Operation Comescu

Chapter 24

He got up early and walked to his car. He'd had a strange text from Vance last night telling him to get into the office early.

Gibbs stopped by the diner and got Elaine to fix his coffees before he headed in for the day.

Drove past the cemetery where his wife and daughter were buried stopped for a moment with the window down and listened to the birds singing the dawn chorus as he did most mornings, he never had time, nor the inclination to get out of his car, but he would pull up in the car park and have his first coffee with his girls like he did most mornings.

He looked over at the cherry blossom on the trees overhanging his family's graves. He smiled slightly, he knew both Shannon and Kelly loved this time of year, and they themselves would get up early and watch the sun come up on mornings like this when they were alive.

"Ok Girls, I gotta go to work." He said. Throwing the empty cup out of the window and smiling a little as it landed in the trash can.

He started the car up again, looking at his second cup already in the cup holder and still wondering what was so urgent headed off to the office.

G woke up at 6 am to hear Anya throwing up in the bathroom,

He smiled; she wasn't sick, just pregnant. He got up and went into the shower stroking her back as he walked past her, "Do you need anything Hun?" he asked.

"A new stomach...?" she asked hopefully, he kissed the top of her head and climbed in the shower.

As he got out she was leaning back wiping her head with a face cloth, he leaned over and held out a hand, "Come on. You go back to bed I'll get you some ginger ale and crackers before I head off."

She smiled as he pulled her up and kissed her.

She sank back gratefully on the bed as he walked in with the drink and food, "Thank you." She sighed as she sipped the ginger ale and her stomach subsided. She watched as he got dressed for work.

"No suit?" she asked.

"No. I've never worn a suit before, unless I was undercover, and I'm not going undercover, so jeans and a shirt it is." He grinned as he pulled out a blue shirt to go with his jeans.

"Nice." Anya said looking admiringly at him.

"You rest today, Michelle is going to come over later to show you around Los Angeles, and see about getting you a driving license and any other paperwork you need."

Anya nodded, "Thank you and Thank Sam, his wife is very nice."

G kissed her, "I'll see you later." He said he grabbed his bag and left.

An hour and a half later he was standing outside the mission staring at the doors.

"Not going in?" Nate asked after watching him stand there for ten minutes.

G shrugged, "I kinda keep expecting her to be behind the door, or in her office…ya know?" he said his hands were clenched by his sides, "I can do this Nate, I gotta do this, I'm in charge now…got a meeting with Leon in an hour, gotta make it inside by then." He grinned sadly.

"Come on then Boss, let's go in." Nate said holding the door for him.

G knew he wasn't getting out of it so he followed him inside.

Nate stood just behind him as he entered but waiting as G took in the small changes.

"You ok?" he asked as G stood there.

"It's different." He said, the area where Hetty's desk had been was no longer dark and cluttered. It was painted a bright color and a new large desk with accessories and a large leather chair, a desktop computer and a new burgundy colored laptop sat on the desk.

"This is good though right?" Nate asked.

"Not sure," G shrugged, suppose I'd better go and check it out. "Coming?" he asked.

Nate nodded, he had seen the chairs the other side and he did want to check those out.

G sat at his desk and opened the drawer; his badge, gun and new credentials in the name of Gregori Comescu were inside the drawer and an envelope with Hetty's handwriting G. Callen to be opened in the event of my death.

He turned the envelope over in his hands and then put it in his bag.

"You're not going to open it?" Nate asked.

"Not yet. She's got nothing I wanna hear…or read right now, I just wanted to have the folder, it's about me and I didn't want the Feds to get their hands on it." He said.

Nate smiled, this new…open G, was easier to work with, he liked him.

"Morning G!" Sam called as he walked in the building.

"Sam!" G smiled, "Like it?" he asked showing off the new office.

Sam looked around, "It's brighter, less oppressive, it suits you." He grinned, "So boss do we get new stuff?" he asked

G grinned, "Might see if you can get new laptops, if you get your paperwork done in time." He bargained.

Sam smiled, "We will see." He grinned; he headed back to his desk and waited for the rest of his team to come in."

"Oh Sam, you need a new agent there are files on your desk." G called.

"How did you know about the files?" Nate asked.

"Saw them on his desk as I came in," G admitted, "I have to go, I have a meeting with Leon, listen work with Sam on picking a new team member will you?" he asked.

Nate nodded and went off to annoy Sam as G intended.

Standing in front of the screen at Ops, Leon and Hunter stood in MTAC.

"Morning Leon, Hey Kels. Good flight?" he asked.

"It was good G." Hunter said.

