My name is G!

Chapter 5- He's been WHAT!

Dr. Lymer stood outside Callen's room waiting for the lady from child services to arrive.

She had gone in the room twice to check the boy's vitals and he had sat staring at the door looking for his parents to arrive. She had no idea how to tell the boy they weren't coming. She didn't know why they weren't coming for their son, although the way that Federal Agent woman had spoken and from judging the boy's reactions she suspected his parents were military, having dealt with NCIS before and that the boy had been abused in some way. She did worry that there was a concern with the mother, as the two times Callen had asked her about his parents he had only asked if his father was coming.

She looked up as a woman walked down the corridor.

"Charlene," She smiled, she had known Charlene on and off for years she was the hospital's assigned children's worker.

"Lynette, I hear you have a little boy for me?" she asked her.

"Six years old, maybe from an immigrant family, name of G Callen, I can't get his first name; I tried to contact his parents and got redirected to a federal agency. She wouldn't give me any information." She sighed annoyed.

Charlene looked at the doctor, "What about the boy, it said in your message you thought he was being abused?" She asked concerned.

"Come and meet him," Dr Lymer said and they walked into his room.

Callen lay on his bed holding his arm gently tracing his fingers over the bumps in the fiberglass; he looked up as the door opened and immediately went on the defensive. He hadn't moved a muscle but he looked ready to bolt and Charlene noticed this as she entered.

She walked over to the bed and smiled. "Hello I'm Charlie, I hear your name is G, I'm from children's services." She said.

At that Callen moved to the edge of the bed away from her. She reached out trying to reassure the boy, "I'm not going to hurt you…" She said and touched his shoulder. Callen slithered down between the bed and the wall kicking a kidney pan that had been placed on the bed for his nausea which clattered down to the floor with a bang.

He maneuvered himself as far under the bed as he could go.

Charlene looked concerned at Dr. Lymer. "This is definitely a sign of a troubled child." She said standing up straight. "I don't want to scare him any more…." She stopped as she heard arguing from one of the nurses outside the room.

The door burst open and Kensi and Deeks came in. "What's going on here?"

Charlie pulled herself up and stood toe to toe with the blond haired man. "Are you this boy's father?" she asked.

"No, I'm Detective Marty Deeks LAPD assigned to protect him; this is Special Agent Kensi Blye NCIS, what's going on...?" He looked on the bed "Where's Callen?" he asked concerned "And who are you?"

"I'm Charlene Masters, Child Welfare services; I'm here to take the boy into foster care." She said stubbornly. Kensi and Deeks looked down as they heard a whimper.

"G….it's Kensi, you ok?" She asked crouching down and looking under the bed.

Callen looked up his body shaking from head to toe. He moved away from her scared.

"You are not taking him, it's obvious this child has been through some sort of abuse, I'll get a court order if I need too, he's going into the system where he'll be safe and looked after." Charlene said.

Kensi looked at Deeks. "Ring Hetty!" she said not sure how to calm this woman down.

"No need." Granger said walking in behind them.

He showed the woman his credentials, "You will be getting a call from your superior relinquishing all rights of the boy to me. You can leave now." He snapped.

Charlene wouldn't move.

Granger crouched down, "Callen….haide fiul, tatălui tău mi-a trimis pentru a vă menține sigur. Îți amintești ... porumbei albi, cuvintele mamei tale să se pentru a vă menține sigur."

Callen's eyes went wide and he shot out from under the bed into Grangers arms, the words he had used he remembered his mother teaching to him the last time he saw her she had told him to remember to always trust the person who told him white doves. This man must have told the truth about his mother arranging for him to take him off the beach, he hadn't told anyone what she had told him and yet he knew.

The others stared at Granger open mouthed, the doctor and social worker because of Callen's abrupt change in mood and his charge to cling onto the gruff man. Kensi and Deeks because Callen was clinging to Granger.…..Granger!

This was all too weird.

Granger watched as Charlene's phone rang and she paled as a voice on the other end reamed her out.

"But…..but sir!" she said. She looked at Granger and ran from the room.

"Get me Callen's discharge papers and we are out of here." Granger said to the Doctor. She nodded clearly angry and stormed out.

"Callen, you have to go with Kensi and Deeks, I have someone I have to go and see, but I will come back to the mission…you remember Hetty, you're going to stay with her until I'm back."

Callen looked distraught. "You be back?" he asked.

Granger let out a rare smile, "I have to see someone who is very important, but I will be back."

"Tata?" Callen asked.

Granger smiled, and gave a small nod, "Go with Deeks and Kensi." He said and Kensi took his hand and the three of them walked out of the hospital as Granger took the paperwork from the doctor.

"I don't care if you were the Assistant Director to the President; if that little boy ends up in here again I will report you." Dr. Lymer said.

Granger looked at the doctor and smiled, "Doctor, if he ends up back in here then I'm not doing my job." He turned and walked out.

As soon as he left the hospital he picked up the phone. "It's Granger….there's been a situation…we need to meet." He said he waited as the voice on the other end talked as he watched Callen climb into Kensi's car and the trio leave the hospital grounds.

"No, he's not dead, but… Look I have to show you this is something I can't tell you over the phone." He growled. Granger looked at the phone as the other party yelled down the phone.

"Fine," Granger sighed, "Your son has been turned into a six year old and has broken his arm, and I've just had to clear up his records from the hospital."

He held the phone at arm's length, grimacing as a heavily accented voice yelled down it.


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