My name is G!

Chapter 22 - I did WHAT!

Callen slowly opened his eyes, his leg hurt and he was in restraints. "What the hell?" he grumbled.

He mentally assessed all his injuries, then reached over with the arm that was in plaster and wasn't cuffed and undid the restraints. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed wincing as the cast on his left leg swung heavy off the edge.

His ribs hurt as well and he tried with his one arm to adjust himself ready to try to stand up.

"And you're going where?" a voice came from the doorway.

Callen sighed and looked up, "Geez Nell, ya scared me. I can't stay here, it'll be ok, I can get better at home." He reasoned.

"And you'd get up off your bedroll with a leg like that how?" she asked with a slight smile.

"So I'll sleep on the chair!" he argued.

"Now Mr. Callen, you won't be leaving this facility until you have had a full psychiatric evaluation, it is our practice that patients who try to commit suicide stay under evaluation for the full 72 hours." The doctor said walking in behind her.

"Patients who did what?!" Callen breathed not believing what he was hearing.

"You tried to jump off the cliff at Point Sur." The doctor said flatly.

Callen's face grew dark, Nell stepped back.

"Doctor, the only thing that deliberately went off the cliff at Point Sur, was my cell phone, if you want to keep that for evaluation be my guest, I am leaving." He said pouring determination in every word.

"It is common for people such as yourself…." He started and Callen cut him off.

"Doc, I'm leaving this is non-negotiable, I DID NOT try to kill myself, I slipped throwing my cell phone off the damn cliff. Now get this damn cast off my leg and get me a brace and let me out of here!" his voice rose higher and higher until he found he was shouting.

The door opened behind him and Callen looked at the three people standing behind the doctor, and glared at them, "Which one of you…" he took a deep breath as a wave of pain rolled over him, "Which one of you told them I had tried to kill myself?" He growled.

Hetty, Granger and Constantin looked ashamed, "With all that's happened son, do you blame us?" Constantin said.

"YOU don't know me well enough to make that call Father!" he spat totally livid, "The only one that I thought did, obviously doesn't, Do. You. Hetty!" he looked at her and for the first time Nell saw the other woman look ashamed.

"Nell knew, she told us, but we wondered…I wondered what with your past." Hetty reasoned.

Callen smiled at Nell and held out his good arm and she moved over to give him a hug, "Malinki sistra." He said quietly looking down at her.

"They made a mistake G, trust them…I know it'll be good for you." She whispered to him.

Callen pulled back and looked at her, and then he smiled. "Thank you." He said.

Nell stood between them all, "Callen needs a brace and YOU," she said to all three of them, "Can inform the hospital of your mistake and help him so he can get better."

Hetty nodded, stifling her smile as she ushered the doctor out, one day Nell was going to make a good successor to her, she had, it seemed, chosen wisely.

Callen sat back as he waited for the doctor to come back with a knee brace so he could get the annoying cast off his leg.

Granger and Constantin sat down in the chairs as Nell sat hugging her knees on the end of the bed, "I had to tell Sam." She said softly.

"How did he take it?" Callen asked ignoring the others.

"Wasn't thrilled…but I think he was pleased we weren't dating."

Callen smiled, "Ew!"

Nell laughed, "Yep, he's mad you didn't talk to him though."

"I will," Callen promised,

"You should…and G….cell phones are expensive…next time, just switch it off!" Nell smiled at him.

Callen rolled his eyes, "Sure…Pixie."

Nell screwed up her face and then laughed, "You sure you didn't hit your head on the way down?"

"Not too bad, I have a scar though, ya wanna see?"

"Ew, No!" She knew he needed to fill the void and didn't want to talk to the other two men. "So you gonna stay with Sam when they let you outta here?" she asked.

"He will stay with me," Constantin said. "As should you young lady."

Nell looked at him incredulously. "I should, should I?" she asked sarcastically.

"You have a relationship with my son do you not?" Constantin asked.

"EW! NO!" they both said together, "She's my little sister." Callen snapped

Constantin and Granger both looked confused, "We shared a foster home." Callen clarified, "She had the same sort of upbringing, I can relate with her and trust her."

