My name is G!

Chapter 16 - He's Baaack!

Callen woke up.

For a moment his head felt fuzzy, he turned under the duvet. 'I must have been drinking again.' He thought to himself pulling the duvet over his head and relishing the feel of the soft mattress under him.

Wait! Duvet?... Mattress? Where the hell am I? He wondered as he cracked his eye an inch and slowly felt an arm out in one direction and a leg in the other just to see if he was alone in this bed.

OK, so I'm alone, in a strange woman's…Oh God, I hope it's a woman's, house!

He tried to think back to the last thing he remembered, Going to Grant Mason's lab and getting locked in…no wait, Mason was dead and he had gone back to the office and felt tired and gone home, he was sure he hadn't gone to a bar after work.

He slowly sat up….he recognized this room; he was at Hetty's. Although no one knew, Hetty had fostered him for a while as a teenager after Jason died…while he got clean.

OK, so why am I at Hetty's?

He sat up and saw his clothes on the chair across from his bed, he carefully lifted the blankets and looked down, OK so why am I naked in a bed at Hetty's?!

Checking himself out he was relieved to see no more bullet holes so he hadn't been shot. He looked at the track marks on his arm. Shit, did something happen, there is no way I shot myself full of smack. But the needle marks were there nonetheless. God! Maybe that was why he was at Hetty's; if he used and they knew at work his job was history.

ENOUGH! He yelled to himself. Speculation wasn't going to sort this out. Whatever happened, it was his mess and one thing was for sure, he wasn't was a coward.

He climbed out of bed and walked across the room to the en-suite.

Having had a quick shower he got himself dressed and as he tied his shoes tried to figure out how to get out of there before Hetty got up.

The door to the room opened a crack. "Don't even think about it Mr. Callen, Breakfast in the kitchen in five." Hetty's voice floated up the stairs and the door to the kitchen closed.

Callen rolled his eyes, as he remembered there was no way he could ever hide himself from her.

Walking down to the kitchen he saw his bag at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hetty." He said as he slipped onto a chair and helped himself to a mug of coffee.

"Good Morning Mr. Callen, how are we feeling this morning?" Hetty asked, studying him intently."

Callen looked over at her, "Honestly Hetty I'm confused…" He replied

Hetty raised an eyebrow, "Confused?"

"Yeah, why was I in my…I mean your bedroom?" Callen coughed "I…I mean here at your house, did I get injured?"

"In a way, what is the last thing you remember?" Hetty asked looking up as Granger entered the room behind Callen.

"Mason, we got him, and closed the case, then I went home, I felt a bit tired….then nothing." Callen told her, "Did something happen to me?"

"In a way Callen," Granger said, "you breathed in some gas and lost your memory."

Callen looked at Granger; he had some weird feelings about him but kept his game face on.

"Ok so how long?" he asked.

"Sorry?" Hetty asked him

"How long have I been mentally missing?" He asked.

"A month…If you wish you can have a few days off work." She offered.

Something was niggling him, pushing it down he turned to Hetty, "No I think I need to come back to work, are we dealing with any active cases right now?" he asked.

"No, not right now." Hetty admitted.

Callen nodded and grabbed his bag, "My car out front?"

Granger shook his head, "No, I can give you a lift in if you want." He offered.

Callen looked over at Hetty, "I will be a bit late Mr. Callen, and I have a meeting first."

Callen grabbed his bag and walked to Grangers car.

Sitting inside his gut started to churn, he had flashes of Granger talking to him in the car and something important….just out of reach.

Refusing to talk to Granger, Callen tried to focus on what he was missing.

As they pulled up outside the mission Callen walked briskly inside and dropped his bag at his desk.

"Sam." He said in greeting to his partner who stood there with his mouth open as a fully grown up Callen took the stairs to Ops two at a time.

Quickly recovering his equilibrium he, Kensi and Deeks followed.

"So our little guys all grown up." Deeks said and yelped as Kensi punched him in the arm.

"G…you ok?" Sam asked catching up to him first in ops.

"Nell, I want to know if you have any footage of me from…." Callen started and stopped as he saw the face on the screen.

Nell had been running a background check on Constantine Lupescu and his face was still on her screen.

Callen stared at the man on the screen as all the memories came flooding back.

'Tata' he said under his breath.

Nell, standing the closest heard him, "Do you know who he is?" she asked.

"Where is he….NELL,WHERE IS HE? I NEED TO KNOW, NOW!" Callen shouted at Nell.

Nell looked at Callen, shocked at his uncharacteristic outburst. The whole floor had gone silent with other tech support staff watching what was happening between the team of agents and the head analysts.

Callen was shaking and staring at Nell who burst into a flurry of activity.

"We found him this morning he's booked on a flight in three hours from LAX to Paris." She said.

Callen turned and ran out of the room with his team on his heels, none of them knowing why they were following but determined to have his back.

Halfway down the stairs Callen ground to a halt as he saw Granger.

"You son of a bitch!" Callen growled and punched him, "You knew and you played me!"

"Callen?" Granger said wiping the small amount of blood off his lip where Callen had hit him.

"G?" Sam said grabbing Callen's arm.

Callen shook Sam off, "Back off Sam, this is family business, isn't that right Unchiu." He snarled.

Callen pushed past the stunned Agent and carried on down the stairs.

"Callen!" Granger called. Callen ignored him and kept walking, "Gregori" Granger called again.

Callen turned. "Unchiu pare rău. Am să găsi tată meu și nimic care le puteți spune-mi se va opri, și atunci tu și eu va trebui să vorbesc. Aveți o mulțime a răspunde la pentru, mama ar fi dezamăgit în tine."

Callen ran out the door as Granger blanched and sank to the stairs as the team walked past him.

"No she wouldn't." Granger said sadly, to the now empty room.

Callen climbed in Sam's car as Kensi and Deeks got in the back.

"Ok so we are after that guy on the plasma and he's at LAX…" Sam said as he started driving, "You wanna fill us in on who that guy is and what on earth just went on between you and Granger?"

Callen shook his head.

"Holy Hell!" Kensi exclaimed, "He called you Gregori…Granger…Granger knew your name Callen?"

Callen shrugged. "Suppose he should." He said

"How should he, I mean…we are glad your back 'n all, but what the hell is going on G?"

"Closure." Callen said.

"G?" Sam said getting madder by the moment.

Callen sighed, "The guy on the plasma….he's my father. Granger is his brother in law, and he knew, all these years Granger was the one watching me remember the book Sam? All my foster homes written over the years in an ageing hand…it was Grangers. He's my uncle."

"Wow!" Deeks said earning a look from Kensi.

"Now Sam, floor it we need to get to the airport, before I lose my father again."

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