The Getz files

Hanna, Sam

Hanna, Sam.

Sam is the only married member of the team.

He was an Ex-SEAL and although he will deny this it is a big part of who he is. He is fiercely loyal and protective of his team.

A few years ago a young probationary agent whom Sam had taken too was lost; The Agent, Dominic Vail, had joined just after Mr. Callen was shot in a drive by shooting which Sam witnessed. Sam had some issues with not being able to stop Agent Callen being shot but with Callen living he and Sam got past the worst of it.

Dominic Vail was kidnapped on his way home from work, Sam hadn't gotten around to giving him the, vary your route pep talk, which if Sam likes you…you will get…and at length. Although it is good advice so I suggest you listen.

During the time the younger agent was missing Sam lost a good friend, Moe. He won't talk about him and I suggest you don't press that one, although when he does mention Moe, listen.

Sam tends to 'mother' Callen and although he protests I think Callen may secretly like it a little.

The only member of the team Sam does have issues with is Deeks. I think Sam's issues have to do with the fact that Deeks hasn't allowed himself to fully become a member of the team.

Trust is important to Sam; it is without a doubt, the cornerstone to who he is.

Sam is the eldest of five and the son of a single parent. His mother raised him and his brother and sisters in a small house in downtown LA. From all accounts his father was a joker and a military man, he used to make the family laugh. However he wouldn't commit to the family and up and left his mother.

I think that Sam feels like Deeks is cut from the same cloth and Deeks' refusal to sign the paperwork to join NCIS is seen by Sam as a refusal to commit and as such Sam is trying to keep Deeks at 'arms length' from his family.

Not only was this his work family but from all accounts there was a slight tension between Sam and Deeks when Sam and Callen asked Kensi to babysit Sam's daughter. Sam refused to have Deeks anywhere near his daughter.

From Sam's part this was a catalyst, Deeks' behavior plus his refusal to join the team, I think Sam didn't want his daughter to meet and bond with Deeks like she has with Callen and Kensi to the point where they are her aunt and uncle, if Deeks wasn't going to always be on the team.

Deeks however feels that Sam thinks because of his abusive past that Sam is under the impression that Deeks will be like his father and be a risk to his child.

Hopefully they will both find a way to come together, I have suggested a dual session with them and both however, have refused.

Sam on Callen.

I am putting this in here separately as Sam is Callen's partner and that is a whole separate dynamic.

Callen doesn't trust, this is a fact, when you see his file you will see he hasn't had a partner in some time. Neither will tell me what it was that made Callen trust Sam or vice versa. But the fact is that Callen trusts Sam and Sam can appreciate that fact.

Sam, the father, worries about Callen all the time. Callen has no family, except what he has built with Sam over the last five years. Although Sam is allowed closer to Callen than the others Sam is still kept at arm's length.

Sam will however go above and beyond when it comes to curbing his partners' tendency to get himself into trouble.

Recently there was an incident where Hetty was missing and Callen tried to go all 'lone wolf' (Not a technical term but one you will hear applied to Callen a lot) Sam took it upon himself to follow Callen when he quit… (In the files as a leave of absence) and followed him to Romania to save Hetty, while there Callen found out some things about himself. According to Sam, when the others left to go home Callen refused to leave. Understanding Callen's need to find out about his family, Sam stayed with Callen a further week. When it came time to come home Callen tried to run and as I understand it Sam handcuffed Callen and carried him unconscious on the plane for the flight back to the US.

Callen however says he was drunk and Sam just made sure he made his flight.

(Note here…Callen never EVER drinks enough to get drunk.)

Sam and Callen didn't talk for a week after they got back, as they are wont to do from time to time, but they never leave a Friday in between making up. Something Sam once said about if Callen is alone on the weekend without Sam to watch his back he may get shot so they make up on a Friday.

Nate sat back and read and re-read the file. He smiled as he thought of how much trouble Sam would give whomever was taking over from him.

He placed Sam's file in the in tray and reached over for the next….

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