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Chapter 15 - More Needles

The further Callen got from Sam's house the more his gut churned. The guy driving the car hadn't said more than two words to him since he had driven off, usually social workers kept up an unending stream of banal chatter as they ferried kids from one drop point to another. Callen hated it, but this silence…he hated this more.

"Sir, where are we going?" He asked trying and failing to keep the worry out of his voice.

Granger ignored him and kept his eyes on the road.

Callen looked in the rearview mirror and checked the old guy driving the car out, he looked familiar, but then again he had dealt with so many social workers in the past he could be anyone, The guy made him feel strange though, like he should trust him…but not too much.

Callen crossed his arms and glared at the man, "You know if you're kidnapping me your out of luck, no one will pay a ransom for me."

Granger looked at the teenager with a slight smirk. He could see Clara's defiance in him, the slight pout he made which reminded him of his younger sister.

"You think no one would?" Granger asked amused.

"Don't have anyone to pay it." Callen said matter of factly, "So if that's your game your outta luck."

"Callen I am here to help you," Granger sighed. "I have only ever been here to help you."

Not understanding that remark Callen leant back and watched him through semi closed, suspicious eyes.

"So where are we going?" He asked again.

"To see your father." Granger told him.

Callen looked distrustful, "I don't have a father." He said guardedly. He wanted to get his hopes up that somehow this guy had found his family and finally he would go home."

"Yes you do," Granger pulled the car off to the side of the road.

"Oh great!" Callen rolled his eyes and started rooting around in his bag for his knife, "Let me guess, I give you what you want and you will tell me all about my family….nice try mister," Callen said pulling out the knife. "I don't swing that way, you aren't the first to try….just let me outta the car and you can say you lost me, I ran away again or something." He tried to sound braver than he felt and Granger heard the scared kid underneath.

"No Callen, listen…I don't want to scare you and I certainly don't want to do that!" Granger said, "I am taking you to meet your father, he is a scientist, he has something that will help you, as you are sick and he can fix you."

"Who are you?" he asked "How do you know my father."

"I'm your uncle, your mother's brother. I know you were born in Romania, I know your favorite color is red although you say it's blue, I know your full name is Gregori Callen Lupescu, you had a sister Amelia, you called her Amy…She had an accident and died." Granger waited and watched as Callen sank back in the seat digesting the information.

He mouthed his name a few times, testing the sound and feel of it on his tongue. The he looked his uncle in the eye, "Who are my parents and why didn't they want me?" He asked.

Granger went to open his mouth and Callen stopped him, "You know what I'm fifteen now, if they didn't want me then I don't want them now so whatever they want tell 'em thanks but no thanks. I can look after myself. I don't need parents."

Granger sighed and shook his head "Just stay there Gregori." He said and switched the engine on.

Sitting in the back Callen started to get worried, was he really on his way to see his father? Where was his mother? Did she not want to see him? Had she given him up? The closer he got the more worried he was another tremor shot through him as the last of the drug still worked it's way out of his system and his thoughts got darker.

By the time they pulled up to the lab Callen was ready to bolt.

Granger got out and went to grab Callen's bag. "I got it!" Callen snapped holding the bag like his lifeline.

Granger looked at the doors where Hetty stood.

"Miss L?" Callen said surprised, "You know?" he asked.

"Come on in Mr. Callen, we don't have much time." She said and turned towards the door.

Callen followed them down the corridor until they reached a white door. Suddenly he found he couldn't go any further. Hetty and Granger turned and looked at him.

"Gregori?" Granger said.

"Th….that's not me….I'm G…I…I can't do this….." He started backing up, "What's in there anyway? What do you lot want with me?"

"Mr. Callen you will walk in this room right now!" Hetty ordered him.

Shaking his head and scared to death Callen moved back away from her, "You people are crazy, I'm not getting experimented on!" he yelled.

"Mr. Callen, you had an accident, you need this to get better." Hetty said softly.

"You're crazy lady; I'm fine, I'd know if I weren't." Callen found himself backed into a corner.

Granger grabbed Callen's arm and he struggled to fight him off. "Get off me!" he yelled.

Twisting his arm behind his back Granger manhandled Callen into the room as Constantin looked up.

"Owen!" he said surprised.

"This time, he doesn't want to be here." Granger said.

Constantine walked over to his son who was fighting back tears of rage and frustration. He placed a hand on his son's shoulder.

"GET THE HELL OFF ME ASSHOLE!" Callen yelled, scooting away from his father.

Constantin stopped and crouched down in front of the shaking boy who was backed up into a corner, looking wildly for a way to escape.

"Son." He said.

"Not your son, I ain't nobody's kid so don't pretend you care….leave me alone!" Callen sobbed, "I don't know what you guys want with me but I don't want it."

"Look at me son," Constantin said calmly.

Despite his best efforts Callen found himself listening to this man, he lifted his face slowly and looked into the eyes he only remembered in his dreams.

"I…I know you?" Callen breathed in shock.

Constantin smiled, "Yes my son, all your life."


Constantin nodded.

Callen looked at the man hopefully then stopped, "NO! You're lying…"

Constantin pulled out his wallet and showed him a handful of pictures of Callen growing up from when he was a baby through to when he was eight in a baseball uniform right up till he was an adult crouching at his sister's grave.

Callen carefully looked at the last picture.


"It is 2013 son, you are 43, you were in an accident, and it had unusual side effects, it made you younger….but this is not you son, you've had your life, you need to be who you really are." Constantin told him. "Who you are is important, you make a difference and you need to be you again."

Callen looked his father in the eye and saw no trace of deception there.

"It's true?" he asked.

Constantin nodded.

"And….and you're in my life, I have my family when I'm grown up?"

"You will always have your family, even when you don't know we are around."

Constantin held his arms out, "Come here son." He said.

Callen moved and hugged his father, "Don't leave me Tata." He said.

"I never left you," Constantine said as he swiftly injected his son in the neck.

Callen sobbed in his father's arms as the medication took effect.

Slowly he fell asleep and Constantin moved him so he could talk to Hetty.

"I'm sorry for his behavior, I believe he was frightened. Did either of you tell him why he was here?" Constantin asked.

"I assumed Mr. Granger did?" Hetty said

"Er…No, I didn't and I told him he was seeing you, Con. He didn't believe me and then panicked as we got closer; I never got around to it." Granger admitted.

Constantin sighed as he looked at the small woman and his brother in law. "We should get him home." He said.

"Will he remember you this time?" Hetty asked.

"I don't know, I had to adjust the formula, I have no idea what he will remember when he wakes up," Constantin admitted, "Owen I will leave the keys for this place as our pre-arranged drop point, I will have to go in case he remembers me. You must do all you can to make sure he doesn't follow me or even try to look for me, it still isn't safe." He reached into his pocket and handed Hetty a letter.

"Miss Lange, if my son does remember me or asks about me, please give him this and tell him I never forgot him."

Hetty took the letter and nodded leaving the building behind the two men as they carried Callen's sleeping body out to Granger's car.

She turned and watched as Constantin walked slowly back into the building casting one last look at his son and then she got into her car to follow Granger.

Watching as he drove off she let out a frustrated breath.

"Oh Bugger!"

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