Operation Comescu

Chapter 7

Before Gibbs was even awake that morning, Callen was up, dressed and he'd repacked ready for the next leg of the journey, he'd heard Nadia talk to Gibbs about the almost constant cup of coffee he kept with him and decided as a thank you for his gesture last night he would make coffee.

He carefully filled the jug and poured the coffee into the machine, it started and a sleepy eyed Gibbs made his way out of the bedroom only to stop and look at the sight before him on the small counter.

Callen was sat at the counter, the aroma of coffee filled the air and the hotel room's toaster was in pieces along the counter with Callen staring intently at a small part of it, listening to something on his walkman stereo.

Callen had looked at the clock 5 minutes ago, it was about 3am.

He was listening to the Russian on the walkman, repeating the phrases softly so he got them just right, when a hand landed gently on his shoulder.

He leapt about 6 feet and turned brandishing the screwdriver he had in his hand as a weapon.

"Getoffme." He snarled not even thinking.

Gibbs stepped back his hands up showing Callen he wasn't armed. "Hey…Kid…its ok!" Gibbs said gently.

Callen shook his head and turned, "Don't matter." He shrugged it off and turned back to the toaster, nodding towards the coffee machine, "Coffee's nearly ready." He said.

"It's nearly 04.30, what you doing up?" Gibbs asked.

"I don't sleep," Callen sighed as he grabbed a cup and helped himself to a large black coffee.

"I see that…and…the toaster?" Gibbs asked taking a sip of his own drink and raising an eyebrow.

"Triedtomakeyoubreakfastanditbroke." Callen mumbled quickly.

Gibbs looked over at the kid, "what was that?" he asked drinking his coffee to mask his grin.

"I wanted to…to…thank you for …ya know…what you did last night…I tried to make you breakfast…but it broke…I kept pressing it down and it wouldn't work." Callen said looking at his feet waiting for Gibbs to scream and hit him.

"Did you plug it in?" Gibbs asked looking at the plug which was hanging behind the counter.

Callen shook his head.

Gibbs got up and Callen took two steps back. Without looking at him, Gibbs put his coffee on the table and in his best Russian accent turned to Callen, "Well Dimi, we had better fix this before your mother wakes up don't you think?" he grinned.

Callen nodded, "Yes dad." He replied, trying and failing not to smile, despite his reservations there was something about this man he liked.

For the next hour Callen and Gibbs poured over the toaster, putting the pieces back together.

By the time Nadia got up they had made her breakfast and had the toaster in working order.

"Something smells nice," she smiled at them both before giving Gibbs a quick kiss, "Anatoly did you and Dmitri make me breakfast?" She smiled.

"We did, sit down." Gibbs said and pulled out a chair as Callen brought the plate.

"Thank you." She said and sat down to eat as Callen and Gibbs ate theirs.

Gibbs watched Callen carefully, he played the perfect son, but didn't relax at all throughout the whole meal he cast glances at both Gibbs and Nadia making sure they were engrossed in what they were doing before he ate and he ate quickly, making sure that his food was safe from…well, anyone that would take it. He finished up and waited pushing a small piece of egg around on his plate so it didn't look like he was greedy.

"You want some more?" Gibbs asked moving towards his plate. Callen repressed the urge to flinch and just shook his head.

"I'm fine thanks dad." He said. He got up and practically fled to his room.

On shutting the door he sank to his knees, he needed to take a painkiller, only it wasn't his shoulder that hurt, it was his heart.

He really liked Gibbs, and this morning he had been upset to find himself daydreaming of what it would be like to have Gibbs as a father…an unbidden image of a dark haired man had popped into his head, he couldn't place it, he was sure he remembered all of his foster parents. But this image he associated with Gibbs, a kind and friendly man.

It hurt and he didn't like it.

He reached into his luggage and took out a bottle of water and two of his painkillers wiping angrily at his eyes as tears started to fall, it had been a long time since anyone had treated him like a person, never mind like a kid.

'Don't be silly G, it's just the mission. Gibbs doesn't care about you, tighten up.' He said quietly to himself. 'Anatoly is just concerned about Dmitri that's all; it's just a role, just fake…like you'

He stood up and took his bags out to the hallway.

"I'm ready," he told Anatoly and Nadia as they stood there with their bags.

As the plane touched down in Salihorsk in Belarus Callen grabbed his bag down and with his youthful grin jumped down the last few steps of the plane…. "Dad? There's nothing here!" he groaned

"Dmitri, you know we have to work here now, look there's my new boss, behave." He said to his son.

Anatoly walked down the stairs, "Help your mother with the bags, Dmitri." He called as his 'boss' asked him to do.

"Anatoly Lenkov. Welcome to Belarus," the large Russian man smiled as the family came down the stairs of the plane.

"Sergei Petrovitch…It is a pleasure to meet you," Gibbs said his Russian flawless. "This is my son Dmitri and my wife Nadia."

Sergei smiled, "It is good to meet you." He shook hands with Nadia, Dmitri hung back.

"Teenagers yes, my Anya is the same way. My wife has invited you to our home, your apartment is not ready yet so you will be staying with us for a week."

