My name is G!

Chapter 18- A good friend and a talk

Nell was sitting in ops as her phone went off.

"I've gotta take this." She told Eric and walked out of the room and down the hallway.

"Callen, did you find him?" she asked on picking the phone up.

"Yeah I got there." Callen replied and Nell could hear the smile on his face.

"And…." She prompted knowing there was more.

"What makes you think I have any more to tell?" He teased.

"You're calling me." She stated.

Callen laughed, He and Nell had become fast friends after she had been kidnapped by the Elite forces training team. After spending nights on the phone to her as she had suffered through her nightmares and evenings talking about his family issues and growing up in foster care, a strong friendship had developed. He had found it comforting, there was no, I need to be your friend and watch your back, type friendship like he had with Sam. He couldn't do this with Kensi or Deeks and still comfortably remain their team leader. Nell was an easy friend to have, she didn't judge. The best part was unlike other women he had tried to talk to she didn't want to get him instantly into bed either. All she asked was he kept her secrets and in return she kept his. It was purely and simply, a perfect friendship.

"You're right as usual, I think I'm feeling overwhelmed. I…God… Nell. I found my father!" Callen exclaimed sitting back and feeling the truth of that statement overrun him.

"And your uncle." She prompted.

"You heard that?" He asked

"I got the gist of it the first time, your Romanian lessons are paying off, but Eric ran it through a translator program so we got the rest of it."

"And Granger?"

"He wanted to try to stop you getting to the airport. He wasn't happy."

"When is he ever, do you know if Hetty has called him yet, Constantin wants to see him."

Nell was quiet for a second; she noticed he hadn't called his father, his father.

"Yeah he's on the phone now," She said looking over the balcony, she could see Granger animatedly talking on the phone

"YOU'RE DOING WHAT!" Granger's voice rang out throughout the mission.

"I…Don't think he's happy." Nell said suppressing a slight smile.

"Good." Callen grinned at the other end of the phone conversation.

"Are you coming back to work?" Nell asked.

"In a week or so, I need to find out what this is…if he wants to know me…if I'm good enough." Callen said

"Stop it!" Nell said harshly. "You are good enough."

Callen didn't answer.


"I have a name Nell…" Callen breathed sounding slightly scared. "All these years I wondered…now I know….I'm Gregori Callen Lupescu. Does this make me any different?…I don't feel different…am I different?"

"Calm down Gregori." Nell said it felt weird calling him that. "A name is a name, you are still just G, your name is G and you are my friend, that hasn't changed."

Callen laughed again.

"Only you can take my crisis and calm it down," He laughed.

"So, are you ready to go talk to your father?" Nell asked.

"Nope, don't think I'll ever be ready for this. But I'm going, Granger on his way yet?"

"Yeah he left five minutes ago, Call me again if you need me won't you."

"I'm going to let Hetty tell you where we are. After I've talked to him, will you come over; I may need my best friend." He admitted.

"Of course I'll be there," She smiled and hung up.

Callen turned and walked back into the room where Hetty and his father were sitting having a cup of tea.

"Mr. Callen, feeling better now, I hope Miss Jones could help you."

"I…She's just a friend Nell."

Hetty smiled, "Everyone needs a good friend Mr. Callen, would you join us," She asked offering him a cup.

Callen sat and had a drink with Hetty and his father.

"You have questions my son?" Constantin asked.

Callen looked at his father, wanting to commit his face to memory.

Hetty recognizing Callen's need for privacy excused herself and went outside to wait for Granger.

"Why didn't you come and get me?" Was the first question that came to mind while they were alone.

"I couldn't." Constantin started, "I had been told that Janvier had sold us out to the Comescu's and I contacted your mother's brother to collect you from the beach along with your mother. Your mother wanted to ask for help from her CIA handler so she called her."

"Hetty." Callen said and Constantine nodded.

"Yes, we never met but your mother spoke highly of her." He said.

That little piece of information helped Callen feel better about the woman he cared for like a mother.

"By the time Owen reached the beach he was too late, you had gone and your mother was still on the beach, but she was gone." Constantin looked distraught even after all this time as he remembered Granger telling him about his wife's death and even now he mourned the loss of the woman he loved.

"Janvier had taken you, I have found out today that it took a year for Hetty to find you and take you to America, soon after that Owen found you in a children's home in Los Angeles. He contacted me and I knew Janvier or the Comescu's were watching you to find out where I was and while I was away from you, you were relatively safe. Owen took Amelia to Los Angeles as well, the plan was to reunite you both in foster care and for you to grow up together, but unfortunately Amy died."

Callen looked at his father, all the animosity he had harbored over the years towards his absent parents melting away as he saw a father who had sacrificed everything to save his children.

"I thought you didn't want me, I was always told that I was not…" Callen got up and walked to the window, unable or unwilling to tell his father all he had been through.

"I always wanted you Gregori. I have always been proud of you."

"PROUD HOW CAN YOU BE PROUD…..YOU DON'T KNOW ME!" Callen blew up at his father.

"Owen watched you for years, I saw your first little league game, your first football game, and I even watched you graduate, he filmed it all for me. He came to you while you slept in hospital when you had your tonsils out and your appendix. I followed your career with interest."

Callen sat on the sofa his arms wrapped around himself feeling suddenly cold.

"And the bad times….the drugs…Oliver, did you know about those times?" he asked scared of the answer.

Constantin went to put his hand on Callen's shoulder but he flinched and moved further along the sofa.

"Yes," Constantine replied softly, "I knew."

Callen looked up with undisguised tears in his eyes, "And you left me there?"

"I had to, to keep you safe."

"I wasn't safe…." Callen breathed feeling betrayed.

Constantin looked at his son all the regret he felt was visible on his face. "I know. But you were alive."

Constantin moved to be closer to his son, but Callen got up and stalked to the window.

"What about Granger, you could have gotten him to…?" Callen couldn't even continue, his inner child being subjected to these answers, finally wearing him away emotionally.

"He was told not to, I hoped when you joined NCIS, that with Owen having a position of power there that he would tell you who you were as soon as we knew you were safe."

"I can take care of myself." Callen snapped

"That's my job." Constantine replied.

"Well, DAD…You did a lousy job at it!" Callen countered and walked towards the door.

He flung the door open trying to leave and walked straight into Granger.

"Gregori?" Granger said.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT! He doesn't exist; he died in 1974 on a beach in Romania." Callen pushed past Granger and continued out into the corridor.

"So," Granger said turning to his brother in law, "All going well I see; nice little talk?"

"Shut up Owen." Constantin said as he sat in the chair with his head in his hands.

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