The Getz files

Getz, N

No sooner had Nate walked down the stairs; then Nell walked into his office. She knew that Nate was preparing an overview file on the whole team and she couldn't resist a peek. She knew it was breaking protocol, but she only looked at the file with her name on to see what her brother thought about her.

Looking at the file and the covering letter Nate had written to go in it she realized that someone's profile was missing.

Sending a mass text message she sat down to write, knowing in a few hours her plan should pull itself off perfectly.

Getz, N.

Nell: Nate is my big brother; he always has my back even when I make a fool of myself.

I have a 'thing' for Eric and being the perfect big brother that he is, he covered for me when I flirted with Nate to get Eric jealous knowing immediately what was going on he never let on, to this day I don't think that anyone has any real idea about our relationship, but I know that he will always have my back when needed.

This is the man whose job you are replacing, I know if he has picked you to take his place you must be at least half the man he is, so I will welcome you to the team.

Just know that Nate has been the backbone of our team for a while, no matter how bad things got we all knew that we could go to him for a comforting word or just to rant about another team member or our own shortcomings if needed, Nate never betrayed that trust and we know you won't either. This is not to make you feel bad be I thought you would like to know our opinions of the man you are replacing.

Eric: Nate Getz is like the floating agony aunt, if you have a problem he knows that you need him and he just tends to turn up, it's not like I have to go to an office or anything.

I actually hate offices, but if I've had a bad day, Nate will either offer to spot me so I can go surfing or he will play World of War craft with me a online role-playing game I play to relax.

Sometimes we talk and sometimes we just hang, and chat, but however he does it Nate always manages to make me feel better.

Hetty: As opposed as I am to the fact that Miss Jones has seen fit to rifle through Mr. Getz's personal papers, I do agree with her that this is a good idea.

The man you are replacing has been indispensable to the team throughout the years, and as pleased as I am that he is moving on to bigger and better things. I agree with Miss Jones that it would bode well for you to understand the man whose shoes you are to fill. Mr. Getz was our operational psychologist with this team that is more of a challenge that a vocational calling.

None of the team like to be psychoanalyzed and in Mr. Getz's own words 'sometimes pinning the team down for their yearly evaluations is like locking a rabid dog and a feral cat in the same room and hoping they will listen to each other.'

A few of our team exemplify that role exactly I look forward to seeing how you will handle them.

Mr. Getz had his own inimitable style when dealing with each member his style of dealing with each and every one of them has been unique.

Mr. Getz see's himself on the periphery of the team, preferring where possible to be an observer, which is quite frankly when he is working exactly where the team likes him, however he has managed to breach the gap between outsider and team member and has participated in a few team building events, which he organized but let the team think mostly it was my idea, I assume that was his way of getting them all to go, but he did tell me that he learned a lot about the team by participating in these events; In my opinion, a very shrewd move on his part.

Sam: Nate is a good man and a good psychologist; he has the team's back and is always there when we need to talk about stuff usually after a team member was hurt. He had my back when Callen was shot and came by the hospital, not only to see if Callen was ok but to see if any of the team needed support. He was the same when Dom died. Although Callen helped keep us together as a team, I saw him talking to Nate in the corridor and I know he didn't come up with all that stuff by himself and I think that they worked together to keep the team as a whole. Nate seems to know when one of us needs to talk but he has the sense just to be there when we come to him and not push. You are going to replace a great man. Nate is one of the team and we will always be there if he needs us.

Kensi: Nate is compassionate, he doesn't just sit in his office and wait till we have to see him, he regularly comes down to the bullpen and interacts with the team, and he takes the time to know each of us individually.

Knowing our likes and dislikes isn't what makes him good at his job though, it's the little things like knowing when I'm down and I need to talk or when I just need doughnuts.

He will just place a box on my desk before I get into work and have them ready without saying a word. (Between you and me I think he just has certain dates marked in his calendar). He always seems to be in when Deeks infuriates me and doesn't mind if I talk for hours about how annoying he is.

Nate will always make time for each member of the team as needed, He even took the time out to help me study up on art for a meeting I had with a friend as I had told her for my cover that I worked in an Art Gallery, he consistently goes above and beyond his job description and more than a team member I think in all honesty he is my friend as well.

Deeks: I was the newest member to join the field agents after one of their own, Dominic Vail, died. It was a hard set of shoes to fill so I kinda know what you're going to be going through.

Nate took the time to sit me down and fill me in on what Dominic had been like, what his place in the team was and how hurt the team had been after he died. Being only a cop and not a fully fledged Agent I don't have to see Nate for my psyche evals. But I have found him more easygoing to talk to that the LAPD shrinks. He knows what happened in my past and unlike the LAPD shrink he doesn't hold that or anything else I have done to get here against me. Nate knows how I feel about Kensi and although right now it is just a thing he will let me talk about how much she can drive me up the wall with her bad driving and constant sniping about me and still make me feel good about being her partner. Nate is the glue that holds the team together, even though he's leaving I think that the others will be talking to him a lot after he leaves, that is no reflection on you but these agents don't do change all that well.

Me….hell, I'm LAPD; if I don't like ya I don't have to talk to you, I'll just go surfing, Good Luck!

Callen: Ok….Nate, the thorn in my side. I mean he is a good guy and all. He's like a dog with a bone, if he gets one little tidbit of information he will run with it bugging ya until you give him your whole life story.

Geez that sounds bad but, he really isn't.

He is there for the team whenever they need him; he always has time for them all when they do need him, even if it isn't in an office environment.

He has even been known to wait for Deeks at the beach after he got shot and gave him is Psych evals on the beach.

He helped keep the team together after Dom died and I think he may have been responsible for those awful karaoke nights that 'Hetty' suggested.

When it comes to me and my feelings he has learnt to butt out, I don't need to talk to a psychologist as I am doing fine, although if he thinks I have a problem he tends to follow me around till I talk…

A trait I suggest you don't copy!

Nate is a good guy and was a fundamental part of the team you won't be able to replace him and as you might have been told we don't like change to much, but we will welcome you and I'm sure as long as you don't push too much that you will find your own place on the team. As team leader I will do what I can to help, but you should know it will take someone great to fill the void that Nate Getz is leaving behind.

Good Luck!

(And Nate this is what you get for writing unofficial biographies on us and thinking we wouldn't find out.) G.

Monday morning Nate walked into his office and stopped, someone had been in there.

He looked over at his desk and realized he had left the files on his desk, as he tidied away he saw the last file sitting on the top, Getz, N. slowly he sat in his chair and read through what the team had to say.

An hour later with a smile on his face, he let out a small chuckle and placed the last file inside the manila envelope with the others, sealed it up and placed it on his desk. He wrote: For my successor, on the front cover and carefully placed it in his drawer. Even though it was his last day he got up and went to do his favorite morning pastime….

Team watching.

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