Chapter 10

Three months had passed Tony and Tim had talked.

It was not brilliant, but they were talking and they were at a place where, as Tony came back to work today, they had found a way to work together.

Tony had however, let Tim and the IA board know that he did not hold a grudge against his teammate and in fact thought him blameless of the shooting, knowing he had, in fact, been aiming for Danny rather than Tony.

Tim was as he had been every morning the first one in on the team, sat at his desk with an extra large cup of coffee beside him. He was working away as Tony and Ziva got off the elevator and headed to their desks.

"Good morning McGee." Ziva said brightly.

"Morning Tim, scoring extra brownie points by being in early?" Tony asked as he threw his bags down.

"Yeah, something like that Tony." Tim replied. "Nice to see you back."

Tony smiled, "Did ya miss me?" He asked.

"You were gone?" Gibbs said walking in behind them.

"Err. No boss," Tony said and sat at his desk.

Gibbs looked at Tim and raised an eyebrow, but said nothing; he had noticed that Tim had been at work first every day in the last month. He hoped if something was eating his youngest agent that Tim would tell him.

He looked up as Vance walked down the stairs and into the bullpen. He steeled himself to find out what Vance wanted with his team and was surprised as he stopped at Tim's desk; he put a file down and waited as Tim looked up.

"Director?" He said surprised.

"I looked over that proposal, it will work when do you think you can have it up and running?" Vance asked.

"Er…It should be three days." Tim said.

Vance nodded, "You coping ok with the workload?" He asked lowering his voice a bit.

Tim cringed and shook his head, "Not a problem," He gave a halfhearted smile.

Vance gave a curt nod in reply, "Very well, the minute it becomes a problem, call me and you can go back as you were."

"Yes sir." Tim replied and watched as Vance turned to leave.

Gibbs looked questioningly at Tim and then at Vance again as he stopped at Tony's desk.

"Agent DiNozzo, have you seen Ms Cranston, I don't seem to have her report…Also, I need the latest results of your sobriety tests." Vance said loud enough that a few head turned.

Tony shot Vance a glare and reached into his bag "I was about to bring them up, as you can see I'm cleared for light desk duty for another week. Dr. Cranston has cleared me mentally and the sobriety tests that I may add are not mandatory have, as the other six you requested had come up clean." He placed the file on his desk and glared at his computer screen.

Vance scowled at him and took the file he turned with a slight smile to Ziva and left the bullpen, with Gibbs hot on his heels.

No sooner had he entered his office than Gibbs was inside the door behind him.

"What the hell was that?" Gibbs exclaimed,

"Agent DiNozzo's tests were required for him to come back to work." Vance said evenly.

"A sobriety test…..was necessary?" Gibbs said.

"Knowing his family history with Alcohol, I thought it prudent to make sure the amount he ingested during the incident, did not push him over the edge into alcoholism." Vance said.

Gibbs stared at him, "And you have McGee running a side project."

"The arrangement between Agent McGee and me is confidential unless he chooses to share it. I will not betray his trust." Vance growled.

Gibbs knew just how far he could push his new-found friendship with the director, "Tony has been staying with me until the other day, and He doesn't need anymore sobriety tests." He insisted.

"Very well Gibbs…..And Gibbs, Don't push McGee his work won't affect yours." He told him.

Not happy Gibbs left and went to the bullpen.

The three Agents were immersed in cold cases as he entered the bullpen they worked diligently through the day, and although Gibbs reveled in the calm, he was concerned about the lack of banter between Tony and Tim.

Tony because he had Tim seemed to have a cooler relationship and Tim because he seemed completely immersed in whatever he was working on for Vance.

Five o'clock came and Gibbs sent them home.

"McGee, Tony and I are going for Pizza to celebrate his first day back at work; do you wish to join us?" Ziva asked.

McGee gave them a slight smile, "I wish I could, I have another appointment, have fun though, and I'm glad you're back Tony….really." Tim said to Tony placing a hand in his shoulder in support of his teammate.

"Thanks Tim." Tony replied.

They gathered their bags to leave and as they were halfway there Tim stopped, "Er I forgot something." He said and turned back.

Gibbs, who had popped down to see Ducky caught the end of the exchange and watched Tim as the doors closed. He walked back into the bullpen, checked no one was about and walked straight through to the back stairwell.

He headed downstairs and walked into the janitor's office.

"Hey Harry," Tim said as he entered and put his bag down.

Harry, the night janitor smiled, he liked Tim and was pleased he could help him out. "Evening, you get let off early?" He asked.

