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Chapter 9- Experimentation and Surfing

Constantin looked around the Lab, Granger had provided.

Keeping his son safe had cost him a lot over the years. He had lost his wife and a few years later his daughter had died.

It was little comfort but at least she had died in an accident rather than a result of the decisions that He and Clara had made.

Amelia Callen-Lupescu had died as a result of drowning; however he still had a small amount of guilt attached to it.

But his boy…, he had the largest amount of guilt attached to his son.

A small accident as Callen was being taken out of the country had resulted in his losing his memory; the doctors had said it was traumatic, possibly as a result of him watching his mother die while Constantin had been trying to organize their escape.

Granger had made it in time to grab Amy from the house, but by the time he'd made it to the beach for Callen and Clara he was too late. Callen had gone and Clara's body was being loaded into a coroners van.

It had taken over six months for Constantin to locate his son and another three months before he'd alerted Granger to keep an eye on him. Finding out from Granger that Callen had no memory of his family had been a shock. However they had come to the conclusion that if he didn't know who he was he couldn't find his family and therefore would be kept safe.

He took the blood samples that he had taken the night before and took some blood from his own arm. Looking through the list of chemicals that Grant Mason had used; he quickly discovered the ones that had mixed to cause the mutation; for that's what it was, a genetic mutation that had caused his son to regress over thirty years.

He looked at the amount he had to do…he sighed, if this had been anyone else he would have been careful when trying to create the antidote, however this was his son.

There was no way he was going to make a mistake with this. He took some of the original compound and although he hated testing on animals he injected some mice with the original compound to see what happened. He watched as the mice got sleepy and lay down in their cages to sleep.

Ten hours later the same mice were little pinkies in their cages. Constantin looked shocked. This was a scientific breakthrough however he could see how this could destabilize governments if this was introduced into the Senate or Congress. The whole government turning into children and what if the dosages were wrong and the victim was regressed beyond the moment of their birth. He sat with a mug of coffee gathering his thoughts before he got started.

He tacked up a photo he had taken of Callen last night as inspiration for his work.

Granger looked at Hetty.

"Callen said he had his eyes…." She said to him

Granger realized that maybe it was time Hetty was read in. he looked over to see Callen sitting at his desk swinging his legs and coloring.

"Ok, but this is more than confidential." Granger said and took her into his office.

Hetty sat down at Owen's desk. "Very well, fill me in." She said.

"Constantin Lupescu is Callen's father…and my brother in law. Clara Callen Granger was my sister." He said, watching as the shock passed Hetty's face.

"Constantin is, or rather was a scientist, the reason the Comescu's wanted them dead was not just because of our grandfather, they wanted Constantin to make them a bio-weapon. Knowing I was CIA, Con contacted me. I got Amelia out but I was too late to make it to the rendezvous point, Clara…Clara was dead by the time I got there, Gregori was gone. An Agent had gotten him out but they had an accident and Gregori forgot who he was, it was decided for safety's sake that we would give Child services the minimum of information and I would keep an eye on both him and Amelia."

"So what happened with Amy?" Hetty had to ask.

"You know what happened. It was the same night that Callen was being beaten by his third foster parent, he was nine years old and I had no idea that Amy was sneaking out with Hannah Lawson." Granger looked stricken and Hetty did feel for him. But the part of her that had watched out for Callen for years won through.

"Owen, you knew I was Clara's friend and handler with the CIA, why in Lord's name did you not tell me that you were her brother. You know that Mr. Callen has always been searching for his family, when he is restored to adulthood he will be pleased to know that he has family."

"No!" Granger stood up and stared down at Hetty.

Hetty looked confused.

"The Comescu's were not the only people trying to take advantage of Constantin, there are other people out there still trying to find him. If they ever discover that Callen is his son they may kill him or hurt him to get Constantin to make a bio-weapon that could kill millions. Con is not prepared to put him in harm's way."

"Don't you think that Callen deserves the chance to make that decision himself?"

