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02. Ice cream

It had been two years ago that it happened. It was their first year at the Hanyang University. Taehyung, Norah and Jungkook were starting to get adjusted to the new environment, making new friends and joining various clubs.

Their spring semester had just started. The heat during the days grew more intolerable. The ice-cream vendors, taking the summer weather into advantage, started parking their vans just outside the campus. It has often attracted a lot of students.

The trio had been regular customers. Buying the cold treats almost everyday. It eventually led to Taehyung catching a cold, making it very hard for him to attend his classes. The other two had convinced him to take a few days off and let himself recover. The oldest had been reluctant since he was the one who drove them to campus and then back home.

Jungkook reassured him that they would figure it out. Public transportation was an option anyway. With a lot of convincing, Taehyung finally bent his head to their wish.

The next day, as Jungkook and Norah walked towards the bus station, they talked from various nothing’s to everything. Their conversation slowly drifted to crushes after Norah accidentally admitted to having feelings for a guy.

A perplexed expression crosses her face, her right hand moving up to cover her mouth. At seeing this, Jungkook laughs, his hand tugging at hers and pulling into his. To rid her of embarrassment, he tells her about having feelings for someone too.

“Atleast tell me their name.” Norah whines, pulling onto his arm and getting him to budge. He groans before telling her.

“It’s probably going to ruin our friendship, but fuck it. It’s Tae.” A giddy smile creeps up on his face, a light red color dusting his cheeks. Her hand immediately leaves him, a ghastly expression painted all over her face.

“Are you okay? You seem pale.” Jungkook asks with concern, his hand going up to cradle her face.

“What do you mean ‘Tae’? Is it actually our Taehyung?” She squeaks out, swallowing the lump in her throat. And when he timidly nods at her, she feels her heart being ripped out of her chest.

“Koo. It’s him that I like too.”

It takes Jungkook a minute to let the information settle. Both of them staring at each other with a new found spark. A challenging look sported deep within their orbs.

They’d fight for every second of Taehyung’s attention since then. It had become a competition that both unconsciously encouraged.

They still had their moments where they acted like normal friends. But it wasn’t just the same anymore. Every little thing they did group always had an underlying competitiveness.

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