My name is G!

Chapter 10 - Callen gets a shot

After an exhausting but happy day the team returned to the mission to drop things off and pick their stuff up before heading home for the day.

On entering the mission Grangers phone rang.

"Granger….already? Are you sure? Ok I'll bring him and Hetty…..yes, she knows…ok" he hung up and walked over to Hetty, "I need you to come with me." He said "Con thinks he has a cure."

Hetty nodded and went to get Callen.

"I'll take him tonight Hetty." Sam said.

"Not tonight Mr. Hanna, Mr. Callen has a visit to make." Hetty said, "We may have a cure."

Sam looked on his guard, "Who….Have you check this guy out…do you trust him with G?" Sam asked concerned.

"Oh Mr. Hanna, this man….Yes, I know he wants no harm to come to Mr. Callen." Hetty said.

Although Sam was still concerned, he trusted Hetty and moved to let her take the boy.

Callen stood with his bag, "You'll come with me and Mr. Granger tonight." She said, not caring where he slept Callen nodded.

A few hours later and Callen stood in front of a small Laboratory on an industrial estate.

Hetty waited as Granger opened the door, "Come on Mr. Callen."

Walking into the lab scared him, it was all white and it smelled funny.

Callen bit his lip rather than start crying. He grasped Hetty's hand a bit tighter than before and she looked at him concerned. "Mr. Callen, it's alright, we are going to see a man who is going to help make you better." She said with a smile.

"I'm not sick!" Callen protested.

He wasn't sick, his arm ached but that was all he hadn't knocked it today at all, even with the surfing lessons he was careful.

"It's alright, you trust me Mr. Callen, and I will not let anyone hurt you." Hetty said looking over at Granger and hoping whatever the boy's father had in mind wasn't going to hurt.

Granger typed a code on a keypad and the door opened.

"Con?" he called.

"Over here….have you brought him it's ready." Constantin asked from the other side of the room.

As he turned Hetty gasped, it seemed to her that she was now looking at an older version of Callen. Constantin looked warily at the woman then he nodded.

"You must be Henrietta Lange…Clara told me so much about you."

"I'm afraid, until yesterday, I had no knowledge of you Mr. Lupescu."

Constantin smiled, yet another trait Callen had inherited Hetty thought as the man turned to his son.

"Ok, G….I am called Constantin, you may call me Con, I am a friend of your mothers and I'm here to help you."

Called looked at him, "How do I…..știu dacă pot încredere în tine"

"You know you can trust me because I know you…you momma told me that the white dove would always keep you safe and that she and Tata would always love their puțin razboinic"

Callen looked at the man with tears in his eyes, "Tata?"

Constantin nodded, "You will not remember meeting me but always know your momma and I loved you and you are precious." He said hugging his son.

Callen didn't want to let go as Constantin pulled back. "Tata!" he cried, as Granger pulled him off to sit on the table.

Constantin kissed his son's head and administered the shot.

"NO!" Callen cried; He didn't want to be made better if it meant forgetting again.

Callen sobbed as Constantin held him until his sobs died out and he fell asleep.

As he held his son, comforting him and few stray tears of his own escaped at the loss of what he could have had with his son.

Constantin wiped a tear away and composed himself as he turned to his brother-in-law and the small woman. "The sedatives should keep him knocked out for twelve hours. Let me know how he is after then, hopefully, he should be back to normal."

Granger carried Callen back to the car.

"Constantin, you could still be a part of his life, come with us be there when he wakes." Hetty pleaded she knew how much this would mean to Callen to have one member of his family in his life.

"It is alas, still not safe for him, I keep watch Henrietta and one day, I will contact him or if I do not make it to that day, Owen has some information for my son about his family. I do love him…more than my life, but if someone found him and used my relationship with him to create a weapon…."Constantin shook his head, "We barely escaped last time….Clara did not….No Henrietta for the sake of my family, this is best." He said.

Hetty nodded and turned to go, "Call me with the results…please….and please…..take care of him, he is my life." Constantin said as the door closed.

With a heavy heart Hetty headed to the car.

The next morning she awoke, got dressed and headed to her kitchen to find Granger already pouring the water into her teapot.

"Have you checked on him?" Hetty asked.

"Not yet I thought I'd wait for you." Granger replied drinking his coffee.

Hetty nodded and they both headed for the guest room,

Opening the door they noticed that the lump under the covers had grown and a somewhat larger foot stuck out at the end. The small red plaster cast was cracked and on the floor and a figure moved slightly.

Hetty knocked on the door and waited.

The figure in the bed moved and….. "Oh…Shit!" a voice came, "Erm…Come in?"

Callen sat up and pulled the blankets around him.

Biting his lip he looked at the man and woman standing in the doorway….."Erm…Hi?" he said with a cocky smirk on his face, "I think I lost my clothes." he grinned embarrassed.

He had no idea who these people were or how he had ended up in this room naked under a duvet. He thought about running, what if this was their daughter's room.

"Mr. Callen, I see you're awake." Hetty said smiling.

Callen looked her up and down… "Okay….Erm yeah." He rubbed his head…no bruise….he looked under the duvet, no new bruising so these people hadn't hurt him and he'd obviously slept well so they must be ok.

