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Late Night Shenanigans


An erotic dream woke Tsubaki, moaning caught Dabi's attention.

Erotica / Humor
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Erotic Dreams Lead To This?

Tsubaki laid alone in the large king sized bed. She was panting and moaning as her fingers dipped in and out of her wet core. Was there a reason she was masturbating? No, other than waking up from a very erotic dream where she was sandwiched in between both Dabi and Hawks. Dabi would be pissed off if she told him about Hawks, so she wasn’t going to say anything about it. Tsubaki moaned out loud as her fingers barely brushed up against her g-spot.
“Fuck, why can’t I finish?” Tsubaki groaned and pulled her fingers away from her still twitching core. She sat up and walked from the large bedroom and to the spacious bathroom next to the living room. She heard the fake moans and groans from the porn Dabi was listening to. Tsubaki sighed and started the water in the sink. She then started washing her hands when she glanced up seeing Dabi leaning against the doorway, his hands on the trim above the door. Tsubaki shivered seeing he was shirtless and in only grey sweats. He knew being dressed like that made her weak in the knees and he smirked, watching as her eyes traveled down to see the large bulge in his sweats. Tsubaki closed her eyes and took a breath looking down at her hands gripping the sink. She first felt Dabi press against her from behind, then felt his hands on her hips before he tracked one up into her long white hair.
“Hmm.. do I have something princess wants? I could hear you earlier, you know. You’re not as quiet as you think you are.”
“Who said I was trying to be quiet?” Dabi gripped her hair in a fist and pulled her back against him.
“I’m glad princess is awake. As you can feel, I have a slight issue.” Tsubaki bit her lip as she felt him grind against her still throbbing core. She gasped as he yanked her head back to force her to look on the mirror in front of her. He chuckled seeing her flushed face.
“Oh, is princess still bothered. Let me help you with that since you couldn’t get yourself off.” Dabi released her briefly to drop his sweats from his hips. Dabi had crouched down behind her and held her hips in place before he leaned over and ran his pierced tongue over her soaked nether lips making her moan out softly.
“D-dabi..” He smirked knowing exactly what he was doing to her. He ran his tongue across her swollen clit making her cry out.
“Dabi!” She pushed away from the sink, or tried before he quickly stood behind her and picked up one of her legs hooking it over his forearm.
“I want you to look in the mirror as I fuck your tight little pussy. And don’t look away.” Dabi pushed her upper body onto the counter as he placed his other palm on the counter, raising her leg making her stand on her tippy toes. He growled lowly in her ear, making a shiver run down her spine. He moved her hair from her shoulder and caught her eyes in the mirror. He smirked at her and nipped her neck and shoulder before he started to rub his thick cock against her sensitive clit. Tsubaki shuddered as she saw his bright, blue eyes, looking as if they were glowing.
“D-Dabi, please... fill me up with your cock. I need you. Please fuck me already!”
“With pleasure, princess.” Dabi was easily able to slip his cock slowly into her tight cunt. “Fuck, you’re tight. Just as I want you. Nice and fucking tight for my fat cock.” Tsubaki moaned as he fully sheathed himself inside of her. She cried out when he started thrusting in and out of her, his hands gripping her hips pulling her back against his rough thrusts.
They held each other’s gazes in the mirror as he continued to pump in and out of her before her eyes dropped to where they were joined. The sight made her clench tightly around his cock making him groan.
“Fuck, princess. You’re really enjoying this position if you’re already clenching on me like this.” Dabi reached down and gripped her throat lightly, pulling her back against his chest.
“Hmm, now that’s a better view isn’t it? Now you can clearly see my cock pounding that pussy of yours, princess.” Tsubaki moaned out loudly, her hands gripping his arms. Her nails caught his scarred skin lightly making him growl in her ear. His thrusts got harder and faster, one hand gripping the base of her throat, the other gripping her thigh tightly, his palm heating up.
“You’re playing with fire princess.” Dabi’s voice was low in her ear.
“Y-you know I like to play with fire.” Tsubaki moaned out, a grin on her face as she caught his smirking blue eyes in the mirror. Dabi nipped her shoulder as his thrusts got faster, Tsubaki moaning loudly. She could feel his palm marking the back of her thigh.
“D-dabi! Please.. oh fuck, I’m so close!”
“Oh? Is princess going to cum on my cock? Let me feel you milk my cock dry with this tight pussy of yours.” Dabi growled lowly in her ear before he bit down on the junction of her neck and shoulder, knowing how much she enjoyed getting bit. Tsubaki screamed out tossing her head back onto Dabi’s shoulder, her pussy clenching around his cock making falter in his thrusts. Dabi dropped his hand from her throat and easily found her clit and rubbed circles on the nub making her squirm. He continued thrusting, his cock hitting the sweet spot inside her.
“That’s it princess. Let it go, cum for me. I can feel that you’re holding back. Give it to me princess!” Tsubaki felt that spring finally snap forcing another scream from her as she finally came. Dabi thrusted twice before he stilled, his cock deep inside her.
“Fuck, your pussy feels amazing milking my cock like this, princess.” He nipped her neck softly, earning him little moans as she panted for breath. She glanced over to him, his eyes bright before he leaned over and pressed his lips to hers deeply. She responded to the kiss, one hand reaching up to grasp into his hair. Tsubaki pulled away first, still panting for air.
“Fuck. Did you get that hard just by the porn?”
“No. It was by listening to you as you were masturbating, princess. It’s like you were teasing me.” He nipped her neck sharply before he slowly pulled out of her. He released her thigh and let her leg drop slowly, then he turned her around and kissed her deeply, one hand caressing her cheek, the other pulling her tightly against him. Tsubaki placed her hands on his shoulders, returning the kiss. She raised one hand to tangle into his hair which he decided to let grow out. Dabi pulled away from her plump lips and looked into her purple eyes.
“The porn is nothing compared to what I have in my arms, princess.” He quickly picked her up in his arms and walked with her to the bedroom. “You’re all I need to sate my hunger.” Dabi dropped her on the bed and stood over her before caging her in his arms.

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