Operation Comescu

Chapter 4

Callen had passed basic training; he had found himself sitting with Grace Stevens every chance he got. The instructors kept an eye on them and regular reports got back to Hetty about how the training was progressing.

Hetty had worried about the closeness between the twins, but she had been told Stevens and Callen were no more than friends.

Hetty called Sessions late one night after reading the latest progress report on the project. "We need to move Callen into the field now." She told him.

"He's the best of them, but he's not fully trained. Sending him in on the Davis case may break him; he has the makings of a great Agent, Henrietta." William Sessions said.

"He's spending too much time with Stevens I need them separated now, he's learnt all he needs, and she needs a bit more."

Sessions paused and sat up more at his desk, "You're scared Hetty." He stated.

She was but not for the reasons that they thought.

"I am…They are getting too close, Stevens is my back up card, if anything goes wrong, she needs to either kill him or take his place. "

"This is your project you inherited it from Clara Callen, you know more about it than anyone, do you think the boy will go through with it?"

"After we've revealed his past…he'll hate the Comescu's as much as Clara did." Hetty said.

Sessions sighed, "I hope you're right, and I really hope he makes it past this assignment."

He put the phone down and stared at the file of Mike Davis that sat in front of him; this was not going to be an easy assignment for the boy.

The next morning Callen stood in Morgan's office leaning against the door as he looked through his papers.

"' You kicking me out of the program?" Callen asked nonchalantly as he saw his bag in the corner.

Morgan looked up surprised, "No, you're going in."

"Already?" he asked surprised.

"Davis has reapplied to be a foster carer again; we want to send you back in. it's been 6 years we don't think he'll remember you."

Callen gave a hollow laugh, "You think? We'll have to see then won't we?"

He walked over to his bag, "When do I leave?"

"After you've been issued your firearm." Morgan said and put a grey steel box on his desk.

"Sweet." Callen walked over to the box on Morgan's desk, he took out his gun, checked it, and loaded it, "Right, anyone coming in with me?"

"Not on this one, you have to do it alone."

"Not even back up?" Callen started to worry.

"Dalkin will be in a van down the treat as back up."

"Great," Callen grabbed his bag, "are we going?"

Morgan nodded, Callen never said anything and he steeled himself for the mission at hand, he wasn't going to feel anything, he didn't need to feel anything he would just take Davis down, he wouldn't even remember him.

"You're going in as Jerry Clarke. You'll be 15 and an orphan."

Callen laughed, "Well I won't have to fake that one."

"Dalkin is waiting in the lobby you'll meet him there, change out of your jump suit and into your regular clothes." Morgan ordered.

Callen took his bag and ran back to his room.

"Hey Callen?" Grace called jogging down the hallway, "Where you off to in a hurry?"

Callen grinned, "I got my first case Grace. I'm going out in the field. I get to take down the guy who made my life hell."

"Callen…is it safe?"

"Safe?" he looked confused. "Safe isn't the issue, getting the job done is what counts."

Grace nodded, she knew this, "But I am worried about you, I'll miss you."

Callen shot her a grin, "We'll see each other sometime, I'm sure they'll make us work together, we make a great team."

She nodded, "Yeah we do." She agreed.

She wrapped her arms around him in a hug, he relaxed in her embrace, "I don't get it no one else can make me feel as safe as you do."

"Shared type of upbringing Stevens, we understand each other." Callen surmised.

"Stay safe." She said in his ear.

Callen got changed and went to the van where Agent Dalkin was waiting for him.

"You took your time, got all your gear?" Dalkin asked.

"Most of it," Callen nodded, "but I don't think I'll be there long."

"I'll pick up the rest of your stuff, you won't be coming back, and you'll be moved onto your next assignment afterwards."

"But Grace…!" Callen protested.

"Aw…you going to miss your girlfriend." Dalkin teased.

"She wasn't my girlfriend, she's just my friend, and she was my best friend." Callen snapped.

"You're an Agent now, you don't need friends, you don't need family; you just do what it takes to get the job done." Dalkin said. Callen's programming kicked in and he nodded automatically.

"I'm ready." His face and voice went blank.

"Callen?" Dalkin said at the change in him.

"Clarke, Jerry Clarke." Callen corrected him, he changed the way he wore his jacket and messed up his hair a bit. "Drag me down there roughly; Davis likes his boys to have some fight in them."

Dalkin nodded, he wasn't a nasty man really, he had a teenage son of his own, "I'll have eyes on you at all times, if it gets rough I will get you out."