"Do you wish to come down for breakfast?" Hetty asked.

His stomach rumbled….. "I'm fine." He said not knowing what to do, he needed to get his bearings fast he hated being at a disadvantage. "Mrs.….?" He asked.

Hetty looked at him and realized he didn't know her, "Lange, Miss Lange. This is Mr. Granger." She said pointing to Owen.

"Erm….I know my last family probably didn't let me keep whatever they gave me but I at least came in some clothes….right?" he said.

He didn't get it; he was totally naked and didn't even have his shoes on.

The one thing he had learnt in foster care was if you wanna keep it wear it, he never slept without his shoes what on earth could have happened to him to make him lose them.

"Just wait there I will find them," she replied and closed the door on a bewildered teenaged Callen.

"Oh bugger!" she said quietly looking at Granger

"I'll call Constantin and tell him, he'll have to look at the dosage again, you had better call Sam and fill in the team."

Hetty nodded and walked to a closet and took out jeans a t-shirt, boots, socks and boxers all in Callen's size.

Granger cocked an eyebrow, "Should I ask how come you have a teenage boy's clothes in your home Hetty,"

Hetty stared at him back, "Did you not follow all of Mr. Callen's foster homes in the 1980's?" She asked.

"Only till '83, I was shipped out with the CIA in '84-'87" Granger said.

"I had Mr. Callen here for three months in 1985, I too kept an eye on him growing up and they couldn't find a place for him after one of his foster brothers was murdered so he came to me. Unfortunately circumstances were that I was unable to keep him, However knowing that our paths would cross I kept some things which now seem to have come in handy."

She pulled out the box marked G. Callen '85.

She put the clothing and a few other things into a bag and took them to his room along with a wash kit and new towels.

Callen pulled up the duvet as the woman…Miss Lange walked in.

"Mr. Callen, here is your bag and a wash kit and Towels, the bathroom is the door to your right, use it and I will see you in the kitchen in 15 minutes." She said.

Callen nodded and as soon as she shut the door he ran to the bathroom. He still had no idea where he was but he knew one thing that little lady meant business and he wasn't messing with her.

Less than 15 minutes later washed and dressed with his shoes in his hand he skidded along the wooden floor as he slid past the door to her kitchen.

Granger looked up from his plate and raised an eyebrow hiding a smirk.

Callen sat at the table as directed as Hetty put down a plate of bacon and eggs for him.

"Eat." She said simply and returned to her tea.

Checking the duo out Callen carefully ate his food, tasting each bit before he decided it was safe and then swallowing.

Halfway through; he decided, he should come clean.

"Erm… Ma'am?" he said quietly in case she blew up at him for talking at the table.

Hetty merely raised an eyebrow, "You have a question Mr. Callen."

"Erm…yeah, when did I come here and when am I leaving?"

"You came late last night, you were unwell and your clothes needed to be dealt with." She looked at his arm and then watched as Callen ran a mental inventory of his bones.

He shrugged, everything felt ok.

"We will have to leave soon; you will accompany me to work." Hetty told him, "Mr. Granger will be there as well, I expect you to be on your best behavior" she said remembering how he was last time he was fifteen.

Sitting in the back of the car Callen watched everything that went on around him, barely giving any indication he was watching, Granger noted with some satisfaction the traits that Callen would later come to rely upon in his works.

They pulled up outside the mission and Callen looked at the building, "Condemned?" He asked noticing the sign on the door.

"Only on the outside Mr. Callen, now behave in here." Hetty reminded him.

Callen was already on edge as he knew lots of people were inside. He didn't trust people and they didn't trust him and he was fine with that.

Walking inside he saw the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace.

No one paid him any attention which he was happy with. Granger had already called and briefed the team. Hetty in her infinite wisdom had also placed a phone call.

Nate stood at the top of the balcony watching the teenager enter getting a read on him. Hetty had hoped that having Callen this age he may be able to talk to Nate and let him in on a few things that the adult Callen wouldn't.

Deeks, Kensi and Sam looked up as the party arrived.

They tried to keep a straight face but none of them managed to successfully hide their shock at the sight of a longer haired teenage Callen.

"What!" Callen said looking at them suspiciously. He turned to Hetty, "Miss L. Are you a cop?"

"This Mr. Callen is a Federal Agency and I expect you to conduct yourself accordingly." Hetty admonished him.

"Yes ma'am." He mumbled.

Callen followed Hetty as the others looked after her.

Sam turned to Kensi and Deeks. "Wow!" he said shocked at the sight of his partner as a teenager.

"Some undercover unit we are if he can pick us out as cops as soon as he walks into a room." Kensi said stunned.

They all turned as they heard a shout.

"NO! NO WAY…YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" Callen backed out of Hetty's office shaking his head.

"Mr. Callen, this is not a negotiation." Hetty said sternly.

"NO! Listen lady, I don't care what the last asshole that had me, did to me, there is no way in HELL I'm talking to a shrink!"

Nate walked up behind them and put a hand on Callen's shoulder.

"GET OFF CREEP!" Callen yelled twisting out from under Nate's hand and running for the door.

"Callen wait!" Nate yelled.

But with a loud slam….Callen was gone.

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