Operation Comescu

Chapter 8

Gibbs was checking in with the CIA handler, Hetty Lange.

"Hetty, it's all going according to plan, Sergei is letting us into his home and life and has let slip some names of his contacts."

"That is good and how is Mr. Callen working out?" she asked unable to keep the curiosity from his voice.

"Fine, had a few bumps with the kid, but he's doing his job really well. He's got Anya Petrovitch wrapped around his little finger." Gibbs said with a grin. "He's gotten some good information; Nadia is sending it on and encrypted Telex."

"Good I will wait for it, Where is Petrovitch now?" she asked.

"He has a guest staying with us for a few days, a close family friend."

"What do you have on him?" Hetty asked.

"Apart from his name nothing yet, I was hoping you'd check his name out for us, it's Gregori Comescu." He said.

"Where is Mr. Callen?" Hetty asked her voice suddenly harsh.

"He's with the Petrovitch girl, they are at the house."

"Get there now, scrub the operation and get Callen out, he must NOT meet with Comescu, it is important, The Comescu's have a blood feud with the Callen's, he will kill him." Hetty told her. "Find and excuse and leave, if you can't do it quietly just run."

She sat at her desk having hung up on Gibbs and dialed another number, "We need an immediate extraction in Belarus." She told the person on the other end.

Callen stood with Anya at the top of the balcony while she said hello to her uncle.

"Anya, Dmitri, come downstairs please." Sergei said.

They both walked down the stairs and Gregori held out his hand, "Dmitri…?"

"Lenkov." Callen smiled shaking hands.

The man's eyes were cold and sad, for some reason he felt the urge to hug him, but shook it off.

"Anya…were you doing drugs while with Alexa Comescu?"

Anya nodded, "I am sorry papa, Vasilie got us some pot, and it was only a little."

Sergei backhanded his daughter around the face, "You do not use drugs EVER do you hear me?" he yelled at her.

"I'm sorry papa." She cried as Dmitri picked her up.

Sergei softened at the sight of his only child, he hadn't meant to be so harsh and Gregori put a hand on his arm, "Sergei, children are precious, make the most of her being here, I lost my babies, you would not want to lose yours."

Sergei nodded, "You are right, come let us have a drink, Children, would you like some American soda, Gregori brought some with him."

Anya clapped and hugged her uncle, Callen nodded, "Thank you sir." He said politely.

Gregori gave both children a soda, Callen and Anya sat drinking as the adults talked.

"Any word on your children?" Sergei asked.

Gregori shook his head, "No…I am still following leads, I had heard they were in America, but I have lost the trail. I still miss them so much." He said his eyes filling with tears, "They would be Dmitri's age by now." He sighed sadly, watching Dmitri and Anya chatting in the other room.

Gregori stared at the boy, the way he moved and carried himself was so familiar, and it hurt to see. It could have been his son, the hair, the eyes…but he knew for a fact his son was somewhere in America,"

The door opened and Anatoly walked in, "Dmitri?" he called.

Callen jumped up, "Dad? I thought you were going to be away on business," he hugged him, maintaining his cover.

"Your mother called, she's feeling unwell, and we need to pick her up from the spa." Anatoly said.

"Toli!" Sergei called, "I want you to meet our longtime business associate and friend, Gregori Comescu."

Gibbs turned and looked at the man, standing instinctively between him and Callen. "Good to meet you."

"Likewise, you have a fine son." Gregori said, he didn't know why, maybe it was Dmitri's age, the way his eyes looked so, so much like his little boy's eyes, but so much sadder. But he didn't want to stop looking at him.

"Thank you, but we have to go and pick his mother up, Sergei we will leave you Nadia's car, so that Svetlana can get home." Gibbs smiled,

"Dmitri your bag." Anatoly said.

Callen gave him a questioning look, "But…?" he started he knew that meant bring his own personal bag, the one he never let out of his sight, it meant that they were not coming back. "Anya…come with me," he said indicating upstairs to get his bag.

