The Getz files

Jones Nell

Nate sipped his tea and looked out of the window in his office to his sisters in the pool in the backyard; His mother lay by the pool soaking up the Los Angeles sunshine. He smiled as his little sisters waved the youngest still in college. His father, the man who was also the father of one of his sisters looked on, smiling at both girls as he lit up the grill for the evening BBQ they were planning.

Nate closed the blinds and took a deep breath as he started writing.

Jones, Nell.

I love Nell and if you upset her in any way I will come back and deal with you.

He grinned and wiped the line out….I should start that again. He thought.

Jones. Nell.

Out of the whole group, Nell is different.

I am NOT her psychologist, I could not be.

She does however see Dr. Tyler the other NCIS psychologist who is based in San Diego.

This is not because I am incompetent, or anything like that…I am her brother….(He grinned imagining the reaction if that news ever got out.)

Well to be precise I am her half brother we share the same mother but she has a different father.


My mother Sabrina Getz was a DEA operative in Guadalajara, Mexico.

During a mission in 1985, my mother was chasing an Arms dealer from the IRA; whose name was Thomas Jones. He was selling Arms to the Medellin Colombian drugs cartel. My mother was sent to infiltrate the cartel which she had done the year before, meeting Jones she had a relationship with him and to sell her cover had to sleep with him. Unfortunately there was a complication and my mother became pregnant, due to her strong Catholic upbringing she decided to have my sister and when she was six months pregnant my mother's handler died. Nell was born in Colombia but thanks to some string pulling (Hetty), she has a full American passport. I do not know all the details of the operation only that by the time I was 17, my mother made it out of Colombia with my four year old sister in tow. Nell looks a lot like her father and inherited his looks, the red hair and the short stature from him; the green eyes are all my mothers.

When Nell arrived in the United States with my mother she spoke little to no English, but she did speak fluent Spanish. My mother's cover had not allowed her to teach Nell more than a few words of English. Although my father had trouble accepting her at first, my parent's marriage survived the tension and Nell became a beloved member of our family with my parents adding to the mix with our younger sister Natalie who was born in 1992.

Graduating college in 2006 Nell was recruited due to her ability with computers and her language skills to work for the CIA. However during an argument with my mother Nell decided to 'use' the CIA database to see if she could track down her father. Her supervisor found out and Nell was fired. Luckily working with Hetty meant I could put in a good word for her.

Nell found out her biological father was killed in a car bombing in 1993 in Bogotá and what he had done for a living meant that she had a strengthened resolve to fight against crime and needing a job, I called Hetty.

Hetty knew my mother and the circumstances of Nell's birth and despite the fact that she has Attention Deficit Disorder, my sister has an extremely high IQ, she topped the testing at 192. Hetty insisted that she come and work with us at NCIS.

Although Nell hasn't been told Hetty has divulged to me that she is grooming Nell to take over her position eventually.

Nell is a type A personality and likes to dominate a conversation her ADD means that she constantly feels the need to finish the sentences of people she admires, She does although she won't admit it, have a slight crush on Eric, and I think he on her as well. I first noticed it when she tried to use me to make Eric jealous when she first started working here. I have also seen her finishing his sentences. I won't tell her I approve of him…yet, but I do; Nat…our younger sister posted an online dating page for Nell and it accidentally came up in OPS during a case. Although Nell was mortified, Eric read it and brought Nell a DVD on American football, (Which until she had watched it Nell hated!), as Nat had put in her profile that she loved football.

Nell is fiercely loyal, both to her family and the team and especially to Hetty to whom she feels she owes her second chance.

Nell and Kensi being the two women on the team have bonded well, with the pair of them going out for drinks on a regular basis after work and Nell has been showing Kensi the finer points of gardening, being green fingered like our mother; and Kensi showing Nell how to maintain her car and spotting her during her practices on the shooting range. I have even heard that they both discuss Deeks and Eric during Movie nights at Nell's apartment. (Something I'm glad she NEVER invites me to.)

Nell and Deeks have a close friendship too, although I am sure that some of that is so she can get Intel for Kensi for their girly nights in. But I do trust Deeks with her and I know he as well as the other members of the team will protect her when she is in the field.

Callen and Sam tend to treat her like a little sister….if only they knew what a handful of a sister she really is…But they do listen to her expertise when it comes to computers and thanks to all her research on her childhood she is also an expert in the culture and cartels of South America. Her size is an issue when it comes to my little sister. If there is one thing you want to avoid…it's calling her short. She is sneaky with revenge and it usually involves hacking if she does the last guy who called her short, Bobby Mackey in the eleventh grade was never seen again, and with the team behind her now…it is definitely something to avoid.

Although I can't give you access to her records; know this… My little sister is loved by all the team and they would go all out to defend her as she is their youngest sister too!

He smiled at that as he looked at what he had written and closed the file.

Nell called him down for dinner and with a smile Nate left the room to spend the evening with his family.

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