This is a fanfic of Dean and Castiel

Fantasy / Romance
Emm Pappin
Age Rating:

Chapter one

Dean and Cas are on there way to a case where a young girl has born missing

Dean - When we get to the scene we need to keep all the supernatural stuff to your self

Cas - Okay Dean , I can keep it to the girl

Dean - Thanks Cas

At the scene the police are investigating but have no clue where she is , just her blood .

Dean - Let’s have a look around and see what the police might have missed

Cas - Right behind you Dean

Dean - Look there is skin from a shapeshifter

Cas - Has it taken her

Dean - If it has it will have her underground, we need to have a look

After looking underground for over three hours Dean and Cas haven’t found anything

Cas - I think we need to get a room for the night I need a shower

Dean - Me too but I need food more , it has been a long day

There is only one motel in town and it’s next to a cafe

Dean - Looks like this is it

At the motel they tell them that there is only one room with one bed

Cas - That’s fine we can share

Dean - That shood be fine

Cas - Thank you’re will take the room

They head to the room and drop there bags , have a shower and go to the cafe

Dean - Do you won’t anything Cas

Cas - No I fine Dean I don’t eat

Dean - Okay I will get this to go

Back in the room Dean sits down to eat and Cas sits with him

Dean - after I eat I need to go to sleep

Cas - Okay Dean I will see you in the morning

After Dean eats his cheeseburger and fries, he heads to bed and Cas goes for a walk .
Back in the room Cas lays down next to a sleeping Dean and but Dean wakes up and rolls over to look at Cas .

Cas - sorry Dean I didn’t mean to wake you up

Dean - it is okay Cas

Cas - I just wanted to lay next to you Dean

Dean - Cas there is something I need to tell you but I’m scared of what it might do

Cas - what is it Dean

Dean but his hand up to Cas’s face

Dean - I love you Cas

Cas - I love you too Dean

Before Dean could say anything Cas kissed him

Dean - What was that for , not that I’m complaining but it was unexpected

Cas - I just wanted to kiss you

Dean - I have wanted to kiss you too for years , I just didn’t won’t to risk our friendship .

Cas - Can I kiss you again Dean

Dean - yes Cas you can

Cas and Dean kissed each other but before they knew it the sun was up

Cas - i don’t won’t to stop kissing you but we have a shifter to catch

Dean - You are right Cas we will get back to this

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