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Chapter 17 - Stay!

Nell turned to Eric shaking.

"He…he yelled at me?" she was shocked it was not the sort of thing she had ever experienced in her line of work. "Do you think Callen isn't know…Callen?" She asked Eric.

Eric pulled his friend into an awkward hug as Nell calmed down and then stepped away.

"Thank you." She breathed.

Eric nodded and turned to his workstation and tapped a few keys and Callen's flight from the room played out on the screen. They watched him go down the stairs and hit Granger.

Callen had turned to Granger and spoken to him in Romanian.

"What did he say?" Nell asked, She had been learning Romanian, but that was just too fast to follow. "Maybe it will let us know what's happening with him?"

Eric pulled up the footage of Callen talking to Granger again and ran a translator program in the background.

"Unchiu pare rău. Am să găsi tată meu și nimic care le puteți spune-mi se va opri, și atunci tu și eu va trebui să vorbesc. Aveți o mulțime a răspunde la pentru, mama ar fi dezamăgit în tine."

Eric read the translation off his screen.

"I'm sorry uncle, I have to find my father and nothing you can say will stop me, and then you and I will have a talk. You have a lot to answer for and mother would be disappointed in you." He read in a shocked voice.

Nell looked at the screen and the stopped footage of Granger and Callen on the screen.

"So you know." Granger said from behind them, "I take it you told him where his father was?" He asked the duo.

"I…I didn't know!" Nell said.

"Why would you want to keep that from him anyway?" Eric asked angry that Granger had lied to his friend.

"It's complicated and it was for his safety, I take it I'm too late and Callen has made his way to the airport already?" Granger snapped.

"Yeah, the car's just pulled up." Eric said looking at the GPS on Sam's Challenger.

"Why didn't you tell him?" Nell asked rounding on Granger, Callen was her friend and Nell had spent many an evening with Callen as he had talked through how much family meant to him and what he would do if he ever found any of them.

"He didn't need to know." Granger said flatly and turned to go.

If Granger ever had any doubts about Hetty's plans for Nell to be her successor in the future, Nell's next move removed all doubt. Standing in the doorway and pulling herself up to her full 4ft 6in in height she put her hands on her hips and stared down the assistant director.

"And you…as his uncle, knowing what he's been through the last few weeks and how much he has craved a family, plus all the things he went through in Romania rescuing Hetty from the Comescu's didn't feel like he 'needed to know'?" She snapped.

Granger found himself stepping back and stifling a small smirk, which Nell saw and she realized exactly how much Callen looked like his uncle, she could see his father in him too. But the smirk was definitely from Granger's side of the family.

"Miss Jones, any conversations I need to have with my nephew will take place with him not you, if for some insane reason he decides to confide in you afterwards then that will be up to him. Now can you at least let me go?"

Glaring at him Nell gave a curt nod and moved to one side.

Granger walked down the stairs muttering about how red-headed short women were scary!

Nell turned back to see Eric staring at her with his mouth open, "Eric, can we get eyes in there, it might help Hetty if we can tell her what happens in there."

Eric nodded and turned to the screen.

Sam had barely parked up at the international terminal, as Callen jumped out of the car.

"Keep up with him!" Sam said to Kensi and Deeks as Callen took off through the airport.

Reaching an information Kiosk, Callen pushed past the other people and slammed his badge on the desk, "Your flight to Paris, which gate?"

"Gate 108." She said pointing him in the right direction.

Callen ran through the terminal with Kensi and Deeks hot on his heels.

Finally he reached Gate 108 and looked around for Constantin. But he was nowhere to be found. He went to the desk and put his badge down again.

"Is there anywhere else passengers for your flight to Paris would wait?" Callen said trying to get his breath back.

"Which passenger are you looking for?"

"Constantin Lupescu."

"Oh he's waiting in our VIP lounge, I can have him paged…"The attendant looked at the badge again, "Do I need to call security?"

"It's fine, we're NCIS, it's just a routine matter," Kensi said smiling

Callen ran to the door and stopped.

