The Getz files

Beale, Eric

Walking back into his office Nate started writing when the sound of Eric's whistle sounded throughout the building calling the team to OPS. Nate smiled hearing the team banter as they walked up the stairs past his office door to tackle their latest case.

He opened his laptop and started a new document, although he had written a few of his files by hand, this one needed to be on a word document. He felt it appropriate.

Beale, Eric.

Eric Beale is one of the most trustworthy men I know, he has the technical ability to drain every bank account in America and the morals not to.

Born in 1977 he is the third youngest on the team and fashion wise the one with the most leeway. Not that he has much fashion sense and he will take a bit of getting used to, as I can honestly say I have never seen him in pants or shoes. He wears board shorts and flip flops to work.

This is not a mental issue, Eric, when he is not sleeping, at work or desperately trying to get Nell to say yes to a date is surfing. He surfs every morning before work and his mood will, as Hetty has remarked, Rise and fall with the swells.

However when the surf is really good, it is all the team can do to keep both Eric and Deeks (Our other resident surfer) in the building.

I should add that if there is a case both men turn into total professionals, all thoughts of surf will take a back seat to solving a case.

Eric doesn't talk much about his family. I do know that when Eric was younger he contracted German Measles and for a year lost his hearing and had to have grommets fitted he also damaged his eyesight a little and has to now wear glasses, he was sent to a school for the deaf when he was seven and was taught to hear again as his hearing didn't go away entirely, while he was there he learnt sign language to talk to his best friend Scott who was deaf as well. While he lost his hearing his father brought him his first computer and Eric discovered his love of the computer.

By the time he was fourteen he had his hearing back and was in mainstream schooling, he focused solely on his studies as his father would buy him a new computer part for each A grade he received.

Eric is from a German/American background; his grandfather was a German scientist who came over in the war and worked for the Americans in return for citizenship, Eric learned to love science from his grandfather, but learned to hate weapons. He has gone into the field twice and refuses to carry a firearm. He has said it is not just because of the ideals he has learnt from his grandfather, but also because he is afraid the loud noise would damage his hearing again.

If anyone can be said to truly love their job it is Eric, he is the first one in, in the morning and the last one out a night. (Excepting when Callen is between homes and sleeps on the couch in the bullpen).

Eric doesn't interact with the team as much as Nell does even though they work in the same department, whereas Nell will join the team for drinks more often than not, Eric will have something to do so he can't attend.

I can see from the way I have occasionally caught him watching the team before he calls them that he would like to be 'in' with them but although he gets on with them he feels overpowered by Callen and Sam on occasion.

Once laughingly referring to an incident where he tried to fit in with them by saying 'the geeky kid can't play with the cool kids?' although he looked like he was laughing it off I could tell it genuinely hurt him. He has never told the team about his childhood and how on returning to mainstream school he was bullied and he buried himself in his school work instead.

Nell is his best friend at OSP as they both have similar interests and are partners at work. He has felt a bit jealous when Nell sent herself flowers but he seems to feel she is too good for him as a romantic interest partner and has remarked to me that maybe Nell would fall for the Alpha male type like Callen.

Deeks isn't in Eric's eyes a threat to his as yet unrequited hopes for Nell and they do spend time together outside of work, they both surf and Eric has said that Deeks, not being a full federal agent doesn't treat Eric as a second class Tech. Although I have yet to see Sam or Callen do that overtly Eric feels he is not as good as them as they are both type 'A' personalities and do tend to dominate the room they are in.

However any self esteem issues Eric has disappear the second he is in front of a keyboard. Director Vance has described Eric as 'the best there is' when it comes to anything technical related, although he would never say that in front of special Agent McGee from Washington, who I have seen work, there isn't much the pair of them cannot do on the internet.

At 18 Eric, 'Broke' the internet, his words. He actually hacked into the newly developed web and overloaded the system so much the whole internet had to be taken offline and rebooted, this was how he came onto Hetty's radar, She managed to get the CIA charges against him dropped and trained him for this job.

In my opinion he is without a doubt the best hacker I have ever seen; luckily he uses his skills for good now. His IQ is about twenty points lower than Nell's which is still higher than the rest of the teams, except maybe Hetty's although no one has had the guts to ask her what hers is.

Nate closed his folder as he heard Eric and Nell laughing from Ops, The team had left and Hetty had left early. Walking out of his office he stuck his head in ops to find Nell and Eric playing Call of Duty on the big screen. Nell turned and saw him and silently smiled and put her finger to her mouth.

Nate nodded and went downstairs and headed home for the day.

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