The Getz files

Lange, H

Nate walked into his office, turned locked the door, closed the blinds and moved to his desk… of all the files he had to write this one, this one would be the hardest. This one, if he got it wrong could make or break his career, or worse he could end up being stalked by a four foot ninja for the rest of his life.

Taking a drink from his coffee mug, he opened his laptop sent a quick prayer to the heavens, to any God that would listen and started typing.

Note to whoever reads this…For God's sake make totally sure you're alone.

Lange, Henrietta.

Now I'm not saying she is dangerous, although she is. (I will explain as I go through.)

Before I start you should know in short, (Not a pun!) Hetty knows EVERYTHING!

I have no idea how she does it, I had Nell check for bugs in OPS and in the Bullpen, but she found nothing, not even the smallest listening device, yet if you wish to have a private conversation and you want to keep it from Hetty, Eric has suggested that the only way to do that is leave the planet.

Hetty Lange, our fearless (And I truly, mostly mean that.) leader. She was born on February 29th 1948.

She took over early 2009 from the late Lara Macy as operations manager after Agent Callen was shot and Macy left her position, there was some talk of her pressuring Macy to leave so she could be closer to keep an eye on Agent Callen; although that is just scuttlebutt.

Out of all the staff at the office of special projects I would say that Hetty has had the most distinguished career so far, Most of what I know is from what she herself has told me as most of her file is classified.

Hetty is an accomplished linguist speaking at least ten languages fluently; she is also proficient in most forms of martial arts.

For the love of God, Do not let her size fool you.

Out of everyone in the building she is, without a doubt the most dangerous. Nobody who has any sense will underestimate her and rumor has it no one has lived to do it twice.

I tell you this to inform you not to scare you, if you don't cross her she can be a formidable ally and will put everything on the line to have your back.

An example of this is how she see her agents, she is the epitome of the mother Hen. She will fight for anyone on her team, or under her command.

It is said that she personally recruited Agent Callen to NCIS and pulled strings to get him partnered with Sam Hanna.

After she joined she recruited Agent Dominic Vail, after his death she quit, according to Agent Callen this was because Agent Vail was the second person she had recruited that died on her watch, the first, an Agent Sullivan who died years ago was a mystery. Callen however 'swiped' her resignation from the Director's pocket and managed to talk her into staying for now.

However she did resign when Agent Callen was compromised by a blood feud against his family.

Hetty, it is unsure whether her claim to the Comescu's was real or an assignment from the CIA, (I am leaning towards the latter) resigned, took a fake death certificate and traveled to Romania to meet Alexa Comescu and convince her that Agent Callen, the last of his line, was dead. Unfortunately, Agent Hunter who had been assigned by Hetty to take over her job as operations manager and Director Vance, failed to keep the whole team from quitting and following her, first to Poland and then onto Romania to try to save her.

The relationships she has with different members of the team are complicated; I think some of it depends on their background:


Sam and Hetty had a Nephew/Aunt relationship as is evidenced by the way he likes to keep her happy but does trust her with the until recently secret that he was married with children. Being the only member of the team with a family, she likes to play 'aunt' on occasion to his children and does I am told spoil them although not too much.

Kensi and Deeks…

Hetty saw a spark when Deeks 'officially' came on her radar as Jason Wyler, during an undercover operation and immediately requested his file from LAPD. Over the years she has supported the 'thing' that has been growing between the two agents, without overtly pushing them together, she helped Kensi when she was accused of the murder of the people who had murdered her father and with the support of Owen Granger managed to clear her name and helped her reunite with her mother. Deeks I feel that Hetty knew about him long before Kensi, Sam and Callen met him. She has occasionally known things about Deeks' childhood that he hasn't mentioned to others. Such as his ability to play the violin, however like I said who knows how Hetty knows anything…it's a universal mystery.

However she did know about Deeks' shooting his father when he was eleven and allowed her name to be put down as his next of kin, she has taken an Aunt/matchmaker role with them both as well.


Her relationship with Callen is complicated.

Hetty did at one point foster Callen for a while as a teenager, as I have said in Callen's file.

Hetty was the CIA Agent charged with rescuing Callen's mother, himself and his sister from the beach in Romania. Unfortunately she was ordered not to turn up and I think blames herself for the situation Callen found himself in. They have a mother/son relationship and although he will for her own good or for the good of the team disobey her. She is, he told me his one weakness, when she was threatened he did all he could to ensure her safety. When she left and went to Romania to try to save him from the Comescu's he didn't hesitate in leaving a job he loved to go and save her.

The Director asked me if this was just because Hetty was an exceptional manager, I said yes, but to be honest I think It was because Callen needed to save his mother. I have after hours when they thought they were alone, heard Callen refer to Hetty as Mom and Hetty to refer to Callen in conversation as my boy or son.

Occasionally she has been on the phone and called him our boy or our son…I wonder who she was talking to but when I have asked she hasn't answered me.

Nell and Eric.

Eric, she found when he 'broke' the internet as a teenager, she has told me that she brought him to the directors attention when they were setting up the office of special projects and after securing his immunity from prosecution she had him hired to NCIS. He doesn't talk much about his background, but Hetty knows more about him that anyone else and I think she knows how to sign as I have seen her sign the odd word to Eric usually to get a point across; Sometimes, just to pass a message across the bullpen without shouting.

Nell…Well, I approached Hetty when Nell was fired from the CIA for Hacking, it turned out she already knew about her and had already met with a view to hiring her as a partner for Eric. Also, I think she is quietly grooming my little sister to take over when she retires.

Hetty has a colorful past, she has worked with the CIA and other agencies as a cold war spy. Although most of her exploits are classified she subscribes to the old school rules of spying. She has probably while undercover worked in the film industry as a costumier and has 'dated' the likes of George Hamilton, and Frank Sinatra. She has (It is rumored) more contacts than any agent in the business and more pull with world leaders than the US president.

She has published a novel, although the only copy I could ever find is in her office and I haven't had the guts to ask to borrow it. She has multiple homes and identities, to be honest, I'm not even sure if Hetty is her real name, but at least Sam can't give her grief about security.

She also has a pilot license and is licensed to fly jets. The last time I know she flew, was just before Christmas when she used her 'influence' to co-pilot a jet to an aircraft carrier so Sam could get home to his children for Christmas morning, 'her official excuse'. Truth was she hasn't spent a Christmas without Callen since he was fifteen and couldn't bear to be separated from him. I do know he appreciated the way she managed that.

The only other thing I think you should know about Hetty Lange, and it is the most important point.

She loves tea.

Not tea from a vending machine or a tea bag, but real tea brewed in a pot from leaves, her teapots in her office are not for decoration, and there are different pots for different types of tea. You will know if she has accepted you when she asks you to join her for a cup of tea.


Nate let out a small laugh at the last line and closed up his computer, all his evaluations finally done.

He walked past Nell flashing her, a quick smile as she headed to OPS in the middle of a case and he headed home before sending the notes on tomorrow.

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