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05. Awkward

The soft rays of sunlight trail their way into room, peeping from through the pale blue curtains.

The white walls of his room had paintings that eluded calm energy hung up on them. All his furniture were white and his bedding was powder blue in colour. It was something about him that not many knew.

That no matter how manly Jungkook looked with his long black hair and dark clothes, he was a softie at heart. And his room was the proof of it.

Jungkook groans at the cold breeze that caresses his naked body. He extends his hand to his side, as if looking for something beside him. He stirs when he feels the absence of a body pressed up against his chest. His mind slowly awakens when the soft sound of classical music sweeps across the room from the speaker in his bathroom.

Wrapping the blanket around his waist, he heads towards the bathroom. He is greeted with the sight of Norah submerged in his bathtub from her neck down, her head tipped backwards and eyes closed. Jungkook clears his throat, making sure she wouldn’t be startled by his presence.

Her eyes flutter open, lips curving up in a gentle smile. She holds out her hand for him to take, as if asking him to get in the tub with her. He complies to her, letting the blanket fall into the ground and stepping into the tub behind her.

She lies back against his chest, both their naked bodies slick in water. The pleasant smell that encroached the bathroom must be from the peppermint bathbomb he had left at his counter. The water had taken a milky white color, hiding their bodies from view.

His thoughts spiral back to the previous day’s events. He lost a race, got his heartbroken and had sex with his bestfriend, all on the same day. He couldn’t help but run the scene of Taehyung and his baby from the park out of his mind. It played in a loop, tormenting him as if the pain he endured wasn’t enough. He hadn’t realized he was crying until Norah’s silky voice called out his name.

“Are you thinking of it again?”

He hums in affirmation.

Norah didn’t know what to say to him. She obviously wasn’t good at consoling people. She didn’t know what she would’ve wanted someone to tell her at moments like this. So the two remained in silence.

They helped each other wash their hair and scrub their backs, never once breaking the solemnity of the room save for the music that still played. After the bath, they wrap their bodies up in towels and exit the steamy bathroom.

Jungkook walks ahead of the girl, not wanting her to make her uncomfortable by walking behind. The water from his hair drips down his back, making Norah concerned. Jungkook was always quick to fall ill. And now she knew why. After getting dressed up quickly, she grabs one of the dry towels and pulls jungkook towards her.

“You need to take care of yourself better, koo.” She spoke, draping the towel over his head and gently drying his locks.

Jungkook stares at her. Her long lashes fluttered every time she blinked. Such a normal thing as that looked a million times more beautiful when she does it. He failed to recognize that she had been looking at him the same way too. The next thing they know, their lips are an intertwined mess.

He pulls her in by the small of her back leaving no gap between their bodies. Her phalanges tug at his hair, her back curving towards him. His teeth pull at her bottom lip, nipping at it so hard that it bleeds. His tongue roves over the little indent, smoothening out the pain.

Norah hisses at the feel of his teeth sinking in her delicate skin. It was something that always turned her on. And when he deepens the kiss by letting his tongue explores the insides of her mouth, it coaxes out a moan from her mouth.

As if the sound broke them out of a spell, both of their hooded eyes fly open. Their lungs take in large gulps of air, chest heaving up and down. Their hands leave each other in a frenzy.

“Uhm- I should probably leave. I have to... feed my .. uhm- goldfish” she stumbles over her words. She owns no goldfish. And Jungkook knows it.

“I’m heading out too. I promised.... Jimin hyung that I’d meet him. I’ll..” he clears his throat. “see you later.”

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