch with Michelle and the girls on Sunday; give her chance to meet Anya and the kids." G said.

Sam nodded, "I'll have to hold her back till then, but yeah." He agreed.

Ami walked up to her father and yawned putting her head on his shoulder, "Papa…I'm tired can we go home now?" she asked.

G turned his head and kissed her cheek, "Sure can baby girl," he waved down two taxis and they piled in G giving the address and paying both of them when he arrived.

Vance walked in and looked around the house; he turned to talk to G who was staring at the building like he'd never seen it before.

"Gregori?" he asked.

G looked bemused, "It's…wow! Eric and Nell outdid themselves." He was surprised; the whole house was redecorated tastefully, the furniture was comfortable, the thing he noticed the most was some of it looked like the original family pieces, the Rostoffs had in the home when he was a kid. "There's so much stuff!" he whispered awed.

Vance looked at him, "You didn't do this?" he asked.

G shook his head, "No…I kept it empty, I never felt the need for possessions, I can't believe it, it's a real family home…just like…before."

The kids walked in sleepy, G looked at them, "Go find your rooms," he said

Ami found hers first, a delicate lilac room with a twin bed, a desk and new computer on the desk. It had her name and an envelope taped to the door, Greg had the same, but his room was a powder blue. Inside the envelope were passwords to the new computers and keys to the locks on their doors.

Callen walked down to his room to find an envelope on his door. 'G and Anya'

He opened it.

G Welcome home, we missed you. Hope you like the things we got you, don't worry about the cost it was all paid for by SecNav. You can change anything you want but we hope it does while you settle back in.

See you Monday

Eric and Nell.

G smiled at the letter and showed Anya.

He knocked on Ami's door, "You got room for one more?" he asked.

"Hunter?" she said sleepily.

G nodded, "Not a problem is it?"

Ami shook her head, "No let her in." she said pulling the duvet over her head, "Just tell her I'm sleeping." She said muffled by the duvet.

G nodded and closed the door.

"Director, I hope you don't mind you get the couch." G said walking into the living room with an arm full of bedding, "Kel, you're in with Ami. She said be quiet she's sleeping."

Hunter nodded and grabbed her bag. "I'll take the floor, no problem." She smiled.

Finally after everyone was settled G climbed into bed with Anya, they were so tired that within moments they were both snuggled in each other's arms and fast asleep.

Waking up in another strange bed wasn't that unusual an occurrence for G, but realizing he was in bed in his own home with his family was, that and the fact that it was morning and he had slept all night.

"Morning." He said as he felt Anya stir.

"Sleepy!" she groaned.

He smiled, "That's Jet lag, don't worry, it'll pass, I'll get you a coffee." He said getting up.

He headed for the kitchen knowing today would be interesting, Sam's family were coming to get acquainted with his family, and on Monday the Director and Hunter would be leaving for D.C.

G walked into his kitchen and opened the cupboard and stopped in amazement, they were full! He had only expected to find the fixings for his coffee machine, he looked in the fridge expecting to see the 2 beers he'd left in there, and they were full too. He smiled as he spotted another note on the counter, "Got stuff for a Sunday BBQ with Sam's family enough to feed everyone don't worry, and there's breakfast food too. Nell."

G picked up his phone and called Nell.

"Hello?" a sleepy voice came on the other end.

"Eric?" G smirked as he heard the phone drop and Eric curse on the other end; he listened as there was frantic whispering.

"Hey G." Nell's bright voice came on the phone, "You alright, is there a problem?" she asked.

It was all he could do not to laugh down the phone, "No…No problem, I just wanted to say thank you, and…err…invite you and Eric over to lunch as well, I figure you need to be filled in on stuff." He said

"Sure no problem, what time do you want us?"

"About 2pm?" G asked hoping it didn't seem too late.

"That's great," Nell said.

"Oh and Nell…." G said, "Congratulations you and Eric make a nice couple." He smirked as she got flustered.

"What? No! We fell asleep playing left for dead last night." She said.

"Yeah…" G closed the phone and proceeded to make his girl and kids their first American breakfast. He made enough for Leon and Hunter too and looked up with a grin as Leon walked into the kitchen in his boxers and a T-Shirt.

"Coffee?" he asked.

"Please." Leon said and tiredly rubbed his eyes.

"Bathroom is down the hall if you need it I suggest you use it before the girls wake up." He said.

Leon agreed with him and headed that way carrying his coffee.

He got the steaks, chicken and fish out of the fridge, marinated some and put it back in the fridge for later and got on with the pancakes and sausages for breakfast.

An hour later his family started emerging for food, the smell enticing them out of the room.

Anya walked into the kitchen, took one sniff and bolted for the bathroom.

Ami looked at her mother, "Again?!"

G looked at his daughter, "What do you mean again?"

Ami shrugged, "I think she picked up a bug, last few days she's been sick. We might have to find her a doctor."

"Go eat your breakfast, I'll see to your mother." He said.

He walked into the bathroom as Anya sat back against the bath and mopped her face with a cool towel.

"Are you alright honey?" he asked.

Anya nodded, "I think it is the meal Alexa cooked, I've been sick on and off for the last few days."

"You don't think?" G looked at her.

"No? NO!" Anya looked stunned, "Not again, it couldn't happen twice?"

"We didn't think it could happen the first time, but are only 43, it is still a possibility." He admitted. "You get dressed and get some breakfast and I'll run to the drugstore."

Anya looked stunned, "No…not again…it can't be?"

When G returned from the drugstore, everyone, save for Anya had eaten, she hadn't left the bedroom and Ami and Hunter were cleaning the kitchen.

