My name is G!

Chapter 20 - Ouch!

Everything hurt.

He lay there with his eyes closed, he knew he had fallen down the cliff and could feel the spray from the sea as the wind whipped it up the sloped cliff face. He cursed his luck at actually throwing his phone in temper right before he actually needed it.

'Great,' he thought to himself; 'You're going to die here because of your temper. You should have just given him a chance. All he wanted was to be your father…you couldn't even do that right.' He couldn't stop the tears that leaked out as another wave of pain washed over him, he had no idea how long he had lain there. He thought of his mother and sister, he felt peace at the thought of finally being with them, in fact over the wind and the sound of the ocean he had thought he had heard his mother call; "Callen!"

'Odd?' he thought; 'Why would my mother call me Callen and not Gregori?'

Again the pain washed over him and he allowed the darkness to claim him.

Suddenly he was much warmer, he felt himself flying, all he could see where clouds, 'Finally…I'm dead,' "Mama?" he breathed but no-one answered. Then a much louder rhythmic thumping noise (Maybe a heartbeat?) he thought and then the darkness again.

The others stood by helplessly as the rescue helicopter plucked Callen off the cliff face and with the coastguard brought him to the top of the cliff, the paramedic got out, and Sam climbed into the chopper.

"We are taking him straight to hospital by helicopter his injuries are such that he may not survive a journey by land; we are heading to Cedar Sinai if you folks want to head there,"

Hetty nodded and the all piled into their respective cars and headed out.

On arrival at the hospital Sam gave the doctors Callen's medical history and all the details they needed.

"Was this a suicide attempt?" the doctor asked.

Sam stood stunned, was it? He didn't know. "I…I would say no…but he has had a history of suicide attempts just a couple and he has gone through a major life change recently." He said honestly.

He stood and watched as they walked off with Callen's lifeless body, "G, I really hope you weren't doing something stupid." Sam said sadly. He was mad that Callen hadn't called him through this, he was his friend, he had wanted to be there for him, but Callen hadn't apparently needed any help.

He made his way to the waiting room and waited for the others to arrive as he filled in Callen's medical forms.

From behind the doors the pace of people walking back and forth increased, there was a scream and some shouting, Sam got as close to the doors as he could.

He looked through the window and down the corridor he saw something launched at the head of a nurse and two security guards running in to restrain a patient.

"Can I help?" Sam asked a nurse, "I'm a Federal Agent."

"Yes!" The nurse sighed, "I think this guy was brought in with you…he's come to and is completely freaking out!" she said.

Sam followed her down the corridor, "G!" he yelled as Callen disorientated and wild-eyed had a nurse in a headlock with a scalpel at her throat even though it was obvious that the arm he was retraining her with was broken.

"They wanna kill me Sam, they wanna put drugs in me…they have needles… Sam? Sam?" Callen called, even though Sam was right there he wasn't acknowledged in anyway by Callen.

Sam walked up to Callen's ear, "I got your back partner, that's not the bad guy, they are trying to help, I'll be right here," he placed his hand on Callen's shoulder and all the adrenaline flooded out of him and he crumpled into a heap.

The doctors moved in as Sam helped maneuver Callen back onto the gurney, A nurse sedated him as the doctor walked over to Sam, "I need his full medical history, something we gave him reacted with whatever medication was currently in his system. We will be keeping him sedated he has a broken arm and a dislocated kneecap, we will need to keep his leg immobilized for a while, but I don't know what medications he's been on and I don't want to give him the wrong thing, do you know where I can get this information?" he asked.

Sam nodded, "My boss should be here soon, she's his next of kin and knows all his medical history."

"Obviously we will be keeping him restrained and under guard. I don't know what that poor man's been through, although that reaction looked to me like PTSD. But until I am sure he isn't a danger to himself or my staff we will be keeping him restrained." He said.

"Army medic?" Sam asked and the doctor shook his head,

"Marine, two tours Desert Storm, before I was shipped stateside." He said.

The doctor walked with Sam out to the waiting room and was surrounded by a group of people. "You're all here for Mr. Callen?" he asked.

"Yes we are." Hetty said as she and Constantin and Granger came forward.

"Very well, as you know Mr. Callen was injured as a result of his 'fall' from the cliff at Sur point." The doctor started. "His injuries are consistent with a fall of that type; he has a broken arm and a dislocated kneecap, and significant bruising on his back. However, thanks to a minor incident earlier we know he isn't paralyzed nor does he have any spinal damage."

The group as a whole seemed to relax a bit more at that.

"Can I speak to his immediate family alone please?" The doctor asked, Sam looked uncomfortable but nodded as he ushered the others out leaving Granger, Hetty and Constantin alone with the doctor.

"Is there a problem?" Granger asked.

"Sorry Can I first ask your relationship to Mr. Callen?" the doctor asked.

"I'm his foster mother and Next of Kin; this is his uncle and father." Hetty said.

"Very well then you all know of Mr. Callen's history of Suicide attempts, considering where he fell and the fact that there was an unknown drug in his system we are wondering if there is any chance this was another suicide attempt?" he asked.

Constantin looked shocked he'd had no idea about the suicide attempts but watched the other two, Granger and Hetty were forced to consider that it was possible.

"It's possible, the unknown drug in his system however was an antidote to a designer poison he accidently ingested, my brother in law created the antidote, he's a biochemist." Granger said as Constantin wrote down the formula for the antidote.

"Here, this is what was inside the antidote," Constantin said and handed the formula over.

The doctor took it, "Thank you, we will arrange for a psychologist to come and see Mr. Callen when he awakens."

"We have our own on staff, Mr. Callen has worked with him before, I could have him come in and see Mr. Callen." Hetty offered.

"Can I go see him…please?" Constantin asked.

The doctor nodded and moved aside and pointed to the door of the room Callen was in. Constantin shot the others a look of pain and worry, then he walked down to his son's room.

Callen lay on the bed sedated his uncast arm was restrained by a leather cuff tied to the bedrail. His other arm immobilized in a white cast. His right leg as also in a large white plaster cast to stop him from moving it while it healed. Even though he was sedated his eyes darted from behind his closed eyelids as he had a dream. Constantin sat and held his hand gently. He leant over and stroked his son's forehead soothingly.

"Tata?" Callen mumbled in his sleep.

"I'm here," Constantine said.

"Tata îmi pare rău, vă rog, nu mă lăsa" Callen called in his sleep.

"I'm not going anywhere my son, rest and heal; Eu nu veți lăsa din nou." Constantine said and Callen stilled.

Granger and Hetty walked in behind him, as Constantin talked to his boy.

"You had better not leave him again." Hetty warned his father, "I don't think he could cope with it again."

Constantin turned to the smaller woman, "You have been so close to my boy, I tried, he ran off and tried to kill himself, I have already failed as a father on my first day."

"You didn't fail, you made a mistake. I will have Nate there the next time you try, I made the mistake as well, we all knew how much Mr. Callen wanted a family, we just didn't take into account how much he'd had to live with while he was growing up and how much emotional baggage he was still carrying with him." Hetty said.

"I'll let the others know he will be ok and I'll call Nate." Granger said and left.

Constantin turned to Hetty, "He will be ok won't he?" he asked apprehensively.

Hetty looked at how Callen leant into his father's touch subconsciously and smiled, "I think he will, I will go and help Owen, I think you need to be here."

Constantin nodded as he turned his attention back to his son.

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