"Have you seen him yet?" G asked.

Hunter shook her head, "He's due in soon, I'm nervous." She admitted.

G smiled, "You'll be fine, he'll be fine, He knows something is going down, but he doesn't know what I prepared him as much as I could last night." He told her.

"That will I hope make things easier Agent Comescu." Leon said.

G smiled at the use of his real name.

"I like the new office, Leon, Thanks…Sam's looking for a replacement for me, although we both know I'm irreplaceable." He grinned and even Leon laughed at that.

"So anything pending?" G asked wanting to get right into it.

"Nope I've sent you an email with your upgraded passwords and codes so you can look over the cases that we have, see what jumps out at you." Leon said.

G nodded, "Ok."

"Enjoy your new job Agent Comescu, if you need me call….just give me four hours before your first call, I think Gibbs might need my undivided attention."

"Ok…Tell him he can call and yell at me later." G said.

Leon nodded and the screen went to the test bars.

G unlocked the room and walked out to see Nell and Eric in the bullpen chatting with Kensi, Deeks and Sam.

He was out of the circle again, he was the boss now, but he wasn't going to be like her, not a bit. No sneaking up on the team, no making them feel uncomfortable. This was a new start.

"Hey!" he called from the balcony, they all looked at him, "Full staff briefing in the gym in five minutes."

Eric and Nell nodded as G jogged down the stairs, shooting a glance at Sam he headed to his office.

Sam walked over, "You ok G?" he asked.

"Yeah, I talked to Leon, but I need to talk this out with the rest of the office."

"I got ya back G you know that." Sam stated.

G smiled "I know."

They headed to the gym; he smiled as he realized Eric or Nell had set up a podium for him. He climbed up and waited for the hubbub to quiet down. In the end he looked at Eric who whistled and they room fell silent.

"For those of you who don't know…Hetty Lange is dead." He gripped the podium till his knuckles went white. "Although the details of what happened are confidential, you should know that I was the one who killed her." He waited as the hubbub started up again. Slowly it died down.

"I have been named as her successor; Director Vance is backing my appointment, due to the nature of Hetty's death any agent who doesn't want to work under me may request a transfer without it impacting on their resume. Also you should know I am not and never was Agent Callen. My name is Gregori Comescu, so Agent Comescu or G will be fine if you need to address me." He said focusing on the climbing wall.

He got lost in his thoughts for a second as he could see himself racing Hetty up the wall one of the few times they did something fun together.

Sam coughed and focused him again.

"If you wish to leave, let me know by the end of the day and we will do all we can to relocate you?" He said fairly.

No one moved, "There is also a new policy, my office is an open door, you have a problem, personal or work related and you don't want to talk to Nate…and let's face it most of us don't….Sorry Nate…" he added, Nate grinned, "Then you can come to me, I will listen and where I can I will help, unless it is classified, don't keep a secret that is going to harm you, share and let someone help." He said.

He nodded and stepped down off the podium as he saw a pair of blond headed adults walk into the gym.

An agent at the back stopped them.

"Who are you? This is a secure facility." He said

"Agent Johnson, it's fine, those are my children, another thing, you can tell your families where you work and they can call you for emergencies or if they need you. Only the bad guys need to not know where we are, your families are fine." He said.

He stepped down ready to have the whole pack of Agents turn on him. He stopped as they started applauding.

The twins walked over to him and hugged him, "You did great Papa." They said.

He nodded wordlessly and led the kids to his office as the other agents went back to their jobs.

"So what are you two doing here?" he asked with a smile.

"Uncle Leon gave us the address he said we could come and visit." Ami said.

"Uncle Leon huh?" he smirked.

Greg nodded, "We have opened bank accounts and had our money moved from Romania, we were thinking of buying a house nearby, seeing as you and mama are having another baby."

"Or two…" Ami added.

He looked sad he didn't want them to leave just yet but he was their father and he needed to support not stifle them.

"How far away?" he asked his voice cracking.

"Next door?" Greg grinned, "We talked to your neighbor…crazy woman, she put her house on the market something about the love of her life having a family and lying to her?"

G smiled….his mystery blogger.

"So we figured it's far enough away from smelly diapers but close enough that we could share the back garden?" Ami asked hopefully.

G laughed, "You can afford a house?" he asked amazed.

"We are Comescu's…" Greg said, "Do you know exactly how rich you are?" he asked.

G sighed; he knew he just didn't see how it mattered. "It doesn't mean you can spend your money on anything you want." He told them.

"No but our own house, next door to our parents, paying for Ami's courses so she can get into the police academy and I will be looking for office space for the US branch of CF&Q." Greg said.