Greg and Leon were out the back getting the BBQ ready for their guests and he popped over to see how they were doing.

"You guys ok?" G asked.

Leon nodded, "We're fine, Anya hasn't come out of her room, is she alright?" he asked concerned.

G smirked, "Maybe…we will see." He said and headed back in the house to check on her.

"Gregori?" she said as G walked in to see her sitting on the bed with her knees drawn up, "Can we do this…I mean, what if they send me away again?"

G took the small package out, "No matter what this says you will never leave me, you will be my wife and you are the mother of my children and the only woman I have ever loved. You will never be apart from me again, you are the only woman I will ever love," he said and pulled another small box out of his pocket and slipped a small diamond solitaire ring on her finger.

"It's beautiful." Anya said.

"It was my mothers, my real mothers; Father gave it to me to give to you." He said.

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

He laughed and handed her the box. "What does it say?" she asked.

"You can't read English?" he asked amazed.

"I've never had too, I read Russian and Romani, I speak English, your father insisted Lexi teach me so I could talk to you if we met again."

"Oh…I didn't know," G grinned "I'll teach you,"

Anya nodded, "That is good but for right now?"

Callen looked at the leaflet with the box and turned the instructions to a set in Russian, "There." He handed it to her and she headed into the bathroom with the box and leaflet.

Sam, Michelle and the girls turned up and went out the back where Greg and Leon were working the grill while Ami and Hunter were making Salad; Michelle joined the girls as Sam walked past.

"Hi, Where's G?" he asked.

"Momma hasn't been too well he's helping her." Greg said.

Sam raised an eyebrow but said nothing but, "Ok." He looked at the steaks and the chicken cooking nicely on the BBQ. "I brought beer, you want one?" he asked both men.

They nodded and he dished the beer out watching Sam's girls play on the swing at the end of the garden.

G joined them ten minutes later a smile plastered from ear to ear. "Hey guys, gotta beer for me?" he asked grabbing one and ruffling his son's hair, "Your mother wants a word." He told his son, "Take Ami with you." He said.

He watched as Greg went indoors to find his mother.

"Everything ok?" Leon asked. "Greg said she was sick."

"Kinda." G grinned.

"Kinda?" Sam hated it when G played his cards close to his chest.

G took a drink of his beer and sat on the bench watching the girls. "I'm looking forward to that." He smiled.

"What?" Sam asked.

"Pushing my kid on the swing, taking them to school…"G grinned even wider.

"Your kids are 26 G?" Sam said.

G shrugged, "Yeah but the new one won't be,"

Both Sam and Leon got it at the same time, "Congratulations Gregori…" Leon said.

Sam just hugged him. "Cool G." he grinned, "You told your kids yet?"

"Anya's handling that, I'm still getting to know them, we figured it would be better coming from her."

There was a loud excited squeal from inside the house and Ami ran out and hugged her father. "I'm so pleased." She grinned.

Leon laughed, "Your Ami reminds me of Abby Sciuto."

G raised an eyebrow, "She's not a Goth Leon." He smirked.

"Nope but she is a hugger." He laughed.

The meal went perfectly the news of Anya's pregnancy rounding off a perfect day.

After they had all gone home, G sat on the porch and pulled out his cell phone.

"Gibbs, how you doing?" he said as the man on the other end picked up.

He listened for a few moments and then grinned, "I found her, we have twins…and another on the way." He laughed at the sound of surprise at the other end. He had needed this more than a talk with Nate.

"I found my family; I have a name, its Gregori Comescu II." He waited as Jethro talked on the other end; he had heard about Hetty and Davis and told him how it was big news throughout NCIS.

"How bad is it?" he asked his gut clenched, then relaxed as Gibbs talked him through what he had heard.

"Mmmm, not too bad then, mostly facts, just one thing, I killed Hetty." He told his friend.

Gibbs' voice was heard down the phone, "That stays between you and me kid, I ain't gonna spread rumors."

"Thanks." G said and really meant it.

"You'll have to come up in a few months, meet the kids, at least come up for the wedding?" he asked hopefully.

"I wouldn't miss it G." Gibbs said honestly.

"Tell me that in a week." G said sadly.

"Why in a week?" Gibbs asked.

"You'll see, just trust me, it's going to be ok." He said.

"G?...you holding back kid?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah, but this time it's a good thing pop. Honest." G said.

"I gotta go, Anya's waiting for me, talk again in a few days?" he asked.

Gibbs answered him and hung up.

"I hope." G said to the empty phone. He stood up and walked towards the house.

Hunter looked up as G walked in, "I just talked to him, I didn't say anything, but he's ok." He told her.

"Thank you, Leon and I are about to head out, we're catching a red-eye to Washington, and I'll call you after." she said as she hugged him.

"Good luck." He said as he hugged her back.

Leon turned to G, "Agent Comescu, and your new credentials will be on your desk in the morning and your badge is on your desk, I had your desk moved to that area, there is no trace of her there."

G sighed in relief, "Did you find a file…one with my name on?" he asked.

"There was, I had it sent to Washington, did you want it back?" Leon asked him.

G nodded, "I do…I have seen the file once or twice, I think for closure I need to see it."

"I'll have it shipped as soon as I get back." Leon promised. "Good luck in your new posting." He said as the taxi pulled up.

"Bye Leon, bye Kels." G said as they got in and drove off.

Anya walked up behind him yawning, "You have a big day tomorrow my love." She said as she pulled his hand and led him to the bedroom.

"I'm not the only one." He smiled as he closed the door to their room and went to join her.

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