Chapter 12

The more Gibbs thought about it the madder he got.

He stormed up to Vance's office and decided Askey needed taking down a peg or two.

Leon looked up as Gibbs walked in.

"Agent Gibbs, is everything all right?" He asked.

"Askey…I think I may shoot him Leon." Gibbs growled settling into a chair.

"Agent Askey, isn't he the new transfer from the FBI on Agent Hendry's team?" Leon asked.

"Knew there was something I didn't like about him." Gibbs said.

"So…..."Leon paused, "What did Agent Askey do?"

"Blew McGee's second job wide open, tipped his trashcan on McGee's desk at the end of the day. Tim handled it well, made Askey feel about five inches tall, but I know how hard Tim tried to keep this to himself, I just hope the team will not try and dig into his affairs. He doesn't need this." Gibbs said.

"I'll talk to Askey in the morning, no matter who you are in this building, Federal Agent or Janitorial staff everyone is entitled to respect."

Gibbs looked at Leon and nodded with respect, their mutual friendship new as it was, the supporting of McGee was reaffirming it here.

Tony, Ziva and Abby met at Cleary's bar and Tony ordered a round of drinks.

"So," He said as he placed the tray on the table. "Any idea what Askey was on about?" He asked having already explained to Abby what had happened in the bullpen that evening.

"He hasn't been available for a while now not in the evenings, he doesn't even come round to play Call of Duty with me after work on Friday's he's been begging off." Abby said.

"Do you think there's any truth to what Askey was saying about Tim having a gambling problem?" Tony asked.

Ziva had not said anything; she had gone round to Tim's on her way there hoping to get him to come out with her. She had knocked on the door and an old man had answered telling her Tim had moved out over a month ago, he had sold him the apartment cheap for a quick sale. Seeing her badge and thinking Tim was in trouble, he had confided that he had had a few phone calls to the house from a man threatening Tim, until he had managed to convince the man that he had moved.

She told them this and they listened aghast, Tim had never shown any inclination towards gambling.

"Although," Tony said, "Remember when we asked him what happened to the money from his books and he said he lost it all in a hedge fund?"

"Why would McGee put his money in a bush?" Ziva asked confused.

"No it's an investment portfolio, Tim's crashed and he lost everything?" Abby explained.

"Do you think he was lying to us?" Ziva asked.

"I would have said no, that Tim can't lie….then we found out about Danny. If it weren't for the fact I know that psycho is locked up, I wouldn't be sure which one was running around now." Tony admitted. Even though it had been three months since Danny had taken Tony, he still held a slight resentment against him.

"We have to talk to Tim, secrets don't make a team work so well, remember how you were with Jeanne, if you had told us what was going on then we wouldn't have had to think you were dead when your car exploded." Ziva said.

They all agreed to talk to Tim in the morning.

Tim had had a hard night, Danny had been frightened in his sleep and had woken screaming for Tim, who had rushed down to his room just after 0200 and ended up spending the rest of the night comforting his crying brother.

It had hurt that he had cried for his mom and his dad. He knew his mom would never be able to go and comfort Danny and the Admiral wanted nothing to do with either of them.

Tim grabbed his third coffee of the morning and at 0800 walked tiredly into the bullpen.

Gibbs looked at his agent and figured what had happened, even though the text Tim had sent Gibbs that morning had helped as well. If Gibbs had not known, what was going on he would have thought that Tim was going off the rails as well. Tim dropped his bag at his desk and reached into his top drawer for a packet of Advil dry swallowed two and then took another swig of coffee.

"Late night McDroopy?" Tony asked. Tim just glared at him.

He slowly took of the sunglasses he was wearing, "Do you want me to make you a DiNozzo Defibrillator?" Tony asked trying to be helpful.

"It's not a hangover Tony." Tim said looking up and sporting a black eye.

"What happened?" Gibbs asked.

"Just a little slip." Tim said.

"Conference room!" Gibbs growled and nodded his head in the direction of the elevator.

Tim reluctantly followed and waited as Gibbs hit the emergency switch.

"So what really happened?" he asked patiently.

"Danny dreamt about shooting mom again, he lashed out in his sleep and got me," He told him.

"Did you get any sleep last night?" Gibbs asked.

"Not really," Tim admitted, "They are trying a new medication to help him sleep tonight."

"Well, let's hope it works." Gibbs said. "If you need to take a break, you can."

"Boss…You know full well I can't afford to take a break, I work the hours I'm paid for." Tim stated.

Gibbs nodded at him hoping he had not upset him too much, "You're doing a noble thing Tim. Don't let anyone tell you different."

Tim glared a bit but nodded knowing that Gibbs had his best interests at heart.

They exited the elevator and Tim sat down at his desk. Gibbs disappeared and returned with a sandwich and coffee and placed them on McGee's desk.

"Eat." Gibbs said and headed off to MTAC.

Tony and Ziva were quiet as Tim ate and worked. Finally, the pressure got to him as Abby entered and he looked up.

"What!" He asked.

"Tim, we're worried about you." Abby said.

Tim stopped and looked up, "Why? I'm fine?"

"Tim we know you've sold your house and that a man kept trying to find you." Ziva said.

Tim looked at them again.

"I'm entitled to a private life, what I do out of here is none of your business," Tim snapped tiredly.

"Tim, after what happened with that psycho you can understand us being worried." Tony said as Gibbs leaned over and looked down over the mezzanine level.

Tim stood up and walked over to Tony.

"DiNozzo, this is the last time I will ever tell you, DON'T MENTION THAT TO ME AGAIN!" he snarled.

"Tim! Don't blame Tony, we know you've been gambling and that you're up all night, we just don't want you to lose your job." Abby said.

"I what?" Tim stood back looking at them all. "I don't' believe you guys!" he said and stormed back to his desk.

Gibbs walked down the stairs and headslapped DiNozzo "Back to work DiNozzo." He said and glared at Abby.

Tim sat at his desk as his phone rang again.

"McGee!" he snapped still feeling annoyed.

His face dropped "When?" he asked his voice dropping to a whisper.

Everyone in the bullpen stopped to look at him.

"Keep him calm, I'm coming."

Tim dropped the phone into the cradle and looked up at Gibbs, "Boss, there's a problem, I have to go?"


"The new meds are making him violent. He's escaped his room and made it to mine, he and Jethro are locked in my room, and my back up gun is in there!" he said.

"Grab your gear!" Gibbs said

"Boss?" Tim asked

"McGee, you're a fed, he's got your gun that makes it our jurisdiction."

Tim grabbed his bag and they headed for the elevator, Abby grabbed Tim's arm as he went past, "Be careful Timmy."

Tim nodded grimly and followed the others to the elevator.

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