Granger looked at his nephew and the technical analyst, "We have assumed much about both of you, and I think we need to start again."

"Why?" Callen asked. "Yes you have assumed, you all seemed to think I would be ok with all of this, it's been forty three years, you didn't think I'd have issues with you leaving me, or you," He pointed to Granger, "You were around all my life, Great! I could have used your help with the jerks like Oliver and the other foster 'parents' you deemed fit to leave me with. I would NEVER do that to a child….No matter what…no matter what the danger or the risks, NEVER would I leave my child DO YOU GET ME!" Callen snarled at the pair of them while Nell laid a comforting hand on his arm.

"Tata, we have issues, they are to be expected, but as you thought I wasn't worth protecting by being at your side rather than throwing me to the wolves, I'm not going to suddenly be your son, I am and never have been anyone's son. I am me, G…That's it. I would like to get to know you but don't for one second think it's going to be easy." He sat back as a wave of pain shot through him.

"Callen will be coming home with me, you can both see him again in a few days," Nell told them.

"No, Nell…not this time. I need some time." Callen said.

The doctor walked back in and shooed them all out, as they stood in the hall discussing where Callen was going to go to recuperate the new doctor placed a walking brace on his knee. The new doctor had heard everything and he turned to Callen, "Well Mr. Callen, we are all done and you can leave when you sign these," He handed Callen a stack of forms.

Callen signed them and looked sadly at the group all standing outside his room.

The doctor smiled, "Want an escape route?" he asked.

Callen nodded gratefully, "I heard what happened, I hope you don't mind my poking my nose in, but I was brought up in the system too, you have a chance with your father to get back what you lost and he doesn't seem like a bad guy, get your head together then talk to them, you don't have to make it easy on them, but they may be just as scared as you are."

Callen looked at the doctor. "Who are you?"

"Just a friend, like I said I've been there." He smiled, "I'll give you a five minute head start, and I'll expect to see you in a week." He handed Callen his card.

"Thanks Doc," Callen said he hoisted his bag on his shoulder and left the rest of his stuff on the bed, knowing someone would collect it and he shuffled out of the side door through the next room and out into the hallway.

It wasn't long before he was out of the hospital and headed to a motel. The doctor was right all he needed was time; he needed to know in his mind where he stood. Not where it was expected for him to stand.

He sat on the bed and took two of the painkillers the doctor had given him, within minutes he was asleep.

Nell couldn't believe it, three grown adults all of whom had for different reasons Callen's best interests at heart were arguing about him like a piece of meat.

"Enough!" she said. "Callen will go where he decides to, to rest and recuperate, he isn't a child's toy, but he is your child." She said looking at Constantine. "He's made decisions for himself his whole life, allow him to continue to do so." She stood with her hands on her hips daring any of them to contradict her.

Hetty turned to her analyst "Very well Miss Jones, We will ask Mr. Callen what he wishes to do." She said and they entered the room.

It was empty apart from a pile of belonging and a small note on top.

Nell opened the note, "Nell," she read to them all, "Please tell…them…I need to figure some things out….alone. I am not in danger, I have my medication and I AM NOT SUICIDAL! (Idiots! Don't read that out, coz I know you are.)" Nell smiled at that but as requested kept that to herself. "I will be back here in a week to get the brace checked; I will see you all then. Callen." Nell stopped reading aloud but the postscript that was addressed to her she read to herself.

PS Nell you have been and always will be just like a sister to me, don't take this personally, I am not leaving you or the team. I just need time malinki sistra. I WILL be back in a week and I'll need a new cell. Love always bal'shoy brat.

Nell smiled at the postscript and turned to the others, "He'll be back here in a week, I suggest we grab the last of his stuff and vacate the room for someone else and I also suggest you all use the week to try and figure out how these revelations affect him as well as you, Hetty maybe you should let them both see Callen's full file. They need to know everything." Nell said.

Hetty nodded….yes with this one she had picked wisely. She thought again as she left with the others following behind.

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