"Not my decision to make." Granger said honestly.

Hetty looked at the man who had been her friend for years, "You're his uncle, you could tell him that…at least tell him his name."

Granger sighed, "One day maybe, I'd like to, but right now he hates me and maybe that's for the best."

"Well Owen, I think forcibly taking his blood yesterday was wrong, but I understand why you did it, however there is a six year old boy out there who trusts you because his mother told him a safe word and you knew it. You may not be able to be his uncle while he's an adult, but maybe you could…just for a while, while he's a child."

Granger shrugged, "We will see Henrietta." He said and they both headed to the bullpen.

Callen looked up and saw Granger, his face moved between trust, distrust and fear.

Granger crouched down near his nephew. "Callen, have you been having fun?" he asked.

"I…yes…I didn't mean too!" he said just in case.

"It's ok to have fun son." Granger said.

Callen shrugged non-committally.

Granger was cut off by the sounds of Kensi and Deeks arriving in the bullpen with a large hamper and a big bag of stuff.

"What's going on?" Granger asked.

Hetty walked over, "You did say that the search for an antidote was in hand, we have no pending cases right now so I have arranged with Director Vance that barring any emergency the whole team has the day off, we are going to the beach."

Callen looked up the tension level in the room had risen and he'd picked up on it.

"Hey kid!" Deeks said smiling as Eric and Nell joined them.

Callen eyed Eric suspiciously.

"You ready to go?" Eric asked.

Callen looked sad, He knew it was too good to last and it was now time to move on he never said a word, just grabbed his bag and walked to the door.

"Oh you won't need that!" Kensi smiled knowing that she had everything he needed.

For a second as the bad was taken he looked totally stricken and Kensi did a double take. "Hey, you'll get it back…you know that?"

Callen whispered something and Kensi bent down, "What was that."

"Will I see you again?" He asked, "I like you."

Kensi looked confused, "Yeah…I'm coming too."

Callen brow furrowed as he looked at her, "Were you bad too?" he asked.

"Bad….what….?" Kensi looked at the others for clarification and everyone had stopped and was looking as blank as she was,

Callen raised his arm and pointed at Eric, "He says I go now…so I been bad." He stated sadly.

Kensi pulled him into a hug, "No…You've been very good, we are off to the beach, and Deeks and Eric want to teach you to surf."

Totally confused but happy he wasn't being sent away again he shrugged, "Ok."

Owen and Hetty sat at a nearby Cafe, keeping an eye on their charges as the team and Callen headed down to the beach.

Callen dressed in a small wet-suit, his arm wrapped in a bag, was stunned as he was given a small surfboard by Deeks and Eric.

"We thought you'd like this." Eric said

Callen looked at it thoughtfully; he walked around it and ran his hand over the board. Biting his bottom lip in concentration he looked at the two men. "What does it do?" he asked not wanting to sound ungrateful.

"It's a surf board….you surf with it?" Deeks said pointing to the other surfers in the ocean.

Callen's eyes grew wide, "I…I try that?" he asked amazed at the look of freedom and peace on the other surfers faces.

Eric nodded, "We'll teach you the basics and then take you in."

Kensi and Nell set up the picnic whilst Eric and Deeks with Sam close by for supervision taught Callen the basics of surfing.

Two hours later a laughing and thoroughly exhausted Callen came running up to Nell and Kensi carefully placing his surfboard nearby he flopped onto the picnic blanket.

"Did you see me? I surfed! It was sooooooo cool" He grinned.

Kensi laughed, "They said you'd love it."

"It's like flying!" Callen said taking a bite out of a sandwich.

Granger turned to Hetty in the Cafe, "Thank you for this, he needed to have this and I think….so did I, it's nice to think until his father can fix this he can have a happy time."

Hetty watching the interaction nodded, "It's about time." She said watching Callen run around on the beach with the team playing Tag whooping and hollering with laughter as he went.

"And it's nice that he finally has a nice beach memory." Granger said sadly.

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