Deeks looked at him, "You ok?"

"I can't go in there…" Callen said suddenly afraid. "What if he's running from me…what if he didn't want me…do I want to know?"

Kensi looked at him, "Callen, this is all you've been wanting; if you let him go you'll never know."

"There's always Granger." He snapped sarcastically.

Kensi opened the door and Constantin looked up as Hetty turned around.

"Ms. Blye?"

"Hetty? Callen's here…" Kensi informed the diminutive woman.

Callen wanted to go in but his feet wouldn't move.

"Bugger." He heard Hetty exclaim from outside, that alone made him move.

"You knew too? How much more did you keep from me?" He said totally focused on Hetty, "I trusted you, you told me you didn't know who my father was… YOU LIED TO ME!"

"Gregori." Constantin's voice cut through Callen's rage.


"Son…" Callen turned and looked at his father.

"Tata….?" He really didn't know what to say, he vaguely knew his team were watching him and he saw Sam arrive but he didn't care. Thousands of questions flew through his brain in the end there was only one thing he could say, "Don't leave me again…please."

Constantin walked up and threw his arms around his son.

"I don't want to…but I must." He said sadly.

"Why…did I do something?"

Constantine smiled at his son. "No, you are so like your mother, she would have been so proud of the man you have become."

"Don't go." Callen was unashamedly crying now.

Hetty looked at them both. "I think I have an idea. Mr. Callen, I cannot protect your father indefinitely but I can arrange a safe house for a few days which you can both use to get acquainted."

"I don't think that's a good idea..." Constantin started.

Callen stepped back, "He's right…" He turned to go a haunted looked of pain flashed across his face.

Kensi grabbed hold of his arm, "Where are you going."

"Away." Callen snarled "Get off me."

"Gregori, No wait!" Constantin stopped him, "I meant that a few days are not right, I need something permanent. But I will take the few days first, Hetty is right you and Owen are my only family and you are both in a position to defend yourselves. Maybe it's time I stopped running."

"Mr. Hanna, you, Ms Blye and Mr. Deeks may head back to the office, Mr. Callen will be taking a few weeks off and will be coming back with me and his father," Hetty told them.

Smiling the three agents left.

"You're going to stay?" Callen said hopeful.

"Yes my son, Henrietta says we need to talk about your relationship with your uncle,"

Callen looked abashed. "Er…yeah…maybe" he admitted.

"Mr. Callen, Mr. Lupescu, I think it's time we went home." Hetty said and led the way out of the building.

Two hours later sat in a plush living room, Hetty handed over the keys to Constantin, "There is a guard outside the door and three in the grounds, I have talked to Director Vance, He is very keen to keep you in protection until we can eliminate the threat on your life, your work is very valuable and the head of homeland security Tom Morrow will be coming to see you next week about your work."

Constantin nodded, "I hear my work is being used now." He said

Hetty nodded, "Yes even your son has used it on occasion."

Callen looked confused, "I have?"

Hetty smiled at her lead Agent, "Project Overwatch, your father invented the chemical you sprayed on Janvier."

"Marcel Janvier?" Constantin asked.

Hetty nodded, "You knew him?" She asked him.

Constantin smiled, "He's dead?"

"Mr. Callen was forced to shoot him as he was escaping custody."


"Good?" Callen knew there was a lot to his father but this was confusing.

"Janvier sold out myself and Clara to the Comescu's in 1974."

Callen looked at Hetty in surprise, "Did you know?"

Hetty shook her head, "We had no idea who sold your family's whereabouts to the Comescu's. This was something even I didn't know."

Callen believed her. He sat in the chair watching his father and Hetty finalize the security arrangements for Constantin's stay.

His father…he was still stunned, this morning he had woken up naked and confused in one of Hetty's beds and in the course of one day he had gained an uncle and a father.

As he watched the older man talk with his boss, he knew he would need to sort out all the emotions he had running around in his head.

Picking up the phone he called the one person whom he knew could help him sort out his feelings without judging him and who could help him get a handle on his emotions.

He called Nell.

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