My name is G!

Chapter 3 - RUN!

Callen couldn't believe it as he walked around this old airy building, he looked at the room in the corner; there was a house inside a house!

This place fascinated him, and he liked it here. A man on some stairs looked down and talked to the lady…Hetty…he had to remember that.

He did feel shy as other people looked at him; it reminded him of the children's home where people looked at you before they took you.

He held tighter to Hetty's hand.

The turned to go to the little house part of the building when a man walked around the corner.

Callen's heart stopped. He knew that man….He remembered him being at the beach when he saw his momma shot.

Fear and grief welled inside him, He remembered that his momma was dead….That man had been there!

He pulled himself away from Hetty, the Romani part of his heritage baying for the blood of this man who had hurt his mother, he screamed and hit him and felt strong hands pull him away as all he could do was fight against them.

"Callen, it's ok!" Kensi said as she pulled him down the hallway.

Callen quickly got his bearings and pulled away from her, he remembered a voice in his head.

"Hide baby brother!"

He ran as fast as he could dodging through the legs and hands of people trying to catch the slippery six year old.

He ran till he hit a wall and stumbled back, his wrist and head had impacted hard and he figured he might be hurt but he shook it off.

He ran till he found a huge room with a climbing wall.

He heard footsteps behind him and scrambled up the wall trying to get away.

"Stop! G!" He heard a man's voice bellow behind him.

Too scared to turn around in case it was the killer he carried on climbing ignoring the pain as his wrist that had been fractured as he hit the wall finally snapped. Callen hissed in pain and kept trying to climb, but his injured arm was too sore and he lost his grip and fell.

"Shit!" Sam swore as he heard Callen's bone break and then saw his friend fall. Kensi came into the gym just as Callen closed his eyes and let go falling towards the ground.

Sam launched himself under the falling boy and caught him as he fell.

"G? You ok?" Sam asked as they landed on their backs. Callen scrambled up to get away and tried to run again.

"G….You're safe…I'm not going to hurt you…I'm your friend."

"No!" Callen struggled in Sam's grip, "I not have any friends…everybody hurt me….Let me go!" he cradled his sore arm, however he punched and kicked Sam with his good arm.

"G…you need to see a doctor." Sam said slowly letting go of the struggling six year old.

Callen put his feet on the floor and backed up into the corner of the room cradling his arm, "I no hurt." Callen lied, holding his arm protectively.

"Callen can I see?" Kensi asked.

Kensi watched as Callen lifted his arm from behind his hand and held down the vomit as she could see the bone pushing against the skin.

Callen moved past her and walked back to where he saw the desks were he grabbed two rulers from the desk and some tape, biting his lip he pulled his arm straight and set it with the rulers as splints and taped it up as they watched moving out of their way every time they tried to help.

"It ok now!" He stated with the defiant glare he had, staring at the both of them.

Kensi and Sam looked at each other and paled. He was only six and he'd splinted his arm like a seasoned medic.

"Where did you learn to do that Callen?" Kensi asked.

"Children Home…It break I fix. My responsibility." Callen said flatly.

Sam balled up his fists, if he didn't already know the children's home Callen had been in had closed down he'd have closed it himself.

Callen saw Sam ball up his fists and he shrunk into a corner and protected his head with his good arm twisting his body to hide his bad arm.

Sam dropped to a crouch. He looked at Kensi guilty. "I didn't mean to scare you G." Sam said softly.

He stood up and he turned to Kensi, "What happened?"

"Granger…" She replied

Sam looked over to Hetty's office. Granger was sitting talking to Hetty.

"Callen saw him, screamed something at him and started attacking him, I pulled him off and Callen ran,"

Callen watched the two adults talking; they called the bad man Granger. He did remember this man, he didn't know why, but he had been the last man he had seen before his mother was killed.

Why were they being nice to him? He killed his mother...he should pay.

Callen looked at the desks beside him he had noticed something as he'd grabbed the tape. He sneaked behind Sam and slowly placed his hand in Sam's pocket.

Pick pocketing was a skill he'd had for as long as he could remember usually he used it for money for food or the odd chocolate bar, but this was important....this was revenge for his mother.

Sam moved away from Callen to call a paramedic for the boy's arm and Callen with the key he was after in his hand moved towards the desk.

He unlocked it reached in and took out a gun; he figured it was Sam's as the key fit.

The gun was bulky and heavy and he managed to slip behind the grownups and he sneaked across the room. Hetty sat with Granger, she looked really mad, and then her face changed to fright.

Granger stopped in mid sentence, she had never seen Hetty scared of anything.

"Mr. Callen…Don't move." She said shakily, slowly standing up and outstretching a hand.

The others in the bullpen stopped and Kensi's hands flew to her mouth as she saw a little boy shakily with his one unbroken hand try and lift a gun and aim it at Granger.

Granger turned to Callen.

He dropped to one knee and looked the boy in the eye.

"N-am ucis mama. Am fost angajat să te scot din România în siguranță, îmi pare rău că nu am ajunge la timp." Granger said looking him in the eye. [I did not kill your mother, I was hired to take you safely from Romania, I am sorry I didn't arrive in time]

"No….I saw you…?" Callen said

"I arrived as our other operative took you from the beach." Granger said.

A tremor of pain wracked through him and he dropped the gun. Granger grabbed it and handed it to Hetty, "It wasn't loaded."

"But...I...I" Callen fainted from the pain and Granger caught him.

"Has anyone called a paramedic yet?" He asked concern evident in his voice.

"They're on their way." Sam said puzzled at Granger's behavior.

"I didn't realize you were with the CIA then?" Hetty said as she ran a hand over Callen's forehead.

"I wasn't," Granger said.

Hetty looked at him strangely as he walked towards the paramedics and gently lay the boy down on the couch.

He stood back as they worked on splinting his arm and gave him pain relief. She pulled him back.

"You weren't?" she asked to Granger surprised by this revelation.

"I was with the CIA but this wasn't for the CIA," He admitted, "I was there for his father, for Clara...for the children, not the CIA."

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