"No." Callen said, "Not until you get the evidence you need, I swear I will be the last kid ever to set foot near him." He vowed.

Dalkin had to admire the kid's resolve, "Ok. I'll park the van down the block; we have a car to use to get to Davis'"

An hour later they pulled up and swap cars, Callen threw his bag into the back, "Now you know I ain't coming quietly." Callen said.

Dalkin looked at him "What?"

"I don't care what kinda social worker you are I ain't going to no more foster homes."

Dalkin realized Callen was already in character, "Look Clarke, this is your last chance nowhere else would take you."

Dalkin pulled up outside the house, noticing the curtain twitch as he got there.

"Come on Clarke I haven't got all day." He opened the door and pulled the boy from the car.

Clarke dragged against the man, his struggle impassive until the door opened.

Try as he might even in this persona, the sight of Davis scared him and Callen's struggles became real.

"No…No….NO…you can't make me." His voice betrayed the fear he felt.

Dalkin was amazed, the boy was really good.

"Davis?" He asked holding tight to the struggling boy.

Davis looked down and then smiled, "Yes sir,"

"This is Jerry Clarke, he's fifteen." Dalkin said holding tightly to the kid in his hand.

"Really?!" Davis said. "Come on in Jerry, we need to get acquainted." Davis grabbed the squirming boy from Dalkin's hand. "Don't worry I'll straighten him out, you picking him up on Monday?" he asked.

Callen stiffened as he flashed back to the last time.

"Yeah, 9am need to get his school sorted."

Davis smiled, "No problem."

He pulled the kid inside and closed the door.

"You coming Callen." Davis called from down the hall.

Callen froze his eyes widened, "Shit!" he swore.

Davis turned "You trying to get me into trouble boy…did you not think I'd remember the one that got away?"

Callen turned to run, Dalkin wasn't back at the van yet and he knew the van surveillance wouldn't be working yet.

By the time Dalkin reached the van and got everything thing switched on he jumped at the sight that met his eyes, the camera on Callen's bag was working properly and captured everything.

Callen was curled in a ball on the floor and Davis was kicking him in the ribs. His voice coming over the intercom perfectly.

"Who did you tell? Who is outside watching me?" Davis screamed.

"No…no one…." Callen cried, his breathing hitching with the pain in his ribs.

Davis grabbed him by the hair and moved him onto his knees, "Now you know better than that, how do you address me?" he snarled.

Callen sobbed, "No one Master, sorry sir."

Davis came into view as he knelt down and lifted Callen's head up and kissed his forehead, "So pretty, and I have missed you so much."

"I thought you would have others Master." Callen said preparing himself for the blow, which came next.

"Oh I did…" Davis boasted, "They were weak, they were never as strong as you are…see there?" he pointed to a row of small boxes.

"Yes…." Callen coughed, "Master."

"They are there…soon you will be there too, you were my strongest, my prettiest…but you left me…."

Callen smiled at him and Dalkins' blood ran cold.

"We've got it." He said into his cell phone "Send back up now."

On the other end of the line Len Morgan was already headed to his car with a team, "We're coming tell the kid to hold on."

"You hear that Callen they are coming." Dalkin said, not realizing that Callen's earwig was over by his bag. "Callen….Hold on they're coming."

Callen shivered as Davis came towards him with a knife.

"So that's it, you're just going to kill me?" Callen sounded disappointed.

Davis stopped.

"I went to all this trouble to get back to you master, I fought the system, they wouldn't let me back, I tried so hard, no one gave me what you did, you loved me master, please…Kill me later…let me spend one more day with you." He looked up his blue eyes shone with unshed tears, "love me one last day." He begged.

He knew he needed time for the FBI team to get there and he knew he was expendable so he went for it.

Davis' eyes shone as he lowered the knife, "One day can't hurt." He agreed.

Callen closed his eyes and for the first time in his life prayed.

Davis grabbed him by the hair and dragged him upstairs, for some reason Callen's thoughts kept straying to Grace, he hoped she was safe and happy, her face seemed to pop up in front of him, "Stay safe." He voice said.

Callen's eyes flew open as the door to his old room opened and he was flung inside. "Get ready for me boy." Davis said.

Callen backed away.

"Have you changed your mind?" Davis snarled walking towards him, "If you have tough, it's too late."

Davis walked towards him.

"Grace." Callen said softly as Davis hit him around the head.

A loud bang was heard downstairs, "What the hell!" Davis yelled and turned away.

"FBI FREEZE!" Dalkin yelled as he saw Davis from the bottom of the stairs.

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