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01. Race

The last set of students were lined up at the start line. All the others cheering them on from behind the constraints set. Some placed bets on who would win while the others used the race as an excuse to just be together.

Jungkook and Norah stand side by side in their positions. Their stance never wavering despite the glaring eyes they give each other. The air of competitiveness around them unlike any other.

Their bestfriend Taehyung watches them worriedly. They always got into physical fights and he had to be the one ripping them apart from each other before the two could bring any serious damage.

They hadn’t always been like that until two years back. Taehyung wondered what Norah and Jungkook had talked that had changed the course of their friendship.

The three had been inseparable for the past 15 years. They’d know each other since they were in kindergarten. They grew up together. Seen each other at their worst. Had seen them fall in love with someone. Had guided each other through their heartbreak.

The sound of a whistle filled the air, indicating the start of the race. Norah ran, applying all the tactics she learnt front her seniors at the community track club. And so did Jungkook. Working out often had given him the stamina for it. He was confident he could win the cup easily.

But before he could even register what had happened, he saw the red ribbon fall. All he had felt was a rush of air and the next second a smirking Norah stood in front of him.

The embarrassment and anger that coursed through him put a smile on Norah’s face. Coming second to her was the last thing he had wanted.

Norah was declared the winner and was whisked away by the teachers to stand on the highest position of the podium. Jungkook stood beside her to the right, on the position of the 1st runner-up. Their medals were given and pictures were clicked for the university magazine.

Taehyung ran towards them, pulling Norah into an embrace. The other watched them, throwing a glare at her who smugly looked at him from over Tae’s shoulder.

“Congratulations, peach!” He shouts in excitement, watching her features brighten in happiness. His eyes then fall on the boy who stood beside them.

“You did so well too, kookie!” He says, letting Norah step back and pulling the boy into him. Jungkook dejectedly places his head on the other’s shoulder, letting his arms hold the older a bit longer.

Taehyung’s hand goes up to tug the hair band that held in Jungkook’s long hair in place. His fingers run through them, ridding the tangles. He gathers them all back and once again secures it in a small ponytail, away from sticking to his neck.

“You two are smelly. Let’s head home and get you clean.” He looks at them with endearment, wanting nothing more than to get them to rest. Their faces were flushed and skin sweaty. Norah’s legs visibly trembled with exhaustion and so had Jungkook’s.

It was a good thing that they lived close to one another. They always travelled together and it made it easier to check up on each other.

Taehyung ushered them out, piling them into his car. He pressed two cold water bottles in their hands and a towel each. With that he drove them out, dropping them off at their houses.

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