Longing To Belong


this story is about my own imaginative story about Selene the goddess and her becoming the queen of the moon and how she went from the magical village girl to the queen of vampires and werewolves and trying to get along with her new found sisters walk with her through her years feeling as if she doesn't belong in her own kingdom.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Authors note

I don't know what I'm doing but I spend many time with my head in the sky daydreaming so here's one of the many stories in my head.I'm not really sure about this one but whatever i have nothing else to do except for homework that I LOVE to hold off on .if you do end up reading this book please don't be harsh when leaving feedback cause I'm still a fragile chicken nugget.and this book is mostly based of the 90's show charemed but not actually just the names and their personalities the other stuff is me
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