Chapter 11

It was nearly 2330 as Tim finally reached his door; He had popped into the office and worked some more on the program for the Center's computer, at 2130 just as he was finishing, Shirley came in.

"Tim, Danny's just woke up, he's calling for you. Do you have a moment?" she asked.

"Sure I'm on my way." Tim said. He had closed down his computer and followed her to Danny's room.

Danny sat in the bed rubbing his eyes, "Timmy, momma hurt." Danny said tears streaming down his face.

Tim's heart hurt at that, he knew that Danny dreamt their mother's murder every night but did not have the heart to tell him it was real and that Danny himself had been the one to kill her.

"It's ok Danny, I've got you, momma's safe now." I had taken another hour of verbal reassurance until Danny had finally settled again. Tim had walked out of Danny's room and he had leant against the wall.

Shirley saw him, "Hey Tim, I heard what you said; maybe it would help if your mom could come up here and see Danny?"

Tim had deliberately kept the staff in the dark about what his brother had done.

"No Shirley, My mom is dead, Danny saw it happen." Tim replied sadly.

"Oh my the poor boy." She exclaimed.

Tim smiled sadly, "I'm gonna try and get a few hours, Come get me if Danny needs me." He said to her and trudged towards his rooms.

He opened the door saw a figure on the couch figured it was a doctor nodded and walked to his room.

"McGee?" Gibbs said.

Tim pulled himself up, sleep ran from his mind in a panic, "Boss!" he all but squeaked.

"You eaten McGee?" Gibbs said gesturing to a pizza box.

"Thanks." Tim took a slice gratefully; if he was eating, he was not expected to talk.

"So, what happened?" Gibbs asked he wanted to ask more and he knew that if he did Tim would clam up so he waited.

"I moved to be nearer Danny, He was attacked while in jail, he's not fit to stand trial and his doctor say's he'll need care from now on," Tim said sinking into the other end of the couch and drinking the coffee he was given.

"This place is Private Tim; it's a lot of money." Gibbs said. Tim raised an eyebrow in a 'Ya think' move worthy of his boss, not something, he would normally do but he was tired.

"No kidding boss," He said sarcastically.

"So, you still got money from those books then, I thought you lost it all in a hedge fund?" Gibbs did recall Tim saying something about it at one point.

"I did, so you here for any other reason than following me." Tim sighed. He was waiting for Gibbs like his father to yell at him.

"Does the Admiral know he's here?"

"Yep." Tim snapped out the response.

"I take it he's helping with the bills." Gibbs said.

Tim leaned back and laughed, he kept laughing until he had to wipe his eyes.

"Sorry, Boss….Him….Help. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard," Tim, sighed again all trace of mirth gone, "Na he wished we were both drowned at birth."

"Tim….please…talk to me." Gibbs said desperate for his agent to open up.

"What do you want Gibbs, You wanna know how I'm now working three jobs and writing again! You wanna know how I'm living in a mental institution with my brother who murdered my mother because I can't stand to see him suffer, you wanna know how I sold my car and my apartment to make the down payment to keep him here. Because that is my life now, in a strange way, Danny got exactly what he wanted, but ya know what Boss, I wouldn't leave him now, and I won't stop either. Vance knows about one of my other jobs, my work with you won't suffer so please Boss, just keep it too yourself." Tim stood holding his ground daring his boss to stop him.

"I know it's hard Tim…" Gibbs said trying to help.

"You do? I lost all my money in that hedge fund scam, Vance offered to keep my extra job at NCIS a secret but you just had to follow me didn't you. I know he killed my mom, but, Boss, he doesn't…he has no idea what he did, all he knows all he remembers is me, the same way he did when we were children, he's an innocent now. I won't abandon him, I won't put him back in that institution he was in….I went to visit him, he was sitting, rocking in his own filth…..He's my brother boss….he's me! I can't and I won't leave him like that!" Tim was openly crying but he was standing resolute.

"Ok Tim and you're sure it won't interfere with your work?" Gibbs hated to ask but he had to.

"No Boss, Vance has arranged that I can do my hours with Henry around our work, my work here is 7 hours a week and can be done in my spare time."

"And the writing… Are you doing another novel again?" Gibbs asked.

"No it's just a small job; Vance wanted us to have a manual for older or less experienced agents on how our computer systems work and how to work things like the email system and online report filing. SecNav will be paying me for it."

Gibbs realized he was not going to get anymore out of his agent that night. He bade Tim goodnight and told him he could start later tomorrow and Tim answered with a halfhearted nod.

With his gut, still churning he left for the night and finally headed for home.

0530 the next morning the elevator dinged in the bullpen and Tim walked in and dropped his backpack off.

He sat at his desk and took a swig of his triple espresso sat down and opened a file. He started working on the manuals and was so engrossed in his work he didn't hear Gibbs coming in an hour later.

"Tim!" Gibbs said standing at his desk.

"Sorry boss!" Tim exclaimed looking up.

Gibbs gave him a small grin, "Coffee?" He said looking at the jumbo mug, "Yep,"

Gibbs put a breakfast burrito on his desk "well food tends to go well with that too." Gibbs said Tim nodded and started eating and typing.

Gibbs watched as his agent worked. Then he left to check with Abby on last night's evidence.

Coming back in half an hour later Tim was still typing away.

"McGee! Pack it up you're on my time now." Gibbs growled.

"On it Boss," Tim said, quickly closing the programme.

Tony and Ziva looked questioningly but with a glare from Gibbs said nothing.

Tim opened another program and started working on the case from the night before.

After a day of dead ends and frustration, Gibbs stopped for the day again at about six.

"Go home….or whatever people." Gibbs said,

Tony and Ziva grabbed their bags and Tim went to get his as Agent Askey walked up to Tim's desk, "So you off to your other job, you'll need this then," He said smirking as he tipped his trash on McGee's desk.

"HEY!" Tony yelled and the team moved to help Tim.

"NO!" Tim said and reached into his draw and started clearing up the mess, "He's right boss, I work his section, Thanks Askey that'll save me time," He said with a smile as he dropped the contents into a trash bag. He picked the bag up and looked the Agent in the eye. "When you belittle me for doing this you belittle the entire Janitorial staff, from now on you clean your own desk." Tim said as Henry walked by. "I'm not ashamed of my other job I have a darn good reason for doing it." Tim stood up and grabbed his bag.

"Yeah and we all know what that is." Askey snarled.

"Yeah?" Tony asked confused but still wanting to protect his probie.

"I heard he had gambling debts, we've all seen him the past few weeks clearing up after hours and then heading out to that big exclusive place on the hill, I heard he'd moved there."

Tim was getting angrier by the second.

"Boss, I gotta go." He said. Gibbs nodded and Tim left with Henry as his other agents looked to him for answers.

"Askey, get outta here before I put you on report," Gibbs snarled the agent all but running in the other direction.

"Boss…..what the heck was that about?" Tony asked.

"Tim….has some personal issues, he has taken a second job for a while and is helping out. NO ONE will mention this to him or use this as any form of practical joke understand." Gibbs ordered.

Looking at each other and then agreeing both agents answered, "Yes Boss.".

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