The Getz files

Blye Kensi M

Grabbing a coffee Nate sat down and opened the file again…

Blye. Kensi M.

Kensi Marie Blye is the only female member of the field team.

This however is not a drawback; she can hold her own in most situations. She is the only child of a Marine who was murdered when she was fifteen, this was a major catalyst in her life and she spent nearly a year afterwards on the streets having run away from Child services when they came to put her into care. She was from what she has told me a Tom-boy as a child and liked to work with her father on cars he is also the person who taught her to hunt, track and shoot.

With an American father and a Portuguese/American Mother Kensi has a dual nationality and also speaks fluent Portuguese which is a help in her work.

Recently Kensi was reunited with her mother Julia Feldman who left her and her father when she was a child, this coupled with the loss of her father and the rejection by her fiancé gave Kensi a fear of being abandoned, this fear came to light when her partner Dominic Vail was kidnapped and then killed. She did not handle the loss of her partner well and it took an intervention by Agent Callen and myself to stop Kensi breaking completely.

Kensi has commitment issues, which leads to her having lots of first dates but not many seconds, Having had a disastrous relationship with a former Marine called Jack, who suffered from PTSD and jilted her she has found it hard to trust men romantically, however, since the introduction of Marty Deeks onto the team Kensi has opened up a lot to the possibility of love.

Her relationship with Deeks both personally and professionally has been a rocky one. They met while they were both undercover, Kensi for NCIS and Deeks for LAPD as Jason Wyler. Kensi told me how she felt something for him right away but didn't want to admit it, I will say that for Kensi to admit that to me did take two years after she and Deeks became partners and she was slightly drunk. However her feelings whether she will admit them sober or not, are a large part of why she and Detective Deeks click as partners.

The only problem they both have is self esteem, Both seem to feel that they are not good enough for each other romantically but are both better than each other professionally and spend their working time trying to outdo each other, which makes for a great team as no matter how competitive the pair of them get they will be the first to rush to the others defense if one of them is slighted.

Her relationship with Sam is like that of a big brother, he is the first to worry about her and the last to scold if she does something wrong. However with Sam's treatment of Deeks recently Kensi has gone cold towards him. Sam was second on the team and when Kensi joined took it upon himself to train her up, He is enamored with her firearms skills and the fact that she can lip read is also an advantage in his eyes. However he does not approve of Deeks being her partner and this has caused some friction within the team.

Kensi had only ever wanted to work in NCIS, her main goal was to find her father's murderers however since accomplishing that task with the help of assistant Director Owen Granger, she has continued to remain as an Agent and still gives the job her best. Kensi is the only member of the team that Hetty did not actively recruit although I do not doubt that she had a hand in Agent Callen's choice of her.

Kensi came onto Agent Callen's radar during an undercover mission for the CIA, Agent Callen was partnered with her for a period of three months, although the mission itself is classified, I do know from what they both could tell me, that Kensi was just out of FLETC when she was sent on the assignment and that she and Callen became close. All Callen will tell me is he won't date women with their own set of handcuffs after they worked together and then he smiles and that's all I am able to get out of him, except he has referred to her as his favorite agent in the past…again with that smile that means he and she know more about that than they will probably ever tell. All I do know is that they both work well together and if there was anything between them, it is long over now and the first thing Callen did after being partnered with Agent Hanna and told to form an elite team was pick Kensi Blye for his team, so whatever happened on that mission, Kensi definitely proved herself as Callen has difficulty in trusting, but trusts Kensi completely.

Kensi has an aptitude that rivals Eric's on computers although she has backed Eric up in OPS on occasion her forte is definitely undercover work.

Kensi herself is a fiercely loyal woman especially where her team members are concerned; she will put herself in the line of fire for any member of her team, although some of this is due to the fact that she has stated she will not ever lose another team member again. She needs the reassurance she gets from Callen, the stability she feels from Sam and the safety she gets from Deeks.

The one relationship that has recently become important to Kensi is Nell, Nell is the only other female that Kensi interacts with inside and outside work on a regular basis apart from Hetty, Nell is like a sister to her and more than once the pair of them have been seen in cahoots with each other, more often than not plotting practical jokes against the boys. Although this should not be taken as them 'messing about' but a way that between cases the team blows off steam and reinforces the group bonds that keep them together.

Nate sat back and closed his folder again. He looked down and smiled as he heard Nell giggle from downstairs she called him and he locked up the folder in the desk and went down to join her.

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