"Yep," Tim said stepping into his overalls. "I'm still roistered on the ground floor?" He asked,

"Yep, Vance made it clear, you get the break room and the entrance hall, and the first floor, nowhere that you'd come into contact with Ms Scuito or your team." Harry said.

Tim sighed. "OK, I'll see you later." Tim grabbed his cart and left the office heading for his shift.

Gibbs staying out of sight watched in amazement as his federal agent spent the next three hours cleaning toilets, emptying bins and cleaning gum from the underside of other Agent's desks. Without a single complaint. In fact at one point he was even whistling.

Knowing there was more to this he stayed out of sight followed Tim's whole routine and waited as he took the cart back to Harry's office.

"Hey Harry all done," Tim said brightly.

"Thanks Tim, you off home now?" Harry asked.

Tim smiled sadly, "Nope, you know bills to pay," He gave a sad grin and grabbed his bag and left.

Gibbs followed as Tim walked to his car, his phone rang and Gibbs hoped it was one of the team. He stayed in the shadows as Tim picked up the phone.

"McGee." He said and waited as a voice loud enough to be heard by Gibbs yelled at him on the other end.


Tim listened and leant against his car, "Yes Sir, You are so right, thank you." Tim closed the phone and threw it into the back seat, climbed in his car and drove off.

Gibbs climbed in his car and followed.

An hour later, they pulled up at a secure psychiatric facility.

Tim walked up to the doors swiped his key card and entered; Gibbs ran up behind him and grabbed the door just before it shut.

"Evening Shirley." Tim smiled as he walked in.

"Evening Tim, Danny's had a good day, you going to visit before your shift?" She asked.

Tim smiled, "Yep I figured an hour, I'll finish off that programme for the computer system and then crash for the night," he said.

"You staying with us again?" she asked.

"Have to if I wanna sleep." Tim replied ruefully as Shirley nodded understanding.

Not once looking back, he walked off.

Shirley looked up at Gibbs, "Can I help you sir?" she asked.

"I want to see his boss?" Gibbs asked pointing at Tim.

Shirley nodded and called a number, "Dr. Simons will be down in a moment…..Mr.?"

"Agent Gibbs." He said.

Shirley's eyes widened and she nodded understanding. "Ah Tim's other boss." She said and looked up as Dr. Simons came in.

"Agent Gibbs!" Dr. Simons said surprised, he had met him the first night Danny was brought in.

"Doc, I have a question for you….Why is my agent working here?" he asked.

"Is it a problem, I was told by your Director Vance that having Agent McGee here three hours a night working on my computer systems was alright as long as it didn't interfere with his work."

"It's not really…I was just wondering why he was?"

"Oh room and board. The bills for this facility being private are high, I understand Agent McGee sold his apartment and seeing as for some reason he and his brother can't sleep without the other around, this arrangement works out for both of them." The doctor said, "Tim is doing some great work here," He said proudly. "We know about his hours and we had a room he rents from us in the building. He seems to like it and his dog is a welcome addition to our therapy classes."

"How is Danny Walden?" Gibbs asked.

"Come and see." Dr. Simons said.

They walked down the hall to the wing Danny was housed in, "Tim should be with him, it's his night off tonight." He said

They got to the window outside Danny's room. Gibbs hung back.

"It's ok, it's a two-way window. All our patients have them, it gives them a sense of privacy and we can observe them comfortably."

Gibbs stood as Tim sat next to Danny and read him from one of his books.

Danny on his medication looked totally out of it but sat serenely next to his brother, leaning his head on Tim's shoulder as he read.

"I take it you heard about the altercation at the last facility Danny was in?" Dr. Simons said.

Gibbs shook his head.

"Danny was attacked by another inmate, he had brain damage and we think he has the mental capacity of a five year old. That was when Tim decided to pay to move him here."

Gibbs was shocked, Tim had not said a word, and he had just taken on the extra work.

Tim lay Danny down, kissed his forehead, tucked him in, and held his hand as he fell asleep.

"They'll be awhile; do you want to wait in his apartment?" The doctor asked.

"I don't have a key," Gibbs admitted.

"Oh no need, he never locks the door, say's Danny's his only important thing, lets us doctors use his living room as a lounge." Dr. Simons said as they walked towards a door at the end of the corridor.

Gibbs walked in the door to the small apartment; it had a living room a small shower room and a bedroom. He sat on the sofa and waited thinking what he was going to say to his agent as he came home.

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