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Chapter 21 - Waiting

Granger took a deep breath and walked out into the waiting room.

He was surprised to find the whole team still sitting there waiting for news.

Sam and Nell were the first ones up to him.

"How is he?" Nell asked.

"He's a lot better than the doctors originally thought. He's got a broken arm and some badly bruised ribs, his knee was dislocated but as a precaution due to the fact he's been thrashing about a bit, they've put a temporary plaster cast on. The will replace that with a knee brace as soon as he's fully awake."

"But the paramedic said he was too unstable to transport by road?" Nell said confused.

"He had a gash on the side of his head, the paramedic was erring on the side of caution, and he's had an MRI and its come back all clear." Granger told them. "His father is with him now, they've lightly sedated him and he should be out of it until tomorrow, you can all go home if you want." He told them all.

Kensi, Deeks and Eric nodded, "We'll see you in the morning." Kensi said and they headed off.

"I'm staying," Nell stated

"Me too!" Sam said

Granger nodded and walked away seeing the two looking at each other, 'I'm not getting in the middle of that!' he said to himself and went to look for Hetty.

Nell sat down and Sam walked over, "You and Callen got a thing going?" Sam asked suspiciously.

Nell looked up in surprise. "A thing?"

Sam sat next to her, "Yeah, a thing….like Deeks and Kensi have a 'thing'." He said.

Nell looked affronted, "NO we do not have a 'thing'!" she said. "Callen and I are friends and only friends." She snapped.

"Yeah, He usually comes to me when something is bothering him, but you seem to know more about what's going on in his head than I do." Sam said.

Nell smiled and turned to Sam.

"Callen is still your partner and your friend, but you tend to point him in the direction that you want him to go and you mother him a lot, he feels stifled by it. He trusts your advice out in the field and trusts no one but you to have his back, but when it comes to emotions and feelings…you've always had a happy home life and even with all your brothers and sisters your home life was a happy one. Callen never had that and he needed someone who understood." Nell said gently.

"And you do?" Sam snapped.

Nell's eyes instantly dropped to the floor. Sam felt sorry for his outburst as she let a single tear fall. "Yes." She said she got up and walked to the window.

"Nell?" Sam asked worried for her.

Nell sighed and sat down again, "After I was kidnapped, Callen took me aside and we talked, He would be the only one up when I had a nightmare, he has someone who I could talk to, so I'd call him. I do know what Callen had been through, I'm an orphan." She admitted.

Sam looked confused. "But every Christmas you tell me about going to your parents." He said.

Nell smiled, "I lied, well not exactly." She admitted. "I see my last set of Foster parents, the Jones' they are a nice couple, and they keep in touch, but I don't have any real blood family."

"So that's why you and Callen get on as friends?" Sam asked.

Nell nodded, "That's all it is, we even shared a family for a while when I was small, I was about five and Callen was about 17 and we passed through the same home, he was there for a night, I was there for a week." She recalled. "It came up while we were talking, I think of Callen as an older brother, he likes the fact that we can talk and I don't want something from him,"

"I don't…I don't want anything from him either." Sam said, "But I do worry, he is my partner and I need him to be in the right headspace."

Sam stood up and held out his hand, "Coffee?" he asked.

Nell nodded and they went in search of something to drink.

Granger and Hetty walked in to see Constantin still sitting by Callen's bed.

Callen was still sedated and Constantin looked to the other two for reassurance.

"He's still sleeping?" Hetty asked.

"Yes, what can I do to make this right?" Constantin asked. "He said I was a terrible father, he is right, but I did not expect him to try and kill himself."

The beeps on the monitor sped up a bit and the others looked up, then Hetty turned to Granger, "Owen, did you get to talk to Mr. Callen before he left?" she asked.

Owen shook his head, "Mentally he's been through a lot, but I thought he would have talked to Sam, I know he's always wanted to meet his father," Owen looked at Constantin, "What did you say that had him running out the door?"

Constantin looked confused "I don't know we talked about what I knew about him growing up and I said I was proud of him…I can't think what would have set him off."

Hetty pulled up a chair and sat near the two men, "I fear for Mr. Callen's mental health, obviously you both know about his suicide attempts as a teenager, and I had thought he had stopped that…but now I'm not so sure."

Constantin looked distraught, "This is all my fault, if I had known what I said to upset him, I could have avoided this, I could have stopped him going out. I understand him trying to shoot himself, he has a gun, but why did he try and jump of the cliff at Point Sur?"

"Who knows?" Hetty said "When he awakens maybe he can tell us." She looked at Callen lying in the bed and her heart went out to him.

She wondered if Nell had any idea what Callen had been thinking and where his mind was at when he had walked out. Callen had told Hetty of their friendship but she wasn't sure how many others knew about it and she resolved not to talk to anyone else until she had talked to Nell. She got up and left the two men watching over Callen as he slept.

Walking past the cafeteria she saw Nell and Sam sitting at a table and walked over to them.

She smiled to herself she knew that Granger had told everyone to go home and wasn't really surprised that they didn't.

"May I join you?" she asked.

They nodded and Sam, the consummate gentlemen pulled a chair out for her which she took gratefully. "Tea?" Sam asked. Hetty nodded and Sam went to find her some decent tea.

Taking advantage of the time alone Hetty turned to Nell, "Did you know, Miss Jones, what Mr. Callen was planning on doing?" she asked.

"No what was he planning on doing?" Nell asked confused.

"His doctor thought he may have…" Hetty started realizing she had no way of phrasing it.

Nell stood up outraged. "He DID NOT try and kill himself…he wouldn't do that!" She said her eyes flashed in anger.

Sam turned with a tray in his hand at the outburst that had left the entire cafeteria silent. Hetty looked abashed and Nell was as furious as he had ever seen her. Then he saw something, he never thought he'd ever see and wasn't sure if he ever wanted to see again.

Nell slapped Hetty!

Even Nell couldn't believe she had done it, one moment she was talking with her boss then she was asking if she knew that Callen had tried to throw himself off a cliff. Outraged for her best friend she had stood up to defend his position to her boss when she had said, "It's not like it's the first time and he's not all that stable now."

Nell couldn't stop herself, she slapped Hetty and grabbed her bag, "At least I have more faith in him than you do!" she said and stormed off to the waiting room.

Sam put the tea down and poured Hetty a cup, "Hetty, do you want to tell me what the Hell just happened?" he asked.

"I think Mr. Hanna, I just made a grave mistake." She said and sipped her tea.

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