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03. Child

The three friends lived so close to each other that one look outside their window would give them a clear view of the others’. Norah had just gotten out of the shower when she saw Taehyung rush out of his apartment and enter into his car. With no patience to even turn on his music system, he drives away.

The hasty look on his face concerned her. That was the first time she had seen him like that in years. And that was more than enough to make her run out into her driveway and follow him perturbed.

The drive lasts around 10 minutes when Taehyung pulls up towards a park. He jumps out of his car and runs towards a much secluded area. A woman and her crying baby are seated at a bench towards where Taehyung rushes.

Despite the countless efforts of the woman (who couldn’t be much older than Norah herself) to pacify the baby, all her energy goes to nothing. Taehyung watches her with solicitude. And when she looks at him with eyes brimming with tears, he carefully takes hold of the baby.

He cradles it’s head towards his neck, holding it there as he sways himself as an attempt to soothe the baby. Which works when it sees it’s father. With a tear-stained face, the baby girl looks at her father. She makes gurgling sounds with a smile, her little fingers patting onto his face. Taehyung sits back down besides the mother, who lays her head on his shoulder.

“Did my baby miss her appa? Is that why she gave her mama a hard time?” He coos at the adorable little girl. She wore a pink dress, with little strawberries sewn all over. Her very little hair slightly messy from the fuss she kicked up.

Norah watches the sight before her with a hand clamped over her mouth. Never in a million years would she guessed that Taehyung was a father. Her best friend Taehyung had hid that from her. She didn’t know how to feel about it.

He had always loved kids, so she wanted to be happy for him. But she was heartbroken that she could never be the one for him. She also felt betrayed that he didn’t find it necessary to trust her with something as big as this. Her emotions went haywire at the sudden turn of events.

She spent all her life loving him. And now that it was snatched away from her, she didn’t know how to feel. It then hit her that she wasn’t the only one who loved Taehyung. Jungkook did too. And she could only imagine how he would react to it.

She turns around not wanting to witness anymore than she already had. It was enough torment for her young heart. But the universe had other plans.

A few trees away from where she stood, she could see a figure. Their posture hunched up from whatever it is that they saw. At taking a closer look, she recognised him. The very being she did not to want to witness the scene stood there.

Jungkook drew his hood up, his hands scrubbing at the tears that cascaded down his reddened cheeks. At following his line of vision, she knew what he just had seen. Not waiting a second more, she moves towards the boy.

“Koo.” She calls out, her hand settling at his shoulder. He flinches at the contact and looks back at her.

“Norah.” His voice comes out in a pleading tone. As if asking her to remove it from his memory. To make it disappear.

“Our Tae-” is all he gets out before his voice cracks. Norah steady arms pull him towards herself, embracing him and letting him crying it out. But he doesn’t. He chokes out his sobs, trying to hold them in as much as possible despite the tears that flow.

“Drop me back home, please?” He asks. She takes his hand, bringing him with her towards her car. Norah guides him to the front seat, buckling him up.

The whole ride home is silent and she does not dare break the silence. Jungkook had his face turned towards the window, looking out of it. He had been so immersed in his thoughts that he hadn’t realized his arrival at his place.

“Kookie. We’re here.” She coos at him. He slowly unbuckles the seat belt and gets out of the vehicle.

“Do you want me to make you some hot chocolate?” She asks, when he comes around towards her window. He nods, not wanting to be alone in his appartment.

He falls onto the couch as he enters, exhausted by the day’s happenings. Norah waddles around the kitchen looking for the ingredients for his favourite hit chocolate recipe. At not finding any, she makes him some tea.

“No chocolate, koo. Is tea okay?”

“It’s okay.”

She knew what thoughts swirled his mind and she didn’t like it one bit. She’d rather him think about anything else. Acting upon her instincts, she does the first thing that comes to her mind.

She clashes her lips onto his.

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