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07. Confession

“Why do you think he asked to meet us here” Norah voices out.

“I have no idea.” her boyfriend of 3 months answers.

Norah extends her hand up to his face, pushing up the glasses that almost slide off his nose. Jungkook lifts up his head, eyes drifting from the book he had been reading, and looks at his girlfriend who has placed her head on his shoulder. He grabs the very hand of hers and places a kiss on her palm.

‘I love you’ he mouths, her action from earlier having warmed his heart. Norah giddily smiles up at him, not able to contain the happiness he brings her from his small gestures.

The sound of a chiming bell indicating the arrival of a customer resonates in the warm cafe. Taehyug stumbles in, almost bumping into a middle-aged man as he makes his way towards the table the two are seated at. he pulls out a chair opposite jungkook, bumping his knee against the leg of the table.

“Careful” both Jungkook and Norah quaked, extremely worried for their fidgety friend.

“I’m okay.” he groans.

“You wanted to talk, Tae.” Norah states. She wanted to relieve him of whatever it was that troubled him.

“Yeah.. about that... ” Taehyung starts talking in a frantic manner, fingers fidgeting and sweat rising on his forehead.

“Tae, relax.” Norah takes his trembling hands into hers. It makes Taehyung tear up in guilt. Why did he have to hide something important when he knew they would only ever be supportive of his decisions.

“Do you remember how two years ago I had decided to take a gap year from college?” he asks.

“Of course. You stayed with Jimin hyung at his family’s place in Busan for a few months too.” Jungkook recollects.

“You dated his sister on and off for a while, didn’t you?” Norah adds.

“Yes. Well, we got serious after I returned back to Seoul. Haewon started visiting me a lot and...” he trails off nervously. Norah encouragingly nods at him to go on.

“I got her pregnant. We weren’t planning on starting a family that soon but we kept the baby. She-” his throat chokes up. Jungkook pushes his chair away and sits beside Taehyung, pulling the boy into his arms. But the older pulls back gently, feeling undeserving of the comfort.

“My baby turns a year old next month. I want you two to be there with me. You’re the only people I have.” he looks at them through his wet lashes.

“I want the both of you to be her godparents.”

A very emotional Norah nods excitedly, pressing a kiss onto Taehyung’s forehead. Jungkook wipes away the older’s tears, nodding at the proposal.

“What’s our baby’s name? Do we get to see her soon? Does she stay with you? Oh my god we’re actually-” Norah rambles

“Norah~” Jungkook draws out, trying to get her to stop embarrassing them in front of all the people at the cafe. Taehyung laughs, his heart much lighter after the confession.

when Jungkook and Norah had announced to him that they were dating, his guilt had built up over the months. With Aecha’s birthday, it being a very important milestone in his life, approaching closer and closer, he broke. He knew couldn’t do it without them by his side.

The best friends still had a long way to go. Lot more hardships to endure. But they would overcome it all with trust and understanding. They knew they could as they flipped through pictures of the baby girl. Though they didn’t know, unconsciously she had been the one to bring them all together. In relationships old and new.

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