She nodded and the teenagers ran upstairs, as soon as they were out of sight of the grownups Callen pulled her in for a searing kiss, "I love you, you know that." He said earnestly staring at her trying to remember every inch of her face.

Anya laughed "I know that."

"Do you love me?" he asked his face unfaltering but his eyes scared.

"I do, I will always love you." Anya said to him, "We will talk about it later when you get back." She smiled.

He kissed her deeply, "I love you." He said again and turned to leave as she sat on her bed with a smile on her face.

He walked down the stairs, "Papa, I'm ready." He grinned like nothing in the world was wrong when in reality his heart was being torn in two.

Anatoly said his goodbyes to Sergei, as Gregori took a phone call.

Climbing into the car Callen's face changed as they pulled away from the house.

"Damn Gibbs, what happened?" he snapped.

"Dunno, Hetty freaked at that Comescu guy, ordered us to get you out of there."

"Why, I had it sweet with Anya, she was showing me tons of stuff, even had a meet with her friends cousin Vasilie, he's a member of a mafia group." Callen sighed, "All that work."

"Work?" Gibbs smirked, "Didn't look like you were doing much working lover boy."

"Get Bent." Callen snapped back scowling out of the window at the countryside as they drove towards the town.

"Sergei, my men have some information for you, they intercepted an encrypted Telex, you have CIA in your midst," Comescu handed the man his brick sized cell phone.

"Sergei." He said and listened, "Tell me names and descriptions."

He took a pen and wrote three names on the list.

Agent Gibbs

Agent Johnson

Agent Callen.

He turned as Gregori snatched the paper up. "Callen?" he growled.

"Problem?" Sergei asked turning to him.

"Agent Callen took my children, I want in on this."

Sergei listened to the description of the three agents. "No!...No…that's not…Damn!" he slammed the phone down and turned to Gregori, "Agents Callen and Gibbs, they were here. The boy and the man." He snapped grabbing his gun and running to his car, Gregori on his heels.

"Her son…she had a son…the same age and she took my children I will kill every last Callen on the planet." Gregori snapped.

Nadia was waiting in the lobby of the hotel as the car pulled up, she walked briskly and climbed into the back seat.

"What happened Gibbs?" she asked.

"Hetty pulled the op, thinks we've been compromised," Gibbs told them both.

"Why?" Callen asked.

Gibbs shrugged, "I dunno, something about you…what did you do kid?"

"Nothing!" Callen exclaimed, "I was working my end fine." He snapped glaring at Gibbs, who for a second he saw a resemblance between the kid and Comescu in Petrovich's dining room, both had the same cold stare.

"So what now?" Nadia asked.

"There is a plane ready for us at the airport, he just head there now." Gibbs said turning for the airport and noticing the black BMW following them.

"You guys armed?" Gibbs asked.

The other two nodded and went for their weapons, "OK hold on." Gibbs said. He put his foot to the floor and drove at speed at the gates for the airport. The BMW keeping pace behind them.

Callen grabbed his bag and swung the strap over his head wincing as the bag cut into his barely healed shoulder wound.

Nadia was out first, followed by Gibbs and then Callen, they pulled their guns as Sergei fired through the window of his car and Gregori got out firing at Callen.

Callen fired back, turning as he did so, the weight of his bag making him lose his balance.

"G!" Gibbs yelled,

Nadia ran into the plane, but Gibbs ran down the steps and grabbed Callen, the gunfire had stopped, he didn't question why he just hauled the kid's ass onto the plane and shut the door as his last sight was Comescu running for the plane.

He looked out of the window to see Comescu slump onto the tarmac in tears.

"Geez…some guys take it hard when the good guys win." Gibbs smirked, "Ya did good kid." He said as Callen lay back and closed his eyes.

Gregori Comescu stopped firing as the older agent turned to the younger one and called him G.

Suddenly it all clicked into place, that wasn't Clara's son, it was his…he had shook his son's hand, he had been so close, that close and hadn't seen it…he'd pulled a gun and fired on his son, and he had lost him again.

The pain was too much to bear and he collapsed to his knees letting out a guttural howl as the plane with his son on board flew away to America.

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