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04. Hooked | 18+

Jungkook's POV

Her lips collide with mine, fogging my mind up like hot coffee would to your glasses. Her taste is unlike anything. Her cherry lipbalm smears onto my lips, adding to the wonderful essence that is her.

I’ve never thought of her this way. Never had the urge to kiss her. But now, her scent invades my senses and all I want her to do is to kiss me to death. I want her to take all my pain away.

I tug her onto my lap, letting her straddle me. A breathy gasp escapes her, which quickly straightens out the second I connect her lips with mine.

Her hips rock in a rhythm to the way her soft, pillowy lips move. Her fingers card through my hair, getting stuck towards the crown of my head. She lets out soft groan in frustration, before gently pulling at the hairtie that interrupted the expedition her fingers had been on.

She pushes me down against the couch, continuing to straddle my hips. My fingers attach themselves onto her waist and back, holding her in place.

Her lips capture my bottom one and sucks on them. It ellicits a moan out of me. I’ve never felt a need as strong as now did. She has me hooked to the feel of her.

Her soft moans mingle with mine as her lips travel towards my jaw. She leaves wet kisses down the slender column of my throat. Her eyes finally open to look at me, her lips pressing onto my collarbone.

Norah smirks mischievously. Without providing me with an instant to comprehend her smirk, she sucks at the skin at my collarbone. Her teeth tug at the smooth skin. Sucking and biting and tongue roving over the mark she just left.

And when she lifts her head back up, pride gleams in her black orbs. I stare at her. Has she always been this beautiful?

With a final kiss she gets off me. I feel empty once again. I don’t want to. Never again. So I grab her by the wrist and pull her back down.

“Don’t go.” My voice is barely above a whisper.

“We shouldn’t kookie. Not when you’re so vulnerable. I can’t take advantage of you like that.” Her eyes hold such a large of amount of sadness. Sadness for me. I hastily shake my head. I don’t want her to leave.


“You’re not in the right mind, baby.” She says, her hands cupping my face.

“Yes I am. And I want you to go further.” She sees the sternness in my eyes. I know she can when she bends at my will.

“Are you sure?”

Third person’s POV:

He doesn’t reply. Only pulling her towards his bedroom. As they reach the room, he pulls her in for a kiss, pinning her to the door. Their tongues delve into each other’s mouths, clashing in a battle of dominance even then.

Jungkook lets her win, lets her explore the walls of his pretty mouth. Soft moans bubble out of his good throat involuntarily, mingling with the groans she gives out. Norah gently guides their bodies towards his bed, gently sitting him down on the comfortable mattress. Their mouths never once leave each other. And as they slowly ease down into a lying position, Norah looks down at Jungkook.

“Rid me of my pain Norah.” He whispers. And the permission to unravel him underneath her is all she needs.

She lets her lips travel down towards his jaw as her fingers clumsily unbutton his jeans. He lifts his hips up to help her rid him of his pants and briefs. He stops her for a second and pulls his hoodie over his head.

Now naked under the girl, he pulls her lips towards his. He needed her close and despite losing the layers, she seemed too far away. His hands tug at the top she wears, pulling it over her head and leaving her in her bra. She then discards her denim shorts, pulling her underwear down along with it.

“Leave it on.” Jungkook gasps when she reaches back to remove her bra.

“I’ll get it off you later.” he smirks. Norah’s eyes widen at the sudden confidence he emits.

“I see. Now lay still, my love. Let me take care of you.”

Wet kisses are placed down his neck, his shoulders and the expanse of skin down his chest. His smooth milky skin call at her like a siren, begging her to mark him. And so she does. She leaves a trail of red marks, which she knows will purple soon, from below his collarbone till right above his bellybutton.

Her mouth aches from the amount of sucking it had done. But it was all worth when she could hear the beautiful sounds it coaxed out from the man under her.

“Look at you, baby. All marked up and pretty.” she voices out, drawing a whimper out of him.

She reaches down to gently take hold of his hard shaft, pumping it in a slow up and down motion.

“Fuck” he moans, the word slipping off of his tongue before he could even control it. His hands fist at his sheets, hip thrusting into her hand.

“Want to be inside you, sweetheart.” He whines.

Acting immediately to it, she aligns him with her heat. Gently pushing herself down his length.

She had underestimated him. Pain shoots up her spine when his girth splits her core open. Trying to keep her eyes open, she went down on him. She pushes herself down, burying him so deep that she could feel him in her tummy.

“You’re doing a good job, baby” he moans out.

Once she had all of him in, she attaches her chest to his. His lips seek hers hastily, meeting up in a sloppy kiss. She starts moving once she gets herself adjusted.

Jungkook thrusts his hips up at the same pace as Norah goes down. Her fingers tangle his hair, pulling at them at every thrust. He notices that she isn’t after her pleasure, but wants him to feel it for himself.

Heat engulfs their bodies through each vein. Sweat dripping down their connected foreheads. Lips sometimes intertwining for a kiss that leaves them breathless, but tempting enough to go at it again.

Soon enough, both of them have reached their peaks. Norah feels herself close to falling down the cliff of pleasure that had built up. Her womanhood clenches him indicating her end.

Jungkook still thrusts up, helping her ride her high out. He finds himself at the same spot as her, seeking the pleasure for himself.

“Let go baby.” She whispers against his lips.

The words somehow were exactly what he needed as he goes completely still underneath her. His abs tightening further as the overwhelming pleasure engulfs him whole.

Norah lets her hair curtain around the two. As if she did not want the world to witness the erotic sight beneath her. As if his eyes rolling back in ecstasy was a sight that only she was to see. The string of profanities his lips spoke were only for her ears to hear.

Norah places a chaste kiss on his deliciously swollen lips. He looked tired and at the brink of sleep. She lifts herself off of him and settles beside him, drawing him into her arms. His head places itself on her chest, listening to the steady but loud thudding of her heart as her fingers played with his hair.

Jungkook feels a low vibration emanate from her chest. She was humming one of his compositions ‘Still with you’ from a year ago. It had always been her favourite at the time and he was surprised that she remembered it. It warmed him in a way nothing else could.

The feeling of a wet cloth at his skin and a gentle ‘Good night koo’ was what he last remembered before he drifted off to sleep.

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