My name is G!

Chapter 4 - Big Red Plaster Cast

Callen woke up in hospital. His arm felt heavy and his ribs still hurt.

He lay still as he heard a door open and pretended to be asleep; he felt his arm being lifted and he yelped as a big cuff was placed over his arm and inflated.

"Ah, you're awake?" The doctor said.

Callen opened his eyes and did a quick check of the room before his eyes settled on the doctor.

She wore a brightly colored lab coat and had a red stethoscope hanging from her neck. "I'm Dr. Lymer; I'm going to be looking after you…" She smiled at him and helped him to sit up. "What's your name sweetie?" she asked looking at his form trying to hide a slight frown. "I think they forgot to put it on here."

"Denumire meu este G…I…mean…my name is G." he said quietly.

She smiled at him, "It's a lovely name sweetie. I'll be back later when your mommy and daddy are here; I need to talk to them about your arm."

Callen looked hopefully, his daddy was coming?

"Do you remember what happened?" She asked him pointing to his arm.

"I stupid." Callen said looking at the floor.

Another frown crossed the doctor's face she hid it quickly and smiled at the poor boy, "Nope I bet it wasn't your fault. Anyway it's broken but you were asleep. So we put a cast on your arm, we will be putting a big cast on in a moment, you have a choice of four colors, pink, blue, green and red."

"I pick?" Callen asked amazed he had a choice; he remembered before they had only ever had white one's that were nasty and itchy.

"Yep!" She held out one of each and Callen let out a huge smile.

"RED!" He giggled as the painkiller the doctor had injected took effect, "I like red."

She took the red bandage, and carefully plastered his wrist and lower arm, and then she wound the red bandage around the top. "You're very brave, would you like a sticker?" She asked.

Callen nodded and the doctor placed a sticker on his chest and she laid him back with pillow resting his arm and stroked his forehead as he fell asleep.

She walked out of his door "Sweet boy," She remarked to a nurse who nodded.

"He is that, he was brought in yesterday afternoon." The nurse said.

"Where are the details on his parents, I've just cast his arm, they can come in early to see him if they want to, he could use the visit."

"We don't have any," The nurse said, "Just the contact details for a federal agency. There is the number for a Henrietta Lange as the kids next of kin and NCIS Washington as the contact address."

"Washington? How come he's in LA?" The Doctor asked picking up the phone and dialing the number.

"Hello is that Ms Lange….I'm Doctor Lymer, I'm trying to contact the parents of G Callen?"

"Is he alright?" Hetty asked

"His wrist is broken and he has some bruising on his ribs. We have put a cast on his arm and will be ready to release him soon; I was hoping to be able to talk to his parents about some things I've noticed?" She asked.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible, his parents are….indisposed." Hetty replied not willing to go through the situation with her.

Dr. Lymer bristled at Hetty's tone. "Very well I'll contact child services; this was just a courtesy call." She slammed the phone down.

Deeks and Kensi walked into the mission and over to Hetty's office, "We've looked everywhere, there still seems to be nothing more on Grant Mason than we had earlier. Nell's finished with the lab techs processing the scene of Mason's death; it looks like the compound that caused this was a mixture of two jars that fell of Masons' desk as he shot himself. It looks like nothing more than a mistake. Nell has the separate compounds and she's online talking to Abby in DC to see if there is an antidote." Kensi said.

"Good I need you two to go to the hospital and pick up Mr. Callen before the doctor reports him to child services." Hetty said.

"I thought Sam was with him?" Deeks said surprised Callen had been left alone.

"He was until late last night, His wife phoned his daughter's appendix burst and he's had to go with her to hospital. I have been tied up with Director Vance and haven't made it there yet." Hetty admitted.

Granger watched from around the corner, he knew he needed to have that conversation with Hetty that he had hoped never to have. His involvement in Callen's past was never meant to be made public, he knew Kensi and Deeks could handle the hospital, but his longest mandate made him want to go, the same way he had visited Callen when he had been shot four years ago and throughout his life when he had had hospital visits. His prime directive….he smiled, (Eric would appreciate that one.) was and always had been, protect the children.

Owen still, years later, felt the sting of Amy's death; he hadn't realized that she and the Lawson girl would sneak out of the orphanage he had placed her in.

He couldn't have foreseen them sneaking out and her falling into the river and drowning, he hadn't found out until three months later when he had gone to visit Amy's new foster parents and they had shown him a picture, that she wasn't Amy Callen. He didn't know why Hannah Lawson had taken the child's name, but he knew she must have a good reason and he felt no need to out the child.

The worst part had been telling her father she had died and sitting with him as he cried with grief and sorrow over the death of his eldest child.

"Promise me Owen, You will watch over my son and try to keep him safe." He had said.

Owen had looked at the man, "I will try my best, your son…he has not had it easy, his foster placements have not all been successful although I have managed to get him moved as fast as I can without arousing suspicion."

The man looked at the latest photo of his eight year old son. "I hate not having him with me, but this is safer this way…Tell me about him?" He asked swishing a drink through his glass.

Owen had smiled and told him about Callen's love of baseball and how his latest foster parents allowed him to try out for little league. Also how Callen had a love of tree climbing and was very speedy, giving Owen more than one scare watching his charge climb trees in his schoolyard and holding in a laugh as his teachers tried to coax him down.

"He's picked up the language well; his accent is all but gone. His grades are good, that doesn't change even though he has been moved three times this year, he's with a couple called Murphy right now, they are lovely barring any unforeseen circumstances we shouldn't have to move him for another month." He said.

The man smiled. "Thank you." He sighed looking at his photograph of the little boy in the baseball uniform.

Owen walked past Hetty office and headed for the door.

"Mr. Granger?" Hetty called. Owen braced himself and stopped.

"Henrietta." Granger replied.

"We need to talk…You need to tell me what you know about Mr. Callen." Hetty said hoping for something she could tell the boy later on.

"No I don't…Hetty, we've been friends for years, and you are not cleared to know what I know. But I can tell you this, his father charged me with watching him and where possible protecting him, I've watched that boy suffer more than any child should ever suffer and by going through it still be kept safer than if he hadn't. I will die for him if I have to, he may hate me…that's fine…but I will uphold my duty and my promise to protect him. That's all you need to know. Now I'm going to make sure he is released from hospital without any paperwork remaining….that's my job." Granger said and walked off leaving an unusually speechless Hetty behind.

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