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Chapter 2-Six

Hetty wrapped Callen in one of his shirts which was now so large that it was trailing on the floor and rolled up the sleeves.

He focused solely on Hetty, the one woman who he could understand. He trusted her, the others scared him and they kept staring and nudging each other. He was hungry and his side hurt. He couldn't remember how he hurt himself; he just figured it was whoever had him last.

He shivered and instantly stilled as a hand landed on his shoulder. He wanted to look up, but in the last few years he had learnt better. So he stood stock still and waited.

"G…you hungry?" Sam asked.

Callen looked at Sam blankly, Sam sighed in frustration and Callen dropped his gaze again. Sam felt all of Callen's muscles tense up in a pre fight or flight response.

He reached into Kensi's back pocket and handed Callen a chocolate bar.

Callen looked from Sam to the bar. He really wanted it…

As Sam looked up for a moment taking his hand and eyes off Callen, Callen snatched the bar and ran back into the closet to eat it.

Hetty turned to them "Ms Blye, Mr. Deeks I need you to go to the store and find some suitable clothing for our Mr. Callen. These are his sizes." She said tearing a piece of paper from a notebook and handing it and a black credit card to Deeks. "Also anything else you think a child of his age might need." She added.

"How old do you think he is?" Kensi asked.

Hetty looked at him through the doors. "Câți ani ai?" she asked him

"Sunt șase," Callen replied with a mouthful of chocolate.

Hetty turned to the others, "It seems our boy is Six." She told them.

Kensi and Deeks left to their mission and Sam squatted next to Hetty who sat on Callen's only chair.

"I would have thought he'd still be able to speak English." Sam said.

"I think he does, but he is more comfortable speaking Romani." Hetty said, "I need you to contact Mr. Beale. I need any more information as to what Grant Mason was working on and I need to know Mr. Callen's movements last night, did he go anywhere apart from here…And Mr. Hanna…May I borrow your daughters child seat for the car, Mr. Callen will have to come with us."

Hetty walked to the closet door, "Mr. Callen." She said and stood waiting.

Callen looked up, the small lady was there again, Miss, Lange. Callen looked at her a flicker of fear crossing his face thinking he might be in trouble followed by a stubborn determination that if he deserved his punishment he would take it. She didn't look mad for him taking the chocolate bar but she did remind him of some of the ladies who had been nice to him and then moved him to live with nasty people. She held her hand out.

He looked down at his shirt, he still didn't have any clothes so she couldn't be moving him again. As scared as he was he liked this house, it felt safe to him. He looked at the door frame and saw his name scratched into the door the same time she noticed it.

"I no do that!" he panicked moving back again.

Hetty smiled, "It's alright Mr. Callen, I know all about it."

"You hit me?" he asked a little shake in his voice, his fists balling ready to fight.

Hetty looked shocked, "No!"

Callen wiped his mouth and nose with his now filthy shirt sleeve and took a step towards her.

He came out of the cupboard and walked towards her again and she moved herself between him and the door. Callen looked around the room to see if he could see anything familiar.

"Am avut un accident?" [have I had an accident?] he asked.

Hetty nodded, she really wasn't sure what to tell him. "We don't know what happened to you yet…but I think an accident would cover it. Now Mr. Callen, you need to try and speak English, it will be easier for everyone to understand you." She said gently.

Callen nodded, he had been told this by many people for as long as he could remember, but he knew when he got scared he forgot. "I'm sorry." He said looking glum. Hetty held out her arms, "Come here."

Callen walked stiffly towards her and flinched as she hugged him, then remembering how he had trusted her earlier relaxed into her hug and sobbed.

"I want mama." He sobbed.

"I know you do, but she can't be here right now. Will you let me look after you?" Hetty asked.

Callen nodded looking at her through his tear-stained blue eyes. Sam standing behind him grinned as their mini team leader melted the heart of their operations manager.

Kensi and Deeks walked in with armfuls of clothes.

"Never am I shopping with her again!" Deeks complained.

Kensi smiled, "He's just sulking because I made him leave the toy department."

Callen looked at the two of them, quickly deciding they might not be a threat he looked out from behind Hetty at the bags they put on the floor.

"Right let's find you an outfit Mr. Callen." Hetty said. Deeks walked off to talk to Sam as Hetty and Kensi sorted the clothes into boxers, pants, socks shirts and other items.

"Do you see anything you like?" Kensi asked. Hoping Callen would talk to her.

Callen had problems understanding her words but this he remembered. This was where he was usually led to a room and told to pick out one new outfit from piles of donated clothes.

Last time he had picked a few things, he remembered a darkened face getting angry with him for being greedy, that wasn't going to happen this time.

Callen walked along and looked at the clothes. He pointed to a pair of jeans a blue t-shirt and a set of sneakers. "Please?" he asked remembering his manners. Kensi looked at Hetty, "Very well, Ms. Blye if you can pack the rest up for Mr. Callen for later he can wear these now." Hetty said.

Callen's eyes grew huge. "I keep all?" he asked.

"Of course you need more than one outfit." Hetty said. Callen walked up the line and picked another pair of jeans a sweatshirt and socks and carried them over to Hetty, "Then these too…for cold day." He said solemnly.

Kensi looked over at Hetty, "Callen, these are all for you." She explained.

Getting him dressed and packing up the other clothes Hetty and Kensi got him ready to go.

Kensi and Deeks had piled the rest of Callen's things into Sam's car and they all headed off to the mission.

Callen climbed out of the car and grabbed Hetty's hand.

As they walked in the other staff in the building stopped to look at Callen, word had raced around the building. Eric stood agape as Callen walked in holding Hetty's hand.

"Mr. Beale?" Hetty called.

"Er….Nell called she's finished the tests on the water and everything else in Callen's house; she can't find anything that would have caused…..that." He said, gesturing at Callen who shrank closer to Hetty.

"Very well," Hetty replied, "Anything more on Mason?" she asked.

"Still working on it." Eric said and headed back to ops.

"I thought Callen and his team took out Mason?" Granger said walking around the corner.

Granger pulled to a stop as he took in the boy holding Hetty's hand.

Callen had gone white, He stared at Granger….and then he launched himself at the man his fists flying and screaming one word.

"Ucigaș!" he sobbed.

Granger pulled him off, "Who is this?" He said looking darkly at the boy his gut churning, this kid looked unerringly familiar.

"Owen, that is Mr. Callen." Hetty said pulling sobbing boy off the man and handing him to Kensi who took him away.

Hetty glared at him, "Owen, my office…maybe you would like to tell me why Mr. Callen just called you a killer."

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