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Chapter 7 - Trusting Sam

Tired, Owen walked back to the mission, on opening the door he stopped and listened to a sound he never thought he'd hear again, Callen as a child laughing.

He leant against the wall closing his eyes against the sudden pain of the memory the sound brought with it.

Callen had been three, when he, Amy and Clara had gone to a local amusement park.

Callen and Amy had gone on a children's ride while Clara had taken Owen aside and told him of her fears and her and her husband's plans to get the children out of Romania and safely to American soil should they become compromised. Owen had pulled Clara into a hug and reassured his sister. "Nothing's going to happen, you are all safe, your youngest is three now, Amy is five, if they were to come after you don't you think they would have done by now."

Clara shrugged put on a fake smile and waved at her children, "I don't know I am just scared." She said, "I have taught the children the safe word we used as children when momma used to send people to pick us up, White Dove…If you do need to go and save my children, if…God forbid, I can't be there for them, you find them and you do everything in your power to keep them safe." She said grabbing Owen by the shoulders and making sure he knew how important this was.

Owen looked at Clara, "I will, I will keep them both safe." She relaxed and they turned their attention back to the children who were shrieking with laughter at the ride they were on.

"It is a lovely sound isn't it," Hetty's voice came pulling Granger from his memories.

"It truly is Hetty," Granger said and then decided to walk into the room.

Callen looked up as he heard someone coming in. He stopped laughing and ran to Granger and jumped into his arms.

"Are you having fun squirt?" Granger asked falling back on the nickname he had called his nephew as a child.

Callen smiled and nodded, "I…Play?" he looked at Granger his head cocked to the left, to see if he got the word right.

Granger looked at the two other agents on the floor hastily trying to get themselves back to a dignified position.

"Thank you for bringing him back," He said.

Kensi and Deeks looked surprised at Grangers attitude.

"You're welcome." He said with a lopsided grin as he put Callen down beside him and ruffled his hair.

"I play more?" Callen asked hopefully.

He liked this play... thing and he figured it wouldn't last but he wanted to do as much of it as he could.

"You had food?" Granger asked it was just past lunchtime.

Callen ran to the desks and grabbed the bag that Kensi had given him, "I still got!" he smiled excitedly.

"Good, good, ok then but stay here, do not run off." Granger said.

Sam walked into the mission to find the bullpen empty and Kensi and Deeks on the floor playing cars with Callen. He walked over to them. Callen saw Sam and immediately froze.

Sam smiled. "Hey kid, what ya doing?" He asked kindly.

Callen pulled the car he was playing with into his sleeve. He looked up at Sam and gulped.

"I sorry, I clean now yes?" he asked putting the other cars away. He turned not noticing the look of sadness that crossed Sam's face.

Sam sat on the sofa and caught Callen's arm. He needed to talk whatever was bothering G, out with him. He patted the sofa and said, "Come, sit here we need to talk."

Deeks and Kensi had left to get coffee and Granger was nowhere in sight. Callen looked around in fear realizing he was alone.

"G…come on, sit here." Sam said again.

Callen's eyes darted but he realized he had no choice, he climbed shaking onto the couch and couldn't help but let out a small whimper as he scooted as far away from Sam as he could get.

"G, I don't want to and will never hurt you. I know you don't remember this but you are my best friend." Sam said.

Callen's eyes shot up and he stared at the man, "You, my friend?" Callen asked.

"I know your favorite color is red, although you tell everyone its blue as you think red is a girls color." Sam reached behind him and pulled out a grape tootsie pop, "I also know these are your favorite Candy, although you don't eat them here and…." He handed Callen the sucker and took the paper and made a swan with the wrapper and handed it to him. "You love these." Callen took the small paper animal and looked at it critically.

He looked at Sam and raised an eyebrow, "It looks like a frog." He said quietly.

Sam laughed, "Yes…yes it does." He nodded.

Sam took another piece of paper and started folding again; he never said a word but glanced in Callen's direction once or twice. Callen slowly scooted closer looking at what Sam was doing; Sam put the finished origami shape on the table. Sam stood up, "You want some juice?" Sam asked. Callen nodded and relaxed a bit more as Sam walked into the kitchen. He moved over to the origami shape and turned it over in his hands totally focusing on the object.

"ce este?" Callen said to himself.

"Sorry?" Sam said walking in with his coffee and a juice for Callen.

Callen jumped but held it in. "What is it?" he asked.

Sam smiled and reached for a marker. "My daughter makes these; she says they are called fortune tellers."

Sam wrote numbers on the inside and drew colored dots on the outside and wrote the name of a toy or treat on the inside. "We are going to play a game."

Sam turned to him, "Pick a color." He said.

"Red…." Callen said suspiciously.

"R.E.D." Sam said moving the fortune teller. "O.K now pick a number."

Callen looked inside "Five." He said.

Sam moved the object five times, "Pick another number." He said.

Callen looked again, "Three?" he asked, thinking if Sam had asked him to pick again maybe he'd got it wrong the first time.

Sam moved it three times and said "Pick again."


Sam opened up the flap, "chocolate bar." Sam smiled.

Callen looked warily at him, "Come on." Sam said and held his hand out.

Callen grabbed his hand and followed him. "This is the way you get one surprise a day," Sam said as he reached the vending machine and brought Callen a chocolate bar.

Taking the candy bar Callen went back to the sofa and Sam sat at the bullpen.

Callen watched Sam typing on the computer….he was rethinking his opinions…Yeah Sam was big and he was scary but, he had a kid and he was nice…maybe Sam was ok after all. He saw some paper and some colors on the table. Looking around no one was paying any attention to him so he slid off the sofa and climbed on the chair grabbed a piece of paper, Sam had made something for him… no one had ever made him anything before and he wanted to make Sam something.

He grabbed the colors and drew a Stick figure of Sam with a little girl and Sam was holding her hand and walking on a beach, he stared at the picture and drew himself in the corner with a bucket and spade watching them and waving. He finished the picture and put the colors back.

Waiting till Sam went upstairs Callen slipped over to his desk and slipped the picture on top of his paperwork.

Sam leant on the railing next to Hetty watching Callen.

"You know I think we're good." Sam said softly to her.

"I think so Mr. Hanna," Hetty replied with a smile as they watched Callen curl up tired on the sofa.

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