Anatoly smiled, "That will be nice, and it will do Dimi good to make some new friends."

Callen hung back being a typical teenager, he climbed in the car and listened.

"Anya has been staying with her friend in Romania, a family acquaintance, but she arrived home today. I hope you two will get on well,"

Dmitri nodded, but said nothing. Sergei smiled at Anatoly. "Ahh…" He laughed, "The innocence of youth."

Walking into the home of Sergei Petrovitch, Dmitri stood his mouth agape as he saw his mark.

Sergei smiled, he had hoped this would happen, it would make converting Lenkov to the darker side of his project a lot easier.

"Dmitri Lenkov, this is my daughter Anya Petrovitch." He said as his daughter came down the stairs her long blonde hair billowing out behind her, she was without a doubt the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.

"Hi…" he choked out on seeing her.

She smiled, "I have been told you have been in America…tell me everything." She said and held out her hand.

Callen looked over at Gibbs who smiled approvingly. "Go Dimi, we will pack your things away."

"Thanks dad." He grinned and ran up the stairs after her.

"I met Anya's mother the same way," Sergei smiled, "Instant love."

"Great!" Gibbs sighed, "A love struck son…just what we need."

Inwardly he was happy, it would be a good cover to get information from the girl, and Callen was good having this plan in mind.

Callen had nothing in mind, he had never in his life had this feeling, he had butterflies in his stomach and his hands felt clammy…and…his pants felt tight. He looked down in horror and pulled his jumper down lower just in case.

He walked into Anya's room; she had posters of Michael Jackson on the wall.

"You like American music?" he asked.

She grinned, "Mikhail Jackson is the best, do you not think?" she asked.

"Michael." He corrected her.

She smiled, moving closer… "Have you ever seen him?"

Callen shook his head; she sat on a chair near the window. He watched as she made a rolled cigarette, "What's that?"

She giggled, "I got it from my friend Alexa…Marijuana…" she took a long puff, "dinner will not be for four hours, try some."

Callen looked at her and considered it.

Three weeks into the operation, Nadia was spending time with Svetlana Petrovitch, Anatoly was at work with Sergei most of the day and Anya and Dmitri spent a huge amount of time together.

"Dimi…?" Anya said as she lay on her bed. Dmitri was leaning against the wall, the joint in his hand.

"Huh?" he asked.

"I…I think I like you a lot." She said turning to look at him.

Callen grinned, his eyes slightly glazed. "I like you too." He replied.

"What did you do to your shoulder?" Anya asked.

Dimi grinned, "I was shot, by a drug dealer...America is dangerous."

Anya's eyes widened, "You are so brave." she sighed

Dmitri grinned.

"Anya….Dimi?!" Nadia called upstairs,

They scrambled to put out the joint and opened the windows, stripping of their jumpers which smelled they ran to the top of the stairs. "Yes Mama?" Dimi called.

"Svetlana and I have been given a pass to a hotel and spa…we are going tonight, but your father called, They are staying in town tonight do you think that you two can look after yourselves for one night?" She asked.

Dmitri smiled, "Of course mama? Anything you need?" He asked his face totally innocent while Anya giggled.

"No we are good, we will see you tomorrow, do not let anyone in the house while we are gone," she told him.

Callen nodded. He understood the command, protect the asset.

They left and as Callen turned around Anya jumped on him and kissed him deeply.

For the next few hours all thoughts of the mission were gone from Callen's head as he made the transition from a boy to a man…this time voluntarily.

Lying on the bed with Anya naked in his arms he smiled, he loved her, but it ate at him that she didn't know his name. She couldn't know his name.

She groaned and turned kissing him, "Dimi…that was…perfect." She smiled.

He grinned, "Yeah it was."

She smiled, "I liked it when you told me you loved me while you slept, your Romani is very good."

Callen sat up and rubbed his eyes and looked at her.

"B…But…I don't speak Romanian?" he said confused.

"You did…Honest?" she looked confused.

"I did…maybe I learned it once and forgot." He said trying to shrug it off.

"er…Dmitri…we forgot something else as well." She said looking at them both.

"We forgot to use birth control, I'm not on contraception and you didn't use any."

Callen held her tightly, "Don't worry. You can't get pregnant the first time…I know that."

"You…you can't?" she asked.

Callen shook his head, every time he had asked kids in his foster placements they had all told him that, it had to be true didn't it?

The door downstairs slammed and both teens scrambled for their clothes, Anya having to quickly brush her hair as her father voice came from downstairs.

"Anatoly will be here later, Gregori, what is it that you had to fly here from Romania and pull me away from a meeting." He growled.

Gregori Comescu glowered at the man who worked for him, "I need to see your daughter Anya…she was doing drugs with my Alexa, I will not have that, she is the only child I have left."

Sergei called upstairs, "Dmitri, Anya…down here now!" he bellowed.

"Shit! We're busted." Dmitri snapped.

"I love you," Anya said and kissed him as the two teens moved to the top of the balcony to look down to the two men below.

"Hello papa." Anya smiled. "Uncle Gregori, it is nice to see you." She said holding onto Dmitri's hand.

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