G looked at the kids, his kids, they were all grown up, "Ok…buy the house, but Sunday dinners at home with me and your mother are mandatory." He ordered.

Both kids nodded. "Yes Papa." They said in unison.

G laughed, "Now I have work to do, Ami help your brother look for a good office, not just something with an ocean view." He said as they stood up.

"But…Papa? I love the ocean!" Greg said mock affronted as Deeks walked past.

"I hear that…Hey G…Can we get an office with an ocean view?" Deeks asked as the kids laughed and walked out.

"No!" G growled, trying not to laugh.

"Er… Agent Comescu?" said a voice behind him; he turned around to see Sally, one of the tech support staff standing there.

"Yes?" he said.

"We…the staff talked, I was asked to talk to you." She said shyly.

G braced himself and allowed her into his office. "Sit down."

She sat in the chair noting the change from when it had been Hetty's office. "None of us want to leave, we don't know why you had to kill Miss Lange, and we don't need to know. If Director Vance thinks you're good enough for the job, then that's good enough for us." She said.

"Sally?" G said looking at her, "How long have you been an Analyst?" he asked.

"Three years this fall sir." She said.

"And you came to tell me this because you lost the vote?" he asked not giving anything away.

"No I offered," She admitted, "I trusted you when you said we could talk to you about anything."

G stood up, "Sam…Give me those files back."

Sam rolled his eyes and walked over with the files.

"Wait here a moment, miss?"

"Quinn." She said.

He picked up the phone. "Nell…can you come to my office." He asked.

Within a few moments Sam, Nell and Sally were sat in his office.

"So…G?" Sam said.

"Meet your new partner." He said motioning to Nell.

"ME!" Nell squeaked.

G laughed, "Nell, you're a field agent, Sally can help Eric, and you can put up with the big guy here, I think it works all round."

"But…." Sally said.

"Yeah?" G looked at her.

"I have to finish on time, I have a four year old in Daycare in the city, they shut early." She said, not that she didn't want the promotion, but Hetty insisting they use daycare as far away from her office as possible it had been hard to make it to get him in time anyway.

"Why so far away?" G asked.

"Miss Lange's policy," she said.

G nodded at Sam and Nell who left, "Sally can I ask you a question?"

She nodded, "How many staff here have kids in daycare?"

"About 12 dotted all over the city, we can't bring the children to the one near here, security. Also Ms Lange wouldn't fund a facility onsite…sorry…I know how close you were with her." She said quickly.

"Hang on a sec."

G opened up his email and sent a message to Leon.

"Ok the job is still yours for the first month leave as you need to…I'm organizing a daycare on site, the empty buildings at the back of the mission, with enough light and paint, they'll be perfect for that, I may even have someone to run it, an ex nurse, she's currently pregnant but has brought up 2 children."

"But is she safe?" Sally asked instantly concerned for her son.

G smiled, "I hope so it's my child she's carrying." He said and Sally blushed.

"Thank you sir." She said, "I'll spread the word."

"Tell them the daycare will be free as well, I'll fund it." He said knowing that it would be perfect for Anya and a way to spend some of this money his father had insisted he have.

"Thank you!" she stood up and hugged him. "If I may say so sir, you are having a hell of a first day."

G nodded, he couldn't agree with her more.

He looked up to see Nate leaning on the balcony grinning at him. Then he knew he was doing good.

Just one more thing to check on before he started work on the pending cases.

He picked up the phone.

In D.C. Gibbs dropped his coffee at his desk and looked up to Leon's office.

Leon was exiting MTAC and called down, "Gibbs."

Gibbs nodded and jogged up the stairs to his office, "Sit down." Vance said and poured him a drink.

"I'm on duty Leon."

"You'll need this…I'm going to fill you in on a classified Operation, called Operation Comescu." He said as Gibbs took a drink.

They talked for an hour as Hunter paced up and down on the mezzanine level and kept looking down at her father's team.

"Who do you think that is?" Bishop asked from her desk.

Tony shrugged "I don't know…" he said, "But she has a badge, maybe an Agent?"

McGee didn't know either, so they worked on the case from yesterday.

An hour and three bourbons later, Gibbs was sitting in shock in his office, "That happened to G, and my…Kelly? Are you sure?"

Leon nodded, "Is she still alive?" Gibbs asked his heart in his throat.

Leon pressed a button and the door knocked.

"Come in?" he said with a smile.

Hunter opened the door and walked in, she stood with her back to the door he hand still on the handle.

"Hello daddy." She said as Gibbs